WReview.. Today I will review a smartwatch from Haylou. Haylou RT2. On the back of the box. It says some specs, such as waterproof, IP68 and others.. In the box. There is a smartwatch magnetic charger and user manual. Haylou Fun. The charger is a two pin model.. Then the battery capacity is 330mAh and can last 12 20 days.. The screen size is 1.32 inches TFT screen with a resolution of 360 360 pixels.. The screen is full glass.. There is a 2.5 D curved glass., Then the side part is made of zinc alloy.. While the back is made of plastic.. The strap, which is 22 mm, is made of rubber and can be replaced.. If I scroll down., There are find phone brightness, DND mode and settings. In the settings.. There are watchface brightness about power off and reset.. If I scroll up., There are our data activity, heart rate, spO2, sport exercise, record weather, sleep, data, notification, music control, more and setting.. In more. There are stopwatch countdown find phone and breath training.. Then in sports. There are jogging fast, walking biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football rowing.. If I swipe left., There are our data activity, heart rate, spO2, sleep data, weather and breath training.. If I swipe right its the same as before., The button on the top are for screen, onoff back and power onoff., And the button on the below is to enter sport. Mode.. The number of built in watchfaces is not too much.

This one might be from the app. Haylou Fun Custom watchface, The music controls can be previous pause play and next. Then also can volume up and down.. This smartwatch cannot tap to wake up and raise to wake up is quite responsive. At Lazada. The price of this smartwatch is IDR. 768000 includes tax shipping fee.. I hope this review can be your consideration for buying Haylou RT2..