Now, in 2022, heres the new mibro a1, which comes with a lot of big promises, so lets inspect Music hi welcome good to meet you michael here. Your attack mishka and what we do on the channel, which is back fresh and cool tech like this buddy, the me bro a1. This is um something with fitness tracking features dressed as a smartwatch at the ridiculous price of 30 dollars and its finally, a smartwatch which comes from a reputable brand at this price, i can say reputable because me bro. They have been funded through upin, which is a platform funded by xiaomi. So i guess we can count them to the big xiaomi ecosystem chain and yeah its been for long enough on my race, so that i can tell you everything about it. So no me bro a1 is not one of a kind. There apparently are a lot of offerings in this segment and you may have to choose between multiple different brands. Mostly, this choice shall be between the good fitness, trackers and the low cost chinese white label watches. Definitely the launch discounted price of around 30 dollars is very attractive and perhaps a good reason to get the mibro a1, even just as a backup option. If it really delivers good performance, unboxing nice pack clearly not premium, but overall the unboxing feels a lot better as compared to the recently reviewed models by soundpeats or halo. Some important specs are noted on the box sliding it out, and this is where the reality kicks.

In theres a quick start guide, something which is always very helpful. Its the important pieces of the user guide in a nutshell, charging tile, magnet based, looks comfy because the watch is going to lay down during charging and heres the mibro a1 itself. The design looks somewhat familiar, doesnt feel premium, but materials seem to be all right. The sensors are located in the bottom area, which is in contact with your wrist, and they can extract a lot of health information about you. Maybe before i speak about my experience wearing it for the last two weeks, i shall quickly brief you about the technical specs, a 1.28 inch lcd tft screen a decent battery, providing up to 10 days, operation time per charge, hr sensor, which can measure continuously but oxygen Saturation sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope 20 different workout modes. The watch is waterproof for swimming, has a strap size of 22 millimeters. A weight of 42 grams, including this strap specifications, are without any doubt, quite basic. You dont have any fancy features like speaker: microphone, smart assistant, lt connectivity, wi, fi, module et cetera, et cetera, so its just the basic, very basic process, all uh. It covers most of the features that fitness trackers can do like it can track steps, calories, heart rate, continuous heart rate, tracking spo2, thats blood, oxygen saturation and such kind of similar features that you can find in devices like me, band, 4, 5, 6, etc. The thing which is quite interesting, uh is the display, although the case is rather large, the display is just 1.

28 inches, pretty basic. There is no always on option but, on the other hand, good viewing angles, and i believe this design looks stunningly familiar very similar to the ticwatch e3, which im holding here in my right hand, but the big difference. Let me show you this here plastic case, and this here is actually a metal case. Thats quite a surprise. Now i think its the right time to show you about the actual user experience. You have already noticed the two hardware buttons together with touches tabs and swiping gestures. You can control all the functions of the watch. The upper button is the app launcher and the home button press and hold brings you to the shutdown menu. The other button opens the workout modes quite easy to pick an activity and start tracking it. It doesnt have any present hall design functions. There are a few main cards, they visualize the most important information that the watch can collect and provide, besides showing the time. Of course, sleep, tile weather, music, heart rate and health summary. This is what is going to appear by default if you swipe left or right from the home screen swipe down – and here are some quick toggles shortcut to the settings – the do not disturb mode screen. Brightness configuration and the option to find where your phone is. This is a very standard way of interacting with your watch very functional as well. So at this point of time, im quite happy with what i see the apps available are limited.

I underlined it due to the basic nature of the hardware inside meaning a very lightweight cpu and small amount of ram which mibro use in order to keep the price slow, but also to provide extraordinary long battery life. The apps are actually limited and you cannot add or install new ones unless such get added via firmware update, which is very unlikely to happen. So these are most of the apps that you would get from any other fitness tracker. Most of them look good, show enough information and are on par with what a decent fitness bracelet. Like me, band 6 is gon na offer. There is a settings area in the bottom, letting you customize the most common functions, believe it or not, but there seem to be more settings than some other, even smarter, watches. What youve probably noticed already is the pixelation of the display. First of all, it is not amoled, which means that the colors are not vivid in. The contrast is mediocre, so is the visibility outdoors on a bright day also, the main reason why this watch doesnt provide always on function, which in 2022 is almost a must have in my opinion. Surprisingly, but scrolling is snappy. Animations are good looking, so i guess if mibro release a pro edition with amoled display and gps, this could be a killer deal anyhow lets see about the health tracking progress in the smartphone app its called mibra fit. Doesnt look great since this is my second mibro device that i test im well familiar with its design and functions and im a little disappointed in the fact that there arent, significant updates, still functions are good enough to let you visualize a lot of health related data And partially configured the watch heres, the sleep tracking info detailed and all the important sleep phases are reflected.

What is not there, however, are the few minutes of awake time. Ive had in some of these nights, so take the accuracy with a pinch of salt. Hr tracking is also not great miipro a1 doesnt do well with detecting certain spikes in heart rate, which is not what we hope when choosing a fitness oriented, wearable spo2 tracking. Is there its on demand? There is no option to make it continuous, perhaps due to the battery optimization reasons. The most unexpected drawback from my point of view is the inability to use your phones, gps signal for tracking some other brands. Call it connected gps and it is a standard feature letting most wearables to connect via bluetooth to the smartphone and use the gps signal. In case they have no gps module inside its not possible with the mibro a1 and its the reason why sports tracking is going to show very limited amount of data, it will never provide a track route and most of the info at this point of time looks Insufficient, i hope that some updates are going to at least bring some more detailed heart rate data in the long run. Generally, i was quite happy with the performance of the watch, but was always putting into consideration the price tag. The usual things like keeping you informed about health status, health rates showing notifications has been flawless. There is no way to respond to these notifications by the way just reading them alarms have been very consistent, no missed alarm for about two weeks, thats, pretty good.

As for shortcomings, the display, which is quite basic, there is no always on screen modes, no auto brightness adjustment. The watch doesnt support connected gps mode has very limited spots: tracking data, quite a basic smartphone app with lack of integrations to third party services and just a few watch faces in the end. I think mibra have done pretty good job packing all these features within the budget of just 30 bucks and yeah. I think theyve masked most of the imperfections in a pretty smart way, like the display, which is quite basic, but viewing angles are actually good and you can see its outdoors in daytime. If you choose a good watch face in terms of performance, you can see the scrolling is not as retaining as it could be, with moto watch 100, for example, which costs like three to four times more and other little things which make this device a very solid Choice for the 30 dollar price tag. I think, if youre looking for a fitness tracker dressed as a smart watch, that would be a great choice if youre looking for an entry level budget, oriented smartwatch with all the things that ive mentioned, if you feel comfortable with those, yes totally, that thing is worth The money, or probably you can think otherwise and therefore feel free to share whatever you have to share in the comment section below the video also youre, going to find a link to the product in the video description, i i really doubt theres going to be a Discount code, given the price tag, but still you can check around dont forget to follow us on various social media places subscribe to the channel.

My name is michael.