Thank you so much for clicking here is where i review smart watches, smartphones and all sort of tech. So, if into tech, you must consider subscribing everything is time for it along the video timeline for ease of viewing lets start with price and availability. How quinn sent out this ts03 smart watch for me to test it out and provide my unbiased opinion? This smartwatch is listed on amazon for 70. Us dollar the price may vary at sellers discretion. You can also shop it from their website directly and if you do so, there is a 20 discount code in the video description so be sure to check it out. Now i have done an unboxing video for this, how queen ts03 smart watch on my second youtube channel, like i do, for a ton of tech reviewed on this channel so be sure to check out and subscribe to my second youtube channel for short form, video content, But in terms of unboxing, i really like the red and black minimalist packaging inside the box. You get the smart watch itself, a wireless charger, a user menu and a warranty card. Now the setup process is relatively simple: you have to download the app named daffit app, which is available for free, both on apple app store and android play store under the devices. You will see an add device button and once you turn the watch on the name of the watch, ts03 should pop up follow the prompts and your watch will set up instantly now once connected.

You will get all these options under notification, be sure to turn on all the apps that you want to be notified for going back under others. Youll find important settings like time format, unit system, move, reminders, continuous heart rate detection, drink water, reminder, weather and physiological cycle. Also known as menstrual cycle for ladies be sure to adjust these settings before you start using the watch to get the maximum advantage of this watch. Now the app is pretty self explanatory, with three tabs to navigate around the middle. One is devices which we have already checked out. The first one is the dashboard, where youll find all the health data like steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, outdoor running and tap on this look more training data to access the previous workout records. Now, under the my tab, youll find your profile goals and others, so the app is pretty easy to navigate around and use. Okay with the app being done. Lets have a look at the watch and its design. Honestly, this is my favorite budget. Smart watch in terms of design for 2021., i reviewed a ton of budget smart watches on this channel and the entire playlist is linked. At the end, i really like the red and black design of this watch. This watch looks stunning on my six inch wrist. I have the silver color zinc, alloy body, but you can also get a black body. This watch, unlike other budget watches, is made of metal and it feels premium, unlike those plastic body with most of those budget, smart watches, i really like the red and black bezel with the engravings.

It looks dope. The bezel perfectly matches the soft silicon 20 millimeter user, replaceable wristband, which is made of soft silicon and from my usage i did not get any skin irritation and overall with the band body and bezel, this watch does look stunning. There is only one button which is not a rotating crown and its primarily used to exit or go back and long pressing. This button will get you the option for power off and reset at the back. There are two charging pins where the magnetic pogo pin proprietary charger will attach. There are two sensors for heart rate and blood oxygen. These four silver, like things, are fake theyre, not real. Sensors. Now lets briefly talk about specs pause, this video to read through all the detail specs of this watch. This watch has 1.3 inch ips hd touchscreen with 360 pixel resolution. The display is quite bright, even outdoors under the sunlight, but sadly this watch does not have always on display. It uses dual layer, glass with high quality, reinforced boe, glass and laminated screen and shining dial to prevent the dial from fading and oxidation. This watch is ip68 water resistant with bluetooth, 5.0 heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, but this watch does not have ecg wi fi lte, gps nfc, which is expected for the price you pay. This watch is 45 millimeter by 10.7 millimeter in diameter. Now, in terms of battery life, this watch has a 210 milliamp battery size.

It is good enough for 10 to 13 days with moderate use and it takes about two hours to fully charge the watch charges with a proprietary pogopin magnetic charger, which does not have a strong magnet and its easy to break the connection. I really wish they could have used a stronger magnet now lets talk about the navigation, user interface and apps swipe down to access quick settings like theater mode, which primarily reduces screen brightness and activates. The silent mode brightness control, where you get five level of brightness and at the maximum level, the display is quite bright. Even for outdoor visibility, shake also known as vibrate mode or silent mode, which you can toggle on and off weather and settings, is where youll find options like stopwatch, which is certainly nice to have, and it does a great job as a stopwatch going back. Next is alarm where you can toggle the alarms on and off. Unfortunately, you have to set up an alarm from the mobile app, but hey at least you i can toggle them on and off straight from. The watch next is timer, where you can set one or up to two hours of timer. Unfortunately, you cannot set a custom timer, but you can exit the timer app while the timer is running in the background and once the timer is up, the watch will vibrate going back. Next is dimming shake and cinema mode, which we have already discussed. Lastly, you have option to reset power off about end app code.

