This watch and ive tried some of their watch in the past and got a good impression, and these are some watches to be launched and it really looks good so about thats, open, so hi guys its me mitch double auto xiaomi review and welcome back to my Channel so i have here the halo rt02 or the ls10, and this is a circular shaped smartwatch. Meanwhile, on the other hand, we have the halo rs4 or what we call the halo ls one two. So this watch are definitely uh something to look forward to uh. This coming 2022 and has, of course, spo2 tracking blood oxygen level and reading is some quick specs over here it has a 1.78 amoled display its a hd display and, of course, all the heart rate: monitoring ip68 waterproof rating uh blood oxygen level rating uh 24 hours. I believe, then, of course, your 12 workout modes, and it can last you up to 10 days of battery life and, of course, uh standby up to 20 days now. Meanwhile, on the other hand, we have here the rt2, so it also has a blood oxygen level rating uh, then of course, 12 workout modes, almost the same, except, of course its just in uh, coming in at a circular shape now um ip68 waterproof heart rate monitoring Blood oxygen tracking 12 hours, 12 workout modes, then of course sleep monitoring to let you track your sleeping pattern and, of course, 12 days of battery life.

Okay, so yeah ill go ahead and open this one. First, the rt2, okay, so box is pretty simple straight out. We have the watch here then inside the box we have your user guide and, of course, your charging cable, Music, Music, of course, upon pulling this one off uh, you can see that it is a circular in shape now uh. What i like about this one, it really looks very smooth. It has two buttons over here. Okay, then uh at the back. You had your sensor uh at the back okay, so we have your sensor at the back. Then your charging terminal over here, if you want to change your watch, strap its pretty easy. All you need to do is just unlatch this one. Then, if you buy your new strap just need to use this spring latch it back its just as simple as that. Okay, you can change color whenever you want now. This is the by far the default watch face uh provided here uh by this watch, and it looks really cool now uh. Of course, if you want to maximize everything uh, you need to connect it to the halo, fun app and the halo. Fun. App would look something like this, so you can connect it to your ios device or your android device. Its freely downloadable on the official google play store and the apple app store. You can change. Our watch face just simply uh long press on the screen.

Scroll left, you have several options. Okay, so if i want to change my watch face to this, one simply just select this one. Its very simple, then, of course lets just press the button here. Okay, so the button on top is the select button. Okay, so its going back to home or just screen off its very easy: okay, so yeah uh okay, so we have your exercise wheel, have your heart rate monitoring. We also have your uh blood oxygen level. Okay, then this is your sleep monitoring, its your weather report. Okay, so this ones just to tell you to take a break reading pattern. Okay, so swiping up, we have everything else: uh your stat, your uh, bladders level, sports mode, okay, so theres a lot of sports mode. You can choose from here theres 12 jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing game. Spinning spinning must be biking, indoor biking, yoga in the running, integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football bowling, rowing and thats it okay. So going back, you can check your exercise record: okay, notification, music control and more okay, so uh stuff like this stopwatch uh countdown, timer and breathing pattern. Everything is here, then you can check your settings. Of course, watch phase change your brightness about this watch. Then you can also power off and, of course, reset now. This ex this button here is to easily access uh, the workout mode, so yeah, i can see all the workout here lets just say we want to go for a quick jog.

You just simply connect it to your app uh. It will use gps here, uh for easy tracking, okay, so going back just want to go for a fast walk biking. Okay, this is to see want to go for gymnastic, okay, so yeah this one uh. This is your counter: okay uh! If you swipe down youll, see all this menu if you swipe it up, youll see all this menu now. This is 4d rt2 by halo, so well proceed on and check out the halo rs4 – and this is probably uh the better. Looking watch for me, of course, this one sporting, the amoled display so well put it pull it out from this box. Okay, so you see that the watch is off, of course, straight out, just the box and the watch. It also has the same items inside we have your user guide and, of course, your uh cable over here, so putting everything aside, Music, Music, so Music. We will, of course, right now try to boot up this watch, so this watch and the watch strap is nothing similar to this one. So this one has this uh hole over here when you youll be inserting this just like this: okay, its uh a whole new level, different design, okay, so at the back you can see your sensors at the side. You only have one button, then this one, okay, changing your watch. Strap is also the same as the other one, nothing hard really to change.

The watch. Strap you can change the caller anytime. You want, of course, you can buy from a third party or, of course, not sure the official one has watch strap out for sale. Now you can see this is by far the default uh screen, and i love the color on this one, since it has an amulet display a very bright okay. So right now we have set it. So what i like about this one, its really bright and the uh right now, ive set it to the max brightness like here its okay. So you can see that there are several settings you can turn on do not disturb mode. You can find your phone and check some settings watch face. Okay, so changing watch face is easy. Also, so you have several watch face to choose from okay from mechanical to a more modern look, so yeah. You can also check some of the online uh watch face from your halo, fun, app, which is uh readily downloadable from your google play store and, of course, your apple app store. Now uh yeah ive been trying try this for a few days, and i for me i love the display on this one and of course i love bright displays since, of course, bright displays a lot better than tfd displays. Now we have your exercise stats over here. You have your heart monitoring over here, your blood oxygen level over here your sleep monitoring, of course.

How can i forget that, of course, your weather report uh? Then, of course this one is to let you take a break breathing pattern. Now uh swiping up, you have all these uh apps over here for you to use okay, so lets just check some work out: most jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga, injure running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football rowing and its almost the same as the one we Saw from the rt2 now uh as comparing to the rt2, almost everything the rt2 has is also here uh in rs4, now uh. What i like about this one is its a lot lighter compared to the rt2 and its square in shape, which means i can probably display a lot more. I, like the display the surface, and this one is definitely better uh and, of course, i like how it performs on my wrist the strap on this one is definitely nice made out of really nice uh rubber and for me, a more sporty guy. I prefer straps like this over the leather straps, then of course uh using this for a couple of days. It well uh after three days. I can see that my battery is still at hovering at around well just taking away 20. I guess uh after uh three days, which is probably not a bad one, since ive turned on uh sleep monitoring and i have also turned on heart rate monitoring. Those two alone are battery consuming features on this watch.

If you want to maximize the features from this watch ill really advise you to download the halo fun app, which is available at the google play store and, of course, the apple app store for you to be able to change a lot. More watch face to be able to track your stats for, throughout the day, check your sleeping pattern and more on the app now. If you want to know where you can purchase this one ill pop it on the description box below and if you like, this video dont forget to like subscribe and, of course, click the bell icon.