This is josh here and for today’s videos i’m, going to show you on how to set the time and also connect your mayfam mx5 smartwatch to your smartphone and also change the watch face so guys. All we just have to do is we’re going to go to our play, store, and all we have to do is we’re going to look for where fit pro okay, and we just have to install that one where fit pro okay, it is now installing guys now Let’S tap open; okay, so we are now in our wear, fit pro application. Music, okay, let’s tap on agree, openwarefit pro log in so in our case guys, is you really have to register your email and also your password? So if you want to register just tap on this upper right, part, okay – and you can register especially to the area where you live – okay and you can get the verification code as well. So in my case, i already registered guys. So let me just log in okay, so i already logged it in using my email address, so you can turn it on notifications. Okay, your tap wear fit pro click on allow okay, so this is now the home of the aware fit pro application guys. So in the home section there are steps, blood pressure, history, spo2, heart rate, sleep weight and sports record fatigue, effective activity and for the exercise section guys, you can see there like the area where you walked or run and cycle and also climb.

Okay and in the me section, so you will have your name, your personal information, your data, yes and all and health report, so now guys let’s tap on device. So in this case guys it has detected our nb plus so let’s. Remove that one, because that’s not uh what we are trying to connect so let’s tap a device turn on gps, okay and allow okay. It is now searching guys, as you can see so guys it has detected our mx5 smartwatch. So let’s stop on that one and it says they’re pairing carry out all right that’s it guys. We have already connected our mayfam mx5 smartwatch, so guys as you can see as we connect the smartwatch. The time is also set guys so in our phone it’s, 803 and it’s also the same with our mifam mx5. Now guys, if you want to change the watch face below the mx5 device, there is watch faces there, so you just tap on more Music. Okay, so, as you can see, unfortunately, not all watch faces are free. Then, in here like you need to pay one dollar. Yes, and we can choose the one with no payment – yes, so okay, actually guys uh. There are some free watch faces here, for example, this super hero 2, so let’s stop installation click allow okay. This is more like iron man funny face so tap on, download, it’s, downloading and installing. So, as you can see in our mx5, it has this kind of arrow up.

It means that it is uploading. Okay, so, as you can see, guys watch face is already changed. Now guys uh, you can also set the weather reports there. If you want to be notified and notifications guys. If you want to be notified with your social media accounts, then you can also turn it on in here, like your phone, sms, instagram, twitter and facebook. So, sadly, guys only those applications are supported, so hopefully they can add on their uh updates later on, okay, there’s also health remind like sedentary reminder or drink water reminder. There will be also taking pictures. If you want to capture uh remotely, then you can also do so and there’s also fine device there and there’s other settings, so you can change to 24 hour clock to 12 hours. So in our case i want the 12 hour format. So you can choose this. One and you can also choose an early automatic measurement and uh favorite contacts. You can add guys we have their troubleshooting okay. There is also firmware upgrade okay, so we have the current version. All right, restore factory settings delete current device, okay, and i think that is all guys for the connection of our mx5 smartwatch okay.