The drop down menu also shows date day battery level, both in percentage and bar, as well as bluetooth connected icon. Now, from the main watch face screen, you can swipe right to access widgets like steps, sleep, heart rate, exercise, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, weather, shutter and music player. All these widgets are basically apps, which you can also access by swiping right from the main watch face screen to access the menu in the menu. You will find all these apps and a weather app where you can check the current weather and not only that you can even check the forecast, which is really nice now going back its the shutter app, which is basically a camera control. But the unique feature about this camera shutter is that it can remotely trigger the camera to open from the darfit app and once you click on the watch, a three second timer will start and a picture will be captured. So, unlike other budget, smart watches, where you have to open the app and camera in order for you to trigger a picture, this is much better version. However, you cant see a preview nor change the camera mode or settings from the watch. Next step is the music player, which will basically control any running music app from the phone. You cannot trigger a music playback from the watch. You have to play the music from the phone in order to control it from the watch. You dont have much options either you only have option to play or pause and skip to next or previous track, but you cant control volume, so its good to have it.

But it could be better. Finally, there is a game on this watch and that is the 2048.. I did a review for another budget smartwatch that had flappy bird game on it and its linked at the end in case, if you want to check it out, but its good to see rudimentary time kill games on these budget, smart watches guys if you made it This far in the video, i thank you so much for sticking around. Please smash that, like button and hit that subscribe button come on guys, it wont cost you a dime, and in doing so you wont miss out any upcoming videos. Now lets talk about watch faces. You can touch and hold on the main watch face screen to toggle between five watch faces, which is already a great option to have, but the real magic happens from the mobile app go under devices and you will find watch faces where you find. Those five watch faces that you saw on the watch, but when you click on the more watch face boy you will be surprised to see. Hundred plus watch faces, some of which are similar to the default watch faces of the samsung galaxy watch and the apple watch. So, even on this budget watch, you will have a look and a feel of those premium. Watches having multiple watch face option is what i would recommend you to look for a budget smart watch as you can customize the watch on a regular basis, not just that.

You can even have your own custom background image by selecting images from the phones gallery and all these watch face. Options are also available when its paired with an iphone, so cool now lets talk about calls and notification. This watch does not have a built in speaker or microphone, so no on wrist call or no option to dial a call from the watch. If youre looking for ability to make and receive a call from a budget. Smart watch then check out this video of dt70 smartwatch linked at the end of this video, which will cost a bit more than this watch. However, with this watch, you do get notification for an incoming call, but you can only decline or silent that incoming call. I wish we could at least answer the call from the watch, so we get enough time to reach to the phone, so we dont miss out any incoming calls, but hey on the bright side, the name and the contact number of the incoming call will be displayed. So you know whos calling now for notifications. You can swipe up from the main watch face screen to access the notification panel with most of the budget, smart watches, you wont, be able to interact or reply to any notification, irrespective to the phone its paired with you. Also wont be able to see special characters, emojis and images. Neither you can read a long email or message straight from the watch. Its just bare bones, youll be able to see the notification and, if its important, you can go over to your phone to check it.

So finally, lets talk about health and fitness tracking and wrap this video. Up with my final say, this watch does track your sleep. You have to go on the mobile app to get detailed data under sleep. You will get to access the previous record and from my testing of this watch against my galaxy watch 4, which also can detect night time, blood, oxygen level and snores and the video for it is linked up in the card section. You can check it out once youre done watching this one. However, this ts03 smartwatch is pretty close to my galaxy watch 4 in terms of sleep and wake up time in terms of metrics like deep light and rem sleep. The readings are significantly different than the watch. 4, but it does give you a sleep quality score along with your average heart rate. Now this watch can measure your heart rate at a given point in time and can also continuously monitor the heart rate in background which most of the budget watches cant lets. Compare the heart rate reading against this fda, approved o2 ring by value for which i have done a detailed video linked up in the card section. You can check it out once youre done watching this one and you can see its pretty close, so quite good for the price you pay now lets test out the blood oxygen level against the same o2 ring, and you can see it is also pretty close to The o2 ring now this watch can measure your blood pressure and i would never recommend any blood pressure measurement except from an actual pneumatic sigma manometer, but just for comparison shake here is the reading against an actual pneumatic, sigma manometer.

Now, in terms of workouts, there are eight sports mode on this watch like walking, running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and swimming. I have tested this watch against my galaxy watch for for an outdoor walk and from my testing. This watch is pretty close to the watch for in terms of steps distance in terms of calorie burnt. It was about 50 calories less than the watch for again, pretty close in terms of average speed and pace, but way far ahead in terms of the average heart rate, but for the price you pay im quite impressed with the fitness tracking capabilities. So here are my final thoughts for 70 dollar. This watch is certainly a great watch for someone who is just starting out with smart watches and want a basic, smart watch with good quality, fitness tracking and exceptional look in budget price range. However, if you were to let your wallet lose a bit more then for about 100 dollars, you get a lot better option, with capabilities like on rest call with built in bluetooth, speaker, microphone, a bit of storage for offline music, playback and more advanced health tracking, and You can find the review videos of all those smart watches in the playlist linked at the end of this video, but i will reiterate that in terms of designs and look, this is certainly my favorite budget smart watch of 2021. Until i review something stunning, then this ts03 smartwatch, so that is it with this episode.

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