I have not opened it yet and today i thought i’d show you guys uh what it’s all about and how this thing turns out. I’Ll, try it out for a week and see how i like it and i’ll report to you guys back out and maybe there’ll be a part two because i’m gon na do maybe one part of how i open up this and then the second part of how To use it so guys stay tuned, i’ll be right back all right, you guys so let’s go ahead and open up the box. I have my trusty little knife here with me and just place that little open because there’s this plastic around it and you know i kind of cut the box a little bit but let’s go ahead and look at the out of the box here. So you can see there’s uh. This is what the watch will look like, of course, gives you all these little uh specifications of it, but it’s uh waterproof. It has control mode, uh or controllable touch. I should say it has pairing apps, so this does have an app the qr code right here. You’Ll scan this on your phone, and this is how you’ll get the apple corers. It tells you all the package size and the battery capacity right here. The screen size and how much it weighs it’s 45 grams, of course, which is kind of like, and so this is the front of it.

Let’S go ahead and open it right here, so let’s see where how do i open this thing? I think i just pull this right here from the mistake. Let’S see – and i have this is my first time ever using this and i have not opened it yet. I think you just pushed maybe yeah there. You go okay, so you just push this out and then change. You guys just push this. This is like a little cover area and here is the little box where it holds. Oh, look at that, so this is when they’re covered so looks like. It was right in the wash go ahead and open this right here, let’s see if i can, or maybe it’s another little box here, it’s a box and that’s just a cover. Okay, let’s go ahead and pull this out right: hmm, Music, nope let’s! Just pull this out all right there we go all right, look right off the bat there’s the watch guys it is a pretty big size screen. I must say, let’s go ahead and pop this baby out. Music, pull this out. Okay, so here’s the watch right here. I chose red and black. You can also get black too, but i wanted to go with a little bit more and so the red and black let’s go ahead and set this aside and see what came in the box. Okay. So we have the charging part right here, and this is a little bit different this.

These two right here are magnetized, and this then right here in the middle, are the two little charging ports right here and it’s usb. It does not come with a brick, so you have to use yourself and of course you have the little manual right here and give you all the instructions. The last step let’s go ahead and focus on the watch right here, and so it says tips please make a full charge before using the watch so guys before we uh turn on the watch. I’M gon na go ahead and charge. It let’s go ahead and get that open. First let’s, look at the watcher and see how it appears. Let’S go ahead and put that aside so it’s not a bad watch. It looks pretty good. You know it’s uh. I think it’s pretty good. The spies have a smart watch, it’s um it’s how thick it is there’s, the back of it. So you have the two sensors right here. I believe this just checked your heart and blood pressure and, of course this is where your chargings will go, and so this little part right here at the end with this will connect right here. So well, maybe okay, so this does have a area. So certain way you charge it because there you go because it’s magnets, so there that’s how you guys would plug it in right here, let’s go ahead and remove this little sticker right here, very nice.

Look at that! That is very well done, and this watch looks like it has little times around it, so this kind of would look like if it was a basic watch but it’s also a smart watch, because if you look in the front there are also different options, but this Is one of the options right here and i’m pretty sure there’s one where it has like a different little area that goes around it with the um your screen times in the last time, let’s go ahead and look at the manual real fast right here. This will give you all your information, so okay, yeah, so here we go. If you look right here, there are here, are the different uh screens. You can have for your the turning on so like right here. You know this one right here. You would probably want to use that because it has like little tests, but i think if i was gon na choose one, i would probably choose this one right here, or maybe this one right here, but yeah it’s, uh it’s, a very i just. I barely bought this guys and uh it’s about at least 43 dollars for this guy, and so i have not tried it out yet, but i think it looks like it’s good. This is touchscreen and all that stuff. So i hope it does come out. Good does have a little knob on here. I think it turned, and then you can also push this too yeah.

So i think this is how you would turn it on um. Let me guys go ahead and charge it and i’ll be right back all right guys. So right now i have the thing charging right now and so um i’m going to let it charge for a little bit. You can see that’s um. This is kind of like a little charging screen right there it’s a battery in screen. So let me go ahead and charge it real, fast guys and then i’ll show you what it looks like when i powered it up all right guys. So i’m still i mean the watch charger, but i thought i would go over the manual with you guys, and so here we have the bracelet user manual. This is in six different languages. Of course you have english, you have dutch, you have spanish, france and a bunch of languages. It also gives you the two apps so there’s. This is also for ios, iphone and android, of course, and then it tells you how to turn on the watch right here. Let’S go ahead and then, of course it is to give you all the displays and what it would look like, and basically this just tells you where everything is and how to function it right now, but uh that will be in the second video. So make sure you guys, like the video for part two. So i can review this for you guys, because this is right now the unboxing part, but we’re going to get to the reviews of uh the review part where we actually explore into the watch itself and it’s going to be a little bit great.

So uh i’m still letting the watch charge a little bit guys. I’Ll turn it on in a bit and i’ll show you guys what it does for the screen and then oh and the part two i’ll show you what this capabilities so stay tuned, alright guys. So i had charged the watch for a little bit, let’s go ahead and turn on and see what it uh. What it looks like. I got ta hold down the button right here. I felt the vibration and there it is there there’s the the watch right now. So uh i’ll have to fix the timing a little bit, but this is touchscreen, i think um, but first you have to. I think you have to hit there and there you go. You can have all this so there you have it guys there’s the watch. This type is uh feels like a rubber bracelet. I i got red and black. You can also get uh black, too off amazon and all that stuff, but uh. If you guys want to see part two of the watch.