So here they are up close. The new huawei watch 3 and watch 3 pro both follow in similar design language as each other, but with some differences. So both of these models feature a large case, design with round edged style and the display on both of these features a 1.43 inch amoled, which is both bright, vibrant and, of course, allows touch interaction. So the huawei watch 3 has a 316l stainless steel body and on this model its got a pvd coating process to give it that black color, but it also makes it more durable to scratches and sweat corrosion. Now the huawei watch 3 pro is made out of titanium alloy and has this fixed bezel on the display to give it a more sportier look and feel both of these models also have 3d rotating crown, which you can see adds the huawei watch emblem. The crowns got a nice tactile feedback and the button underneath that can be set up as a quick launch. Ive got mine set to default for workouts and the huawei watch 3 and 3 pro both uh have this large styling and design. With the pro being larger and thicker, i mean i personally, like the feel of the huawei watch 3 on my six and a half inch wrist. Its got more of a tapered lug. Also, it fits more comfortably for me personally, but both of these come with quick chain straps that allow you to customize the style of the watch as you go along now.

The larger size of both these models means that huawei have actually added more into the functionality. Both of these models now support e sim for calls and data directly on the watch, as well as long lasting battery life too. Now the battery life is actually impressive on paper. According to our way, the watch 3 pro can get 5 day long battery life, with smart mode and 21 days in ultra long battery life mode. Whereas the huawei watch 3. You can get a little less with 3 days in smart mode and 14 days in ultra long battery life mode now on the back is a whole range of sensors packed into this high tech. Ceramic material sensors features an interesting skin temperature detection, as well as all day heart rate, spo2 stress and sleep monitoring. This is one of the first times weve, seen all day, monitoring on a smartwatch like this. Those sensors work together to monitor workouts daily activity, including steps, calories, standing time, medium and high intensity, workout time etc. Its actually impressive, because the overall picture you get of your health data is pretty detailed and, as with previous models, the huawei watch 3 and 3. Pro support up to 100 plus workout modes and now has automatic workout detection for six of them, theres even dual gps incorporated too now. As far as the software is concerned, both watches are running on the newer harmony os, which brings updates to functionality. Setup and management is mostly done by the huawei health app, which is available on both android and ios, but there will be certain features that wont work on non huawei devices.

So something to be aware of now. Youve