Another week, another noise, fitness watch: this is the noise color fit ultra 2 or esco play section, will be rupees, four thousand four hundred and ninety nine zero introductory price and honestly review nikon because december manager of noise key videos. But the moment i started using the color fit ultra too. I thought this deserved a video but chaos well lets find out now pele cheese, colorful, coffee design. I mean this is as close as we can get to the apple watch under rupees 5000 stainless steel body. Amoled display and some really good quality wash wraps as well, along with this olive green color. Yes, honestly dubbing my wash later on my usually black yeah gray color, he prefers, but this olive green color, along with those golden accents, have really grown on me now. Agar apkos washed up design personally, these are 22 mm watch straps, depending on the occasion and just like the original colorful ultra is maybe up quick flat button technical side, even though i prefer the circular one. The good thing is this button is tactile, it works well. So it will either wake up the watch or will take you to the main menu. Now, thanks to the stainless steel build, this watch actually feels premium in your hand, its not the lightest of the bunch. I think its a weight 52 grams there, but if you really care about how your watch feels and looks in your hands boss, you will not be disappointed here now.

This is definitely not the most comfortable fitness watch. I have tried especially agar app is watched, but if you generally wear watches – and you like wearing watches, you will be fine wearing this all day now, another upgrade from the original color fit ultra on this one is that display now the colorful ultra 2 comes with A 1.78 inch amoled display with a pixel resolution of 368 and 448, now already five thousand knit knee amoled display valley, watches, but the color fit. You can save up a lot on the battery as well super cool, and you do get more of these nifty features across the user interface. For example, you can set an alarm on this watch. You can also check your weather information. You also get a full fledged calculator apps. I dont think ive seen that in any of the fitness watches of late. You also can monitor your stocks. There is a dedicated stocks app on this ulta 2 as well, and all your health apps, like your heart rate, your spo2, your stress monitoring, are now bundled into this new section. Called noise, health and rest of the things remain. The same loaded watch faces notifications and you also get a dedicated power saving mode that will essentially block all the notifications and also reduce brightness to save upon juice. But even with all these features, i felt kiska user interface, thorassa mirco evolved to kind of user interface, and also i mean like this is probably one of the best displays under rupees 5000 on any fitness watch, but the ui is kind of a letdown.

Okay. Lets talk about the fitness features because at the end of the day this is still a fitness watch now similar to the original colorful ultra is map 60 sports mode built there, not one six, six zero, yes, 60 sports mode, so think banani joke, but just that Is my ip68 water resistances, so you can take this out while its raining or you can also use this while workouts wash your hands but dont take this out for swimming and now that we are on that. I did use this for a couple of my running sessions and also some of my workouts and, i would say its again fairly accurate, so noise color feed ultra two steps to, but i dont think that variance is big enough to call this as an inaccurate watch. When it comes to heart rate, monitoring and just like any other noise, fitness watch, its maybe up to noise, fit app support built Music, and apart from that, you can customize notifications set some reminders. You can also enable 24 7 hardware monitoring. Yes, you watch support and you can also use this watch as a camera shutter. So all that stuff is still here and it works well now. Lastly, you get a 180 mah battery on the color fit ultra 2, which noise claims can give you up to seven days of battery life, and, i would say, seven days tonight up code things, so its more like a case, so its very easy for you to Align while charging the watch so just a small thing, but i think it was worth mentioning a couple of things before we jump to the verdict just its one of the best at this price point and talking about the price you can pick this guy up for Rupees four thousand four hundred nine, although thats just an introductory price, because today noise is watched, price increased cardio to rupees 54999.

Oh, my bologna, at that price, its slightly overpriced but agar app is watch for rupees 4500 may yeah introductory offer melanica socharo. Well. This is a really good option, so let me put it this way. Other epic fitness watch go or be occasions me use cartoon like if youre going out for a wedding or a party yeah, normally up as a fashion statement, use cartoozco. This is one of the best options out there. On the other hand, again epic fitness for sort of up new workouts measure, connectivity or upkeep house already bought a cheek normal watch. I would actually go and suggest something like amaze with gts2 totally seems here, but its more accurate or just you. I ever told us a better or if you are looking for some budget options, you can also explore noise expert one. My recent review. You can watch those videos here as well, but yes, this was it for my review of the color fit ultra 2. If you like, this, video subscribe to tknot and smash that like button, and if you really really like this video, really like this video press that bell icon so that you dont miss out on any of my videos in future as well.