Mobile phones gradually became popular and many people took off their watches. However, with the continuous development of technology watches endowed with smart wings have become popular again popular with the public. As a digital enthusiast, i started wearing smartwatches several years ago. I have been in contact with many brands and models and i am relatively familiar with such products. Recently i have been wearing the glory that has not been on the market for a long time. The watch gs3, what is the appearance of this popular smartwatch in the market? What are the functions? How is the experience? Is it worth it? Next, i will share my views with you. The front of the autowatch gs3 is made of real gold and copper alloy material with higher reflectivity bright and gorgeous colors, and the black and gold color scheme gives a low key and a strained feeling the four layer rose. Gold electroplating process makes the rose gold material. Well, attached to the 316l stainless steel material and the shiny and elegant visual impact pervades the dial. The 1.43 inch style supports, full screen touch and the 326 ppi pixel density display is clear. The maximum brightness of 1000 nits ensures that it can be displayed in direct sunlight. The default ill pointer is thin and looks very calm. 3D curve class appears, the curved edge is slightly higher than the middle frame. The dial is tensor and the hand feels warm. The two physical buttons of the autowatch gs3 are concentrated on the right side of the watch frame, which is also the traditional watch button location.

The upper button supports cults out and returns long presses to shut down the buttons below are sports statistics shortcuts, which support functions. Such as running cycling, swimming and mountain climbing, on the back of the watch are hardware interfaces such as a heart rate sensor for smartwatch. The strap is undoubtedly an important part. The auto watch gs3 uses napa first layer. Calf skin is the strap with fine texture smooth surface and is more skin friendly. The neutral width of 22 millimeters is suitable for different genders. The auto watch gs3 adopts an easy to remove, strap buckle, appearance and the strap can be removed with a flick of a finger. The instruction manual 4g card charging base and charging cable are included. The auto watch gs3 adopts a relatively mature magnetic suction wireless charging solution, which can fully charge the watch in 55 minutes and battery life of up to 14 days. The waterproof performance of smartwatches is not bad, so is the honor watch gs3 its waterproof level reaches 5 tm, so there is no problem swimming a baiting, put it directly under the tap rinse. Above the author chooses the outdoor walking test that most people like the auto watch gs3 will automatically monitor the heart rate, pace, distance time and other data in real time during the exercise, the movement data is very clear. The watch will also prompt through vibration and voice whenever the exercise reaches a certain smuggle after each exercise. You can view the detailed exercise record through the watch.

Your mobile phone app, the monitoring data, is relatively detailed and various data are presented in charts, which is very intuitive for those who, like sports, the auto watch gs3 will be a good choice because it not only supports 100 plus sports modes. It includes 85 custom sports modes and more than 10 professional sports modes, but it also provides users with professional sports evaluations and suggestions so that users can better understand the effect of exercise. It is worth mentioning that the auto watch gs3 has a built in high precision. Gps positioning system and adopts five dual frequency satellite navigation systems through the fusion positioning of multiple sensors. The positioning of each outdoor exercise is faster and more accurate and it can also draw accurate positioning movement trajectory. You can formulate a health plan according to the users situation in the healthy life option, the underwatch gs3 can check whether the user has reached the established plan according to the daily statistics, which is quite considerate. Interestingly, the auto watch gs3 also supports the music playback function and can choose between mobile phone music and watch music, which means that the watch can control the phone to play music, which is very useful. The autowatch gs3 is closer to the traditional high end watch from its appearance. The 316l stainless steel frame is matched with the electroplating process, and the color is mainly black and gold, revealing a gorgeous texture everywhere. Then, at napa top layer, cat skin strap even raises the overall texture of the auto watch gs3 to higher level a luxury that has only been seen in traditional high end watches in the past.

The 1.43 inch mold screen supports full screen touch and has 326 ppi and a peak brightness of up to 1000 nits, powerful and detailed health monitoring, including blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc allows users to grasp their health status and escort their physical health. Fully. Real time stress testing allows users to grasp their mental health status for women user tailored menstrual management can save female users the trouble of calculating cycles and preparing for pregnancy. A variety of sports monitoring functions can record daily sports data and guide users to exercise more scientifically. The health plan section formulated based on the data feedback of the honor watch, gs3 judges, whether the user is lazy and urges the user to work hard in a healthier direction if youre also a high intensity mental worker and an office worker who often stays up late, Then auto watch gs3 is a good helper for you to track your health status. I hope this review was useful for you. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments.