Pro inside the box are huawei band 4 pro smart watch charging cable with its cradle user manual and warranty card. This is huawei banford pro before anything else feel free to like or share this video and please don’t forget to subscribe. The huawei band 4 pro comes in three colors and i got the graphite black with body weight, 25 grams same weight as one double a battery. Two triple a batteries: two fifths of c battery and one thousand grains of rice with body dimension of 26.6 by two by 1.1 centimeters. It has a large rectangular electronic touchscreen display, with display dimension of 4.6 by 2 by 1.1. Centimeter display led almost same as one aaa battery display, with almost like two aaa batteries and display thickness. Almost like one aaa battery strap is made of soft silicone rubber using a buckle type closure with 17 holes on the strap. It is adjustable with adjustable wearable length. Maximum of 21.5 centimeters and adjustable wearable length minimum of 13 centimeters. Surely it will fit any sizes. It uses lithium ion battery with battery capacity of 100 mah battery life is 5 days in normal mode and 12 days in power saving. It is rechargeable using a 2 pin charging port connected to a cradle provided and then the cradle to the charging cable and then the charging cable to the charging adapter. Then the charging adapter to the power socket charging time is 100 minutes and you are good to go.

Huawei band 4 pro uses 0.95 inch, amoled color touchscreen display with 240 by 120 pixel resolution. It has a 6 axis sensor, including optical heart rate, sensor, infrared wear sensor. It comes with bluetooth, 4.2 version, it is gps, supported, dust proof, water, resistant up to 50 meters, it supports android, 4.4 ios, 9 and above and you have to download huawei health app to connect with the band now let’s. Look at the feature number one steps step will show you the days number of steps taken, calories, burned, distance duration, workouts intensity and number of times you stood up to move. Next is heart rate, heart rate measures, heart beat per minute. Next is spo2 or blood oxygen saturation. It measures amount of oxygen in the blood. Next is sleep or huawei through sleep, it tracks, duration of sleep. For the day next is workout. It has 11 workout modes in each workout. You can set targets such as distance duration, calories or set alerts such as distance and duration. Next is more here. You will find timer stopwatch faces, find phone brightness with night mode screen on battery and system last, but not the least messages. These are notification alerts. You can set using the huawei health, app notification alerts like messages, whatsapp, facebook, facebook, messenger, gmail, instagram and others. So if you’ve seen the unboxing and full walkthrough of huawei band 4 pro it’s now time for me to give my honest product review, just a quick reminder.

This is not a sponsor; it was intended for me for free. So please expect an honest product review. Here are my three of my most favorite of the huawei van 4. Pro number one. I like the font size uh. The screen size may be a bit smaller, but they compensate on the font size it’s a bit bigger than the usual, so it’s good for the visuals it’s easy to see it’s good for the fingers, it’s easy to navigate number two. I like the screen options. Aside from having an always on display, option and race risk to wake screen, there’s also another screen option called rotate wrist to switch screen. So all you have to do is rotate your screen. Your wrist to scroll up or scroll down so it’s really convenient for those people who are doing something and you can’t get your hands off whatever you’re doing. But you have to see your band, so it’s really convenient it’s easy to use number three. I, like the set target on workouts it’s, not a long period of time goal setting, which sometimes you tend to forget. You can log on your target, uh your distance duration or calories target as you do, your workout it’s a really good push to start every workout. Here are my three of my least favorite of the huawei band 4. Pro number one it’s a bit heavy, not just the display, but also the scrub it’s a bit heavy it’s, not lightweight.

You will feel it number two battery drains fast. I opened and did the unboxing video last week monday and then i charged and started using it the next day, tuesday at 100 percent and then the next day, wednesday it’s already on 60 and then by friday or saturday it’s already on five percent. I have to recharge it to film a video for my walkthrough number. Three. There are features not on the band because i’m, not on android, but an iphone user, although it says it supports android and ios. There are features that, on the band uh like, for example, number one – the watch face, uh, it says on their website. There are a lot of watch face to choose from on huawei watch face store, but i didn’t notice that there is a superscript beside the watch face store. It says on the photo down the website. It says a huawei watch page store is only available on android users and it says on another huawei webpage that they advise iphone users to connect their band temporarily using an android device to access. The huawei watch face store i’m, not use. I don’t have an android device. No one in the house has android device on an android device just to access. The huawei watch me store so there. So i will just stick to the standard watch face and, aside from the watch face, uh, music, playback and camera controls are only for android users, so that’s about it.

The unboxing full walkthrough and honest review of this huawei man 4. Pro please stay tuned on my youtube channel. I have another smart watch. I have a xiaomi band, six uh i’ll be doing the same thing: unboxing walkthrough and product review of xiaomi band 6. i’ll also be doing xiaomi bank 5 versus huawei band 4 pro and then xiaomi band 6 versus huawei band 4. Pro that’s coming up very very soon, so if you have any questions, suggestion call up and product feature. Please comment down below or you can send me a private message through my facebook or instagram. Please feel free to like and share this video and, most importantly, please don’t forget to subscribe, hit the bell button to get notified for new uploads, so that’s about it.