So this is the smart watch that i’ve got right here. So it does look like the honor watch. Yes, but no it’s the fit. So the biggest differences are the fact that it’s got continuous spo2 monitoring. So this is already a very premium feature. Another awesome feature is that it’s got dual inbuilt gps and today, we’ll be checking how accurate the heart rate sensor on the back of this watch is as well as the gps accuracy let’s get into it. If you are new to westnow’s tech, news and reviews, we talk about the latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. So how did i actually do the test? So i went to the park and well. This is the park it’s more like a forest it’s, not really a park, it’s quite dirty and rugged. So i went out for about 45 minutes. I was going uphill downhill all over the show, sometimes in the middle. As soon as i saw a bench i would get down on it. I would do some push ups, some press ups, then i would be doing some lunges as well as squats, then without a break i would continue walking. Sometimes you’ll be downhill, sometimes uphill. So, in some cases it was quite intense. In some cases it was a bit more relaxed but overall there’s 45 minutes of activity, which i was measuring now the benchmark for this particular exercise.

These 45 minutes was the polar h10 ecg chest strap so that provided the heart rate benchmark so we’ll be comparing the heart rate. Accuracy of the huawei watch fit optical heart rate sensor versus the polar h10. Now, in regards to the gps, i was using two apps, so the polar beat, as well as the gpx app on my iphone 12 and, of course, we’re going to be using that as the benchmark and the gps, the inbuilt gps on the huawei watch fit. So the polar h10, as well as the iphone 12 with a number of apps, are the benchmarks and of course this is the tester device. So now let me tell you some key facts about the huawei watch and then we can get into the numbers into the details right, so let’s quickly have a chat about the huawei watch fit. If we talk about the display, this smartwatch is also quite premium. The screen size is 1.64 inches and the fact is it’s an amoled display bright, it’s crisp. The contrast is very high and you can see any of the notifications any of the metrics and stats in any light conditions. Another important factor, even though it’s a budget smartwatch you don’t, only have the brightness levels. You also have an ambient light sensor here. That means that it does have auto brightness available. Obviously, you will need to use the huawei health app with this smartwatch and that will give you an absolutely huge amount of downloadable faces.

There’S been a couple of updates to the smartwatch, and now you can upload doesn’t matter if you’re using an android or an ios device. You can upload your photos from your camera from your phone onto the watch face as custom faces, and that is very handy and quite cool. Now let’s talk about the features and functions. If we talk about the features, though, let me say, we’re not going to be covering off things like your timer, your stopwatch, your weather, widgets, no that’s basic. I want to talk about those things that make this budget smartwatch, so absolutely cool and quite premium. So what’s really cool about the huawei watch. Well, the fact is: it’s got 95 sport modes, that’s plenty that’s more than any of us, or most of us will ever use. On top of that, there is a dedicated running app, which will which will guide you through 13 running courses and can get you running from whether you’re a newbie to an expert runner. On top of that there’s a workout course, and in it there are 44 animated gestures, and these animated gestures do look great. They will actually show you how to perform a particular exercise. They will time you they will guide you through those exercises, that’s handy that’s, useful and it will save you from any injuries really because you can actually see how you should perform those particular exercises. On top of that there is dual inbuilt gps.

This smartwatch is waterproof up to 50 meters, so you’ve got no issues with taking it to the shower to the pool, in fact, because it does have the inbuilt gps, you can take it to open water swimming so go to a lake go to the sea. Well, do whatever you need. This thing can take it. If we talk generally about the sensors on this, so you’ve got continuous heart rate. Monitoring, then you’ve got continuous stress. Monitoring, you’ve also got sleep monitoring and it does measure your light sleep, your deep sleep and rem. Sleep so the full three stages and considering it does use the huawei. True sleep technology, which was the which was developed with the harvard medical school. So there is a claim to fame. Another really awesome thing about this particular smartwatch is that it can track your spo2, but not just the on demand and the spot spo2 readings it can actually monitor and track your spo2 or your blood oxygen saturation over a period of time. It can track it continuously and that is very useful and quite premium. I don’t know of any other smart watch under 150 or 200 bucks that can do it today and we’ve actually done a previous test on that, and you will see that the accuracy is spot on and it’s just as good as the garmin venue. I will put a link to that particular video, just above me, right now anyway. Now that we’ve discussed all the positives about this particular smartwatch let’s talk about the actual test, let’s get into the numbers.

Let’S check how accurate the heart rate sensor is as well as the gps. First of all, let’s touch upon the heart rate accuracy, so we know that the benchmark was the polar h, 10 ecg chest strap. Now the polar h 10 is supposedly one of the best of one of the most accurate heart rate. Trackers ecg hardware trackers in the world, it’s actually being used for scientific studies for medical studies as well as by professional athletes. So it does have claim to fame and it is quite a trusted device. So let’s have a look at the plot, so we can see that the polar h10 has actually measured. The average heart rate at 128 beats per minute, while the max was 160 beats per minute. So we can see that this smartwatch has actually measured the average heart rate of 124 beats per minute, while the max was 153 beats per minute. So that is four beats per minute, underestimated for the average and seven underestimated for the max. When we look at the plot, we can see that in general the tracing is quite good. There were only a number of points where a peak was overestimated by the smartwatch over what was recorded by the polar h10 but that’s at the start of the actual walk, so in the first half in the first 20 minutes or so as we get into the Second, half of the activity we can see that there was a max being hit and that’s the 160 beats per minute as registered by the polar h10 and the smartwatch actually underestimated that peak.

So, overall, we can see that in some of the cases the smartwatch did underestimate the heart rate, as opposed to the polar h10 ecg chest strap, and that does give us this lower average and the lower peak now is the difference that major well, i don’t think So it’s all generally under 5, so over 45 minutes that’s. Quite a lot of data. There now let’s take a look at the gps accuracy, because there were a couple of issues here. We can see that the gps, as calculated by iphone 12 using polar beat, gave us 3.5 kilometers, while the watch actually gives us 2.81 kilometers. That is quite a massive difference. That’S a difference of about 20 percent and the previous tests. We’Ve done the gps tests with the huawei watch. It has shown approximately the same differences, but anyway, these are the results. Let’S sum it up. If you want a smart watch, which is very sporty, which has got a lovely design, a huge 1.64 inch amoled display, then the huawei watch fit is amazing, it’s a great fit. The price is budget, it offers 95 sport modes there’s a workout course there’s. A running app there’s just so much. I can just say that, with some of the features offered by this smartwatch, i don’t think you can get a better deal on the market today and that’s, particularly if you’re after the sports, if you’re after swimming and you do want to do some open water swimming.

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