So this watch can support always on display hello. Everyone i’m peter in this video i’m, going to show how to connect the hw 22 smartwatch with the phone, and today i use an iphone for android phone. The steps are also the same and the app for the hw 22 smartwatch is the warefit pro. We can scan the qr code in the menu to download the app after download, can click the app and in the equipment page we can click, add device, and now it is searching for the device we can see. The htw 22 is in the search results and we can click to pair and there is a produce parent request. We click pair and allow the http32 to display the iphone notifications allow and now we can complete and there are some tips for wearing okay. We click understood and then we can go to the setting and go to the bluetooth. Then we go to the watch and click this bluetooth code symbol. Then we will see a watch call. Some watches will also show as htw 22 and then we can see that both bluetooth are connected. So now we can go to the watch and click the dialer option and we can add the contact wide app. We can go to the favorite contact and then click add, and then we can click one. Then two and then we can see that the context is diagonalized to the watch. We can also make it cost directly.

We can press this run button to go to the main menu, and this run button can also rotate to zoom in and zoom out. This watch has three menu styles. We can just double press this red circle button and then now we can see that this is the list style and then you can double click again, and this is the knife style. Now i have put the watch on my wrist and let’s test the functions, the heart rate and then the sleep monitor and the recent cause, and we can also check the frequent contact and also the dialer and the blood pressure and outer spot. These functions can show the steps calorie and blood pressure and the steps, the speed and also the distance. It has many spot modes and also the weather. We need synchronize in the app after synchronizing. We can see that the weather and the temperature and the blood oxygen and the indoor activities it also has many activities, you can click and the data reaches the steps and also the briefs exercise. You can follow the screen to inhale and exhale to practice the breathe and met and the stopwatch and also the message. This watch can cyclonize the incoming messaging notifications from the notification center in the phone and shake to take picture and music. You can also control to play next song or previous song, and also the setting the demon. This is the brightness and the bright screen duration.

You can change by yourself and screen of time and phone setting and risk your wrist to write the stream and also do not disturb model and the sound and volume vibration and the language setting it has many languages. The screen is very sensitive, so you need to move the screen very slow and also the connect mobile phone. You can scan this qr code, download the warefit pro app and then to follow the steps to connect the watch and the phone and then the password this. What you can support to set password and about reboot restore factory and shutdown, and then the pressure and the calculator this, which has a calculator we can go to the app to check the functions. The first page is the home page. This page is to cycle as those status in the watch to the phone, and the second page is the exercise page. We can also see there are some exercises, such as running working, cycling, checking and also there is a window and auto option. You can click go, so the apps will monitor your movement and the third page is the equipment page. In this page, we can connect the watch with the phone, and also it has many watch faces and can also customize watch faces through the eddy, and you can select the photo in your phone and then choose the style and the partition. After down. We can click install now we can see that the watch is showing updating, so the watch is unable to move during the installing okay.

Now the new watch faces is in the watch and also we can see that there are some existing watch faces in the wavefit pro app, but they are chargeable. You need to pay before using and then we can see that there are some other functions in the app such as weather reports and the notification alarm. You can set the alarm in the app and also health reminder the central reminder and drinking water reminder and also taking picture find the device when you click the watch, you will vibrate and also the other settings and the favorite contact and troubleshooting, and also the firmware Update and factory setting – and the last page is the me page. This is the page for the personal data and also some settings. You can also synchronize, and so above is all our details today.