Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new hello earth, rt ls05s we unboxed before a a different, hey, loot device. Today we have the rt version. This watch is very good. We will see that in the unbox video in today’s, video we’ll see what we have in the box. How this watch will work and what option do we have in the software of the rt? So let’s go ahead without losing any time start unboxing, and then we will talk about how this watch works. Music in the new halo, rt ls05s. We have health monitoring, sleep, monitoring, 12 sports mode, smart reminder, ip68 dust proof and waterproof and more functions like steps. Distance, music control, weather, timer, alarm, clock, fine phone, etc. We will see all of these in the video where we turn on the watch. Also, we have 1.28 inch color screen display and the battery is 275 million powers that it will last and stand by time. 15 days, so these are some specification for the halo rt ls505s. As you can see, the watch is now in front of us. We saw what we have in the package: very simple, let’s, peel off the protection for the screen and turn on the watch press and hold the upper button. You can see the halo logo in the beginning and we have to connect first with the halo app. We will show you in the next video how to connect the halo rt with android and ios, so you are able to use them with both the phones.

As you can see, this is the first page of the halo rt. This is how it will look like press and hold to change the wallpapers or the watch faces. However, you want to call them. We have here some very good options. Also, we can download more in the app. We will see that in the next video let’s choose one of the watches watch faces here at the tools bar. We have time day percentage of battery. We have search for device, brightness do not disturb settings and that’s all done. We have the menu that we will see later in the left. We have breathe in the right. We have activities hard rate with heart rate zone, sleep, weather, breathe again and that’s it done. We have the menu stored, blood pressure, sports weather, sleep notification, music, settings more and the settings in the more. We have stop watch countdown find phone here. We have watch face brightness about power off and reset very simple watch, but it has all the necessary things that you need to see and to have in a smart watch with the lower button. You enter the sport mode, let’s begin with some hard right here and see how it will measure or hoard rate. You can see the zone at the top. We have highest and lows down below and in the middle we will see some results you can see. This is the first result we have highest and lowest as well and in the middle, as i said, we will have the current result and that’s it for the heart rate.

After that, we have the sports, where we can find jogging force, walk biking, climbing yoga, indoor running, integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football, rowing and that’s. All we mentioned in the beginning that we have a couple of sports jogging is the first option? Three second countdown, it says: go we have the time at the top seconds, going underneath blood pressure, heart rate and kilometers in the left. We can pause or end the session down. We don’t have anything only these three options, which i always say. These are not too much option and it it should have more. Next, we have the breathing exercise. As you can see, one minute it says: pre, please relax so let’s see after one minute what it will look like so it’s almost a minute and as you can see now it ended and it doesn’t show anything at all. This is really bad. For my opinion, it should show something like in other smart watches, but either way this watch works perfectly so guys this was all for today’s video.