So just recently ive done a review of the new band hr63, so weve performed an unboxing weve looked at the features and functions which are said on the box and what we really get now. On top of that, i really wanted to get into an accuracy test to show you that that particular budget, smartwatch or well this one right here is actually not as good as it says on the box, and a point to mention is that, on that review i Mentioned that the price is 25 to 30 pounds because thats, what i got it at well now that the basically the festivities are over and prices are back to no specials, so you get the full price. So this new band, hr 63 is now costing you ‘ pounds or just like 50 55 bucks thats a lot of money to pay anyways, so lets get into this heart rate accuracy test off the new band hr 63.. If you are new to wes nose, tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. Weve been doing the heart rate accuracy test during a skipping exercise. The benchmark for the heart rate was a polar h10 ecg. Chest strap, while the number of skips was actually measured by the huawei gt3, so without further ado lets get into the details. So, as you have seen from the review, if you havent im just going to leave a link to it, just above me right now, i wasnt particularly impressed with this smartwatch, i think, for the price its going at, even though its very budget, there is no excuse For being plain, not good, so hence the accuracy test, so this is five minutes of me skipping in a gym studio.

First of all, we look at the heart rate that was measured by the polar h10 ecg chest trap, which will be our heart rate benchmark then. Well, look at the number of skips and the benchmark will be the huawei gt3 watch, which is highly accurate and then well take a look at the results that this watch has come up with. Lets start off with the heart rate, so we can see that the polar h10 ecg chest wrap has actually measured our heart rate average to be at 127 beats per minute, while the max was measured at 155 beats per minute. Now. Lets look at the number of skips, so we can see that the huawei gt3 has actually measured. 309 jumps 309 jumps in just under five minutes, so weve got the heart rate. Weve got the number of skips lets, take a look. What the new band hr 63 has actually come up with, and so the new band hr 63 has come up with an average heart rate of 113 beats per minute, so were saying an underestimate of about 20. Now for the max it measured. 136 beats per minute down from the actual 155 beats per minute, as measured by the polar h10 ecg chest strap. So once again we get an underestimate of about 15 percent. So this is the quality of the optical heart rate sensor. On the back of the new band hr 63, but thats, not all because weve also have the number of skips measured by the new band hr63.

So again, who are we gt3 is showing us 309 jumps. This watch is showing us 105 jumps, so were talking a difference of about 60 underestimate. So basically, if we can summarize this accuracy test, the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the new band hr 63 is absolutely useless, its out by 20 for the average its out by 15 for the max. That is absolutely massive, although we do have to mention that there were once great watches which have come up with new generations and theyve improved that result, but those kind of watches were pretty much a long time ago were getting this in 2021 in 2022.. This sort of heart rate accuracy is basically shockingly bad for the same price. Just get yourself a me band 6, which is going to cost you just 25 quid or 35 bucks, but that will get you top accuracy better amoled display or spend five pounds more. Get yourself an honor band, six or another five pound more and get yourself a full on huawei band. Six great 1.5 inch amoled display continuous spo2 monitoring 90 sport modes, which are gold based because by the way, theres nothing goal based here and you will get very good accuracy within 5 of heart rate accuracy as measured against the polar h10 ecg chest, strap anyways.