Watch it’s called the m9005w it’s from a brand that we reviewed before, and you know me. I, like unboxing new stuff new new things that come out in the market, so we’re gon na start selling these here in here at our shop uh. So i wan na take a look unbox. It try it out before we sell it and see what it’s all about so don’t forget to hit the subscribe drop a like as it helps out the channel and, like i said my name, is marcos i’m always available. If you want to ask me something in the comments, so let’s get started so here in the box here’s the front of the box. Pretty much you see the habit brand it’s a 5 atm waterproof, so waterproof is always good on a smartwatch um screen, always on so most likely. You don’t have to press on the power button and to be able to see the like. The notifications and the and the time it’s a q wireless charging so uh. I don’t know what that means. I think that means it’s uh uh you pretty much just set it on something like the wireless charging on phones so uh on the side. Nothing going on in the back. It does tell us um, pretty much stainless stainless steel and leather for material here’s, the battery 300 milliamp um. What else it’s also in different languages, the sizes not much on the side, it does have habit, have fun, which is the trademark from have it here’s a little qr code? If you want to scan it and uh let’s open it up here in the box, we do see that the the watch is very well packaged and protected, not much going on in the box.

Just a warranty card. These usually have one year warranty. It does have a charger, its own charger, it’s, a usb with its own connector that goes on the side or at the bottom and then uh some instructions pretty much how to set it up and stuff like that so um here in the front of the watch, We do see that it has three buttons. It does feel a lot more premium compared to the other habits that i’ve looked at. I did see that this one retails for over 50 dollars, usually the other ones retail for 50 or less this one – does have a power on stopwatch and sports mode. It does. You can tell that it has like a premium stainless steel, uh uh on the body. The nice leather band – and you can see the sensors here at the bottom, so let’s power it on let’s, see how it works all right, guys so here’s the watch again pretty much. You can tell it. Has a nice nice uh display in the front. I love the numbers here on the on the front of the watch like i said it is a stainless stainless steel frame on the front and the top it’s, not plastic. The back is plastic here, where it has the sensors and here’s where you would connect the charger which would go right here right here at the back of it um the the band is leather, so it does give it like a more premium.

Look. It gives a nice weight as well, so it feels nice, nice and uh heavy um. Some of the main features here on the watch, so the top button is the power on the middle button. Takes you to a stopwatch and then the bottom button takes you to the sports mode. So what does that mean sports mode you would hit on? You would hit it and pretty much let’s, say you’re going to play basketball or or you’re going to do something pretty much it’s going to start tracking. What you’re doing so let’s say you want to play like volleyball it’s, going to track what you’re doing it’s going to it’s going to try and keep up with with your steps and stuff like that, depending on the sport you’re trying to play, and then you could Always uh save it or not, but uh yeah with sports mode. You would go here. Let me see and then let’s see you will click sports mode and it gives you all these type of sports. So you can track your activity pretty much. So if you’re gon na go bike riding you would hit the bike one. If you’re gon na go hiking, you would hit the one with the stick. If you’re gon na go running, you would hit this one and it’s gon na track your activity, which is pretty cool and then um this this middle one, is the stopwatch. So let’s say you want to track.

You know you want to track how fast you’re doing something some current some kind of activity. You click on it and then um. You can start to stop the the stopwatch and let’s say you’re gon na do some sprints or something like that, that’s. How you would use this, which is pretty cool and then let’s, try and stop it go back and then the top one that’s that’s your your pretty much your android features. Uh! You can scroll to the left here in the front. You can actually see like certain notifications like battery uh the time the date and then usually the weather up here. Once you set it up, um, if you go left it’ll like it’s, starts keeping track of your activity, keep going left. It’Ll take. You know uh track of your sleep and your bpm and stuff like that, and then you keep going right or left and then here on the right side you can you can pretty much takes you to sports mode and then that’s pretty much it there’s, not much Going on here and then let’s say you want to go back to the main page. You would click here. Take it to the watch itself. You can change this. This picture as well. Uh. You can always go down and it will take you to your message. Notifications uh and then you can scroll up and then you can, like you know, like let’s say you want to set up your music player stuff like that on your phone.

You can set it up like that um. You know. Maybe do vibrate stuff like that, but there’s no phone connector right now, so we can’t do that right now, so let’s see if we can pair this uh watch and see what else it does and then to set up this habit watch to pair it to your Phone uh pretty much tells us some of the features right here. I’M just going to leave it here in case you guys need it um. You do need the app called uh ct fit, so you can download it on android or you can scan that qr code and then it tells you. You know how you can change the faces and stuff like that. So uh these habit watches are very easy to use. So so this is what the app looks like we’re just gon na install it real, quick and check it out all right, so you click that and then pretty much it’ll search. You do need to have the bluetooth on, they would search for a watch that’s, not paired, and you would click on it and then here you would be able to see your steps through the app your sleep, your location, so it tracks a lot of a lot Of cool stuff, so this is what the watch will look like. You can see that uh we have the weather there. We have the time. It tells me how many steps i did or anyone walking for a little bit so very cool, very sleek, and i, like the display always on then i’ll, have to press that button to check out my stuff.

So let’s see some of the features that we have in there. One feature that i really liked was this one is find my phone, so you press on it and i’ll make your phone ring. So my phone’s ringing right here just because uh um, you know i did find my phone and then let’s say you had like a music player. You could always start it from here. So let’s say you have like um, itunes or spotify. You could always play or stop here, which is pretty cool and then here now that i have some steps, it tells me how much i walked. If i click on it, i can see like the progress and then um yeah it’s, very how many calories and then my bpn, so eventually we’ll track sleep and stuff like that, so uh yeah very, very unique. I think it has a lot of good features and um it’s a sleek model and i think they made it very clean, so yep. This is what it looks like in the app. So it tells you how many steps, how many calories stuff like that so um you can use. You can even use your watch as a camera shutter. So if you want to snap a picture, put the phone somewhere laying down and then snap a picture, you can do that so uh yeah overall i mean it looks like a very solid watch. Um. It looks like it’s a very durable watch and just wanted to do a quick unboxing about it.

So my name is marcos and if you have any questions, uh put them in the comments below we’ll, try and answer them, and thanks for watching this video have a great day.