. Now i don’t know why they did this, but as long as they release new smart watches, it’s perfectly fine to me. So the huawei mate 6 features all the spo2 monitoring which not a lot of watches. Have these days it has a strong battery life 96 different small modes to choose from all day heart rate, monitoring and a lot more, but first let’s see what we get in the box. Of course, we get the watch, some warranty, informations and a manual as well as the magnetic charging cable. Thankfully, this one sticks tight to the watch and doesn’t come off that easily, since sometimes it’s pretty annoying. When you want to charge your watch and you leave it there just for an hour and when you come back, it wasn’t charging at all and then you have to walk around the whole day with a half dead smartwatch on your wrist, but not with this one. The band 6 also has a quick charging feature, which means it only takes 5 minutes for a full 2 days of battery life. You have one physical button on the side of the watch to turn the screen on or to get to the menu and back. It is water resistant up to 5 atm, so you can go swimming in the pool with it, but just don’t go snorkeling, diving or any fast paced water activities. As far as this watch weighs in at 18 grams without the strap has bluetooth 5.

0 and is compatible with ios 9.1 and above and android 6.0 and above so, let’s finally get some features. And the first thing on my list will be the audi spo2 monitoring, which is actually the main selling point of this watch next to the price, of course, and guess what it’s not working over here, at least that’s the case for me in germany. So you have to stick to the default or the manual spo2 measurements, which is a bummer, since i don’t really do these too often. So i cannot properly track my results over the last couple of days month or weeks or whatever. I actually hope that it will be like the heart rate tracker, which just works all day passively in the background, and you don’t have to do a thing. I guess i thought wrong now up to the sport activity tracking or the true sports scientific sport algorithm. Now, the last time i checked it, that’s, not how you spell algorithm. Oh focus, that’s an m, not an m like mother, but i wonder if it’s only spelled wrong or mine or if it’s spelled wrong on all of them. So if you have one check your box – and let me know in the comments below if it’s wrong as well i’m kind of curious. So with this man, you get 96 different sport modes, which is quite a lot but there’s. One downside to which we will get in a minute, so yeah walking running cycling as well as some swimming modes hit trainings boxing or swimming i’m, not quite sure.

If you could call swinging a sport and if it actually burns calories. I tried it for a while, but i don’t think that’s working once you start a workout. The watch will try to hook up with your phone’s gps and it will then track your heart rate, distance time, pace and burn calories. While working now, you can control the music if your phone is nearby and if the health app is running in the background, which is quite convenient after the workout. The huawei band 6 gives you a rather detailed analysis and as far as former testing, the watch is pretty accurate in the tracking area. Of course, you can always look at your past workouts on the band itself. If you want to now let’s get to the downside. In every sport mode that you add to the list only tracks some basic stats, so there’s no difference or variation between boxing dancing, karate or hula hooping. So all of them track the same three stats, which are heart rate, your time and you burn calories. So just keep that in mind. Next up we have the 4.0 true scene, heart rate tracker and a 2.0 true sleep tracker, as i already mentioned, the heart rate tracker is actually pretty good, even though it’s just a 60 euro band, it was always just a few beats off when i was comparing It to my h10 chest pad so i’m, pretty amazed by the accuracy now on the watch.

You can check your current heartbeat as well as your maximum and minimum heart rate for the day and your hardware zones. Next up we have the sleep tracker which only tracks the basics on the watch itself like when you went to bed and woke up and the sleep duration, whereas in the app you will get to see a whole lot right here we have the deep sleep and Light sleep as well as the ram in the wait time and based on that, the app will give you a sleep score. You will also get a small analysis of your sleep, so the app once told me to finally start a diet, so i can sleep better. Well, dear health, app i’m, not chubby, i got some love handles. Overall, the sleep tracker is doing a very good job, even though i hate it because it told me to finally start a diet. As for the next point, we will talk about the battery life on normal usage. You get about 14 days of battery life and on heavy usage about 10 days, which sounds about right to me. So i use the huawei band 6 every day. I have the stress: tracker turned on continuously, as well as a sleep and heart rate tracker i have. The brightness turned all the way up to the maximum. I do work out every day for about 30 minutes. I have the gps turned on when i’m walking and all of that only drains about 10 each day, so you do the math yourself.

So, as i already mentioned, we have a few more features like the true relax feature. We have the breathing exercise and the period cycle tracking the stress tracker just tells you how stressed you are throughout the day, so you get to see that on the watch in a nice little graph or you can look it up on the health app for. Basically, the same infos. The only thing over here is that you can check your stats from last week, month or year as well, one more thing to mention, which is that you can set a stress tracker on continuous tracking or only spot checks. The breathing exercise is just a guided breathing session between one and three minutes, so all you got ta do is slowly inhale and exhale. When the band tells you to with the huawei band 6, you will also get a music player with which you can skip a track or go back a track, play and pause the track and adjust the volume which is straight up. My favorite feature on every smartwatch. If you swipe up, you get to see your notifications, but you cannot reply if you swipe down. You have your quick panel with the dnd mode, pharmaphone screen, timer alarm and your settings. If you swipe left and right, you will eventually get to the weather widget on which you get to see the weather for the day and the whole next week. As for last, we have the watch faces by giving the screen a two second press.

You will get to see your watch faces and you definitely have a bunch of crazy looking ones. Some are even a little customizable, so you can select whats that should be displayed on your watch face like the amount of steps you took a day or your heart rate. If you’re looking for more watch faces, you can just open the health app go to the store and download hundreds of new watch faces, just check them out. So what do i think about a huawei band 6 and it’s? Actually, the best motherboards fitness tracker, fitness band or, however, you want to call it that i ever tested, i mean regarding the heart rate, the sleep and the bearing calories. I’Ve, never seen any device. That is that good. Also, you have a super soft strap and i mean i have tested a bunch of small watches and i had a bunch of straps on my arm, but this one is by far the most comfortable one. Also with the huawei band 6, you get a big amoled touchscreen with some nice and crisp colors, and i know it kind of sounds like i want to save you this product, but i’m, really not i’m, just that amazed by it. So, overall, if you’re looking for a smart board or a fitness band in the price category of 60 euros, then the wabbit band 6 is the best one. I mean the by far the best one and if the spo2 feature is working, it will be even better.

So folks, with that being said, that’s it for the video. I hope you like it. If you did don’t forget to leave a like and consider subscribing.