These being some of its best features, remember that the price and where to buy it, I will leave them in the description of this video. As you see in the box, there are some features already mentioned, indicating in this 12 days of battery. This is in battery consumption in daily use mode and 20 days in basic use mode. In addition to spo2 monitoring and 12 monitoring modes inside the box, we will find three things: the magnetic charging cable in black, the User manual, which includes the language in Spanish. And finally, we have here the smart watch with a friendly, strap in black which can be removed to place another On the back are the charging contacts and the area where the heart rate sensors are located on the front, of course, is the screen with this round Design with a metal frame, the control screen is tactile. It has two buttons on the right side. The bottom one is the function button and the top one is the power button. We can press it until it turns on once it has been turned on. We will see the brands logo and a qr code which we can scan with the camera of our phone. When doing this, it will give us the link to take us to its official page and give us the option to download the application from the Google store. It is also compatible with iOS in the app we can register our email start the session or link it with Twitter or Facebook and then obtain the configuration screen.

Then the main screen will appear at the top. We will have the option to add a device once in between our smart watch. We choose it and we will have these options to configure. One of the things that I like is the dial adjustment option where we can choose between several watch style options that are already predetermined, and the best thing is that we can choose Also an image from our gallery of our phone and a font, color and thus Customize our clock screen by returning to the main screen of our application. We have these three options at the bottom, which is the start. Then there is the exercise screen where we can have monitoring when running, walking and cycling. In addition to the configuration options that we can also find directly on our watch, such as activating the reminder of messages in real time by synchronizing calls and applications the lighting of the screen when lifting the wrist, the duration of the display, illumination the time format. The ideal sedentary reminder to re Remember to take time to get up and walk or stretch between work or study, activate the alarm alert and do not disturb mode. As I already mentioned these functions, we can also activate or not from the clock. We will also find the 12 exercise modes there fashionable and thus record and synchronize it with the application that is distance, speed, heart rate calories this in real time, as well as intelligent sleep monitoring, breathing exercises, health check, weather music control, Find your phone and others.

This smart watch is IP68 waterproof ideal for when you go out, and it starts to rain or sweat during sports and, of course, wash your hands and good friends up to here. With this video. Remember that for more information as well as the price and where to buy it, I leave you the link in the description of this video and in the anchored comment, do not forget to subscribe and activate the notification bell for Do not miss any of my videos. Comment what you think about this smart watch option? The truth is, I loved. It is a very complete quality price watch. I appreciate you sharing this video with your friends and family.