Originally, this was supposed to be just an unboxing video, but because of the delay and me getting sick, and all that i ended up having to use this as my daily driver over the past few weeks and im going to be giving you my inputs as to Why this is a good alternative for any smart watch in the market at the moment so about a month ago i did a review with the halo gst smartwatch, which i thought was a really good product. I mean dont get me wrong. It is a good smartwatch. Its just that it only came with an lcd screen, so the rs4 is an upgrade because this comes with a ammo display and a few other key features that well be talking about later in this video now around back of the box, youll see some of the Key features of the halo, rs4 smartwatch, you know something to think about if youre in the market, for a new smart watch in 2022. Now, as you know, ive been rocking the galaxy watch 3 for about a few weeks and, quite frankly, its not the most comfortable watch. To be honest, opening the box reveals the actual device itself front and center. Of course it comes with the warranty and user guide and the proprietary charging cable. Now, personally, i dont actually like this type of cable, because if you break this, you have to buy it from halo, specifically theres, no alternative.

I mean you could probably look for something similar to this, but because it is proprietary, it has to be a specific type of charging cable like this. So here we have the actual device itself that comes with this squirtle shape. You know like the square in circle, confused type of shape and personally im actually digging it, because this is kind of like apple watch territory, with just a few elements that are slightly different, youll see on the right side. We have the sleep way key, which is basically just that it doesnt have any other special feature whatsoever kind of similar to the crown on the apple watch. But this is more pronounced. It does come with the silicone straps, which makes it relatively comfortable for long term of use and underneath would be the sensors of the device itself now to activate the rs4, simply press and hold the power button, and you will feel a slight vibration. Motor kick in and youll be greeted with a qr code, which you would have to scan your smartphone to set it up and sync with your smartphone. Please do note. This is compatible with both android and ios, just make sure youre at the latest or current firmware. Alright, so fast forward, three weeks later, i can say that this is a very good alternative for anyone. Looking for a smart watch in 2022. Of course, there are some features that will not be present, but the majority of the features that a lot of people would actually use are such as the notifications.

The smartwatch itself supports a wide range of applications, which basically means most common applications like facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat and all that stuff. You will receive notifications straight to your smart watch. You will not be able to interact with them, but you will get the notifications, which is the important part. Next, would be the battery the battery on this based on the website says it can go up to 10 days. Ive been using this for the past three weeks and a half now and, as you can see, i still have about a few percentage left thats on a single charge. Now, as far as the sensors and whatnot is concerned, just like with the galaxy watch 3, i never really gave it any much thought that it would be 100 accurate because its not we have not really reached that point where the technology is that 100 accurate. But the one thing that i actually found very useful was the sleep tracker. I mean its not exactly such a big deal to determine how much sleep you have in a day, but it is nice to know that features like this are now actually working as opposed to previously, which were just based on concepts, so thats pretty much it. For my review of the halo rs4, if youre in the market and getting a new smart watch in 2022, that is on the budget, but its looking for something that has value and will give you that value.

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