28 inches in a Lcd screen and 240 by 240 pixels on the home screen marquee nothing in time in bits per minute, burn, step, counts, distance, take a break. My options come for one minute or two minutes. Next. Is you on the next screen is weather? Make sure you’re not connected? You have to watch most of it: no weather Music, okay, let’s talk about the functions command, no halo, lso, touching the side button yeah another bus, your home screen, then plus wipe up nothing yeah. You start bpm or bits per minute. Sport weather sleep notice, music, setting more and setting so under no status, dialogue, bastion steps, kilometers and kilo color removal for the ppm or bits per minute, but they rename heartbeat mode as long as now, such as every small and for the sport meron shang 12 professionals. For small medjugging, fast walking, biking, climbing spinning yoga in the running, integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and rowing weather as long as connected you’ll you’ll watch much of the sahaja yogi feet of nothing but weather status. Monitor training under the setting watch face brightness about power off and reset. I also watch face mirror. Of course. This is about power off and the reason halo. Solar has international rating of ip68 or ip68, which means pedisha, kahit, zapawis or mabasa, or kite ilubuk mosa ali men too big now, 1.5 meters hang gang 30 minutes Music. With regards to battery halo, ls05 or halo, solar has 340 milliamp hour capacity, which is bigger than mi band, 4 and 5.

. The magazines are in for more and it took me for around two hours and 16 minutes fully charged halo ls05 for me, major guardian puncture. So, almost more than one month per two hours and sixteen minutes on hormones decided guys to prolong the battery no smartwatch, nothing but the new. It is a volume 24 hour monitoring, no heartbeat acidity. You check it from time to time. Another one is to lessen the screen time five seconds, so i think for the normal person. Five seconds is enough: well, unless you’re waiting for someone you know or somebody from time to time and starting as a website with 24 hours, standby monitoring heartbeat model s from 30 days to 15 days. Music. Now persidement is a pros and cons. Long halo, solar or halo ls05 for the pros, of course, the price very affordable shock. I think, as of now i’m pricing around seven thousand three hundred to one thousand four hundred next is stylish watch and fourth is the battery. So, on my experience tomorrow, now 30 days and more uh website for the pros seo ip68 international rating Music, foreign, foreign and that’s all for this video. Also, if you like the video, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe. If you like, the content of this channel, please hit the notification button below for future updates.