Five is a beautiful high contrast, AMOLED screened SmartWatch, with step count, heartrate computation and an advanced technique for calculating your blood oxygen. It also can monitor your last night's sleep time. Give you access to a variety of workouts, including outdoor and indoor, runs outdoor and indoor walks cycling inside elliptical, waterproof watch, so you can do rowing and pool swimming as well as free training, all in the workout section. There'S no GPS, though it's all tied to basically the pedometer. In the more section you have a countdown timer, a count up stopwatch access to quite a few different faces. The one we've just seen an analogue type face. Another type of digital face with colorful outlines large digits, a tiny analog face and another fancy one with stripes on it. Beyond that, you have a find your phone feature overall brightness, and this is the lowest brightness folks. This is a nice bright one when you take it outdoors the screen on capability of adjusting how long it'll be on your current battery level and a system section where you can reset it, restart it power it down or read up about it, it's all right here.