Keep social distancing, get vaccinated, stay safe, stay home, honors fitness tracker, lineup is likely to attract the most popularity in the budget. Market honor had a very conventional style up until band 5, but that has changed this year with the latest band 6 honor had made a huge turnaround as by introducing a larger display. That makes her look more like a smartwatch than a discreet fitness tracker. As you know, i have already done the unboxing and shared my first impression so in this video i’ll be doing the in depth review of the honor band 6.. In case you didn’t watch my unboxing video i’ll, put the link in the description and in the cards above somewhere here. Okay, so let’s get started. The screen size has increased from 0.95 inches to 1.45 inches, which is the biggest difference between the honor band 6. From 2019, this is a 194 by 368 pixels amoled panel that looks sharp, vibrant and easy to see even in harsh, distinct sunlight. Since the panel takes up up to 85 percent of the device face, bezels are kept to a minimum. The honor band 6 button have been revamped and are now on the right side. The buttons have a red line, accent that runs through them, giving them a very appealing. Look on the other side of the watch. There is a honor logo with an eye catching design. The band is made of silicon, like many other fitness bands and the fit is comfortable.

For me, the strap is interchangeable with the colors you like, i have added some of my favorite color bands in the description below you can buy it if you like it in terms of fitness, honor band 6 retains its high level. It supports 24 hour heart rate, monitoring, stress, monitoring, blood, oxygen monitoring and a new female health measurement feature. So let me give a small brief about this. Honor band 6 supports smart 24 hour. Heart rate, monitoring and the user can monitor heart rate changes over the course of a day set the alert value for low or high heart rate in advance, and when the conditions are met, the band will submit a prompt warning to remind users to take action. The true sleep, 2.0 algorithm on the honor band 6 appropriately records sleep and face honor band 6, provides specialist, sleep enhancement and personalized sleep assistance to improve your sleeping habits. The amount of oxygen in your blood is an important measure for overall health fatigue. Energy deficiency and memory loss are all symptoms of low blood oxygen levels for long period of time. Low oxygen levels can damage your brain’s heart and other organs. The honor band 6 uses a combination of optimizing software and optical hardware to reliably detect blood oxygen levels to track the activity. The honor band 6 has a wide variety of fitness modes, including running walking, swimming and other activities. Even if you want to do your underwater training, honor band 6 will record your reference results since it’s ib rated, the band 6 can generate periodic reminders by entering information that is extremely useful in everyday women’s life.

In addition, the honor band 6 also supports pressure, monitoring and breathing training. It can assist users in understanding their current stress situation by adjusting their breathing and providing physical and mental support in terms of health. All of the honor band 6 functionality are extremely useful and simple to use in case you’re liking. This video, then a sub to the channel, would be awesome. Band 6 reminds you all that requires your attention, such as incoming text, regular schedules and so on. Features like music, playback, remote camera, shutter phone and other useful feature make your everyday life more fun to pair sync and receive notifications. The honor band 6 requires the huawei health app with so many band face option in the watch face store. You can change your band face at any time to fit your style set an album photo as your personalized watch face, to show off your personality. Also, the huawei health app offers a large selection of watch faces from the honor watch stores. Some other notable features are activity, reminders, automatic stress, test, weather reports, etc. Huawei health app is compatible with both android and ios devices. The ios app, on the other hand, has full functionality, including the ability to change, watch faces okay. So if you have any questions about the honor band 6, please leave them in the comment section below and i will do my best to answer them if possible. I’Ll make a video and answer them too.

So the honor band 6 delivers incredible battery life using the low energy chips and smart power saving algorithms in general scenarios like normal battery life normal night, sleep, 30 minutes workout per week, and notifications turned on the battery can still last up to 10 days. In other scenarios, with heavy use as well, honor band 6 sports, a fast magnetic charge that frees you from long charging times after only 5 minutes of charging the band can be used for 2 days. So, to conclude, the honor band 6 has lived up to my expectations. Instead, it has much more practical functionality. It retains the simplistic design of normal fitness trackers, while adding on the looks of smart watches. The honor band 6 does well in each of them few sports mode. No gps and no nfc in standard version may not seem like a big deal to some, but it could be a deal breaker for sports addicts as it’s more than adequate when it comes to tracking your overall health. With a few simple but critical, sensors included the sports addicts won’t be happy but it’s enough for the regular person. This is the honor band 6 best feature it does. What a good fitness tracker should do. Honor band 6 is available for global buyers through aliexpress and it retails for around 50 dollars. The best buy links are available in the description below so do check that out. So, to conclude, let me put down my pros and cons to the pro side.

I will be saying about the big screen with amrit display, more than 10 days of standby time, 5 atm water resistant, female cycle, tracker, music and selfie control, and on the cons side it has a fewer sports mode and doesn’t support, continuous spo2 monitoring and it doesn’t Have gps or the nfc, at least in the standard version, regarding the sports mode as of now, there is only 10 sports mode, but we have to wait and watch if there will be anything coming in the next updates, so that’s all i have got for you Today, as previously stated, please leave any questions about the honor band 6 in the comment section below, and i will respond as soon as possible, so remember to wash your hands regularly, wear your masks and follow social distancing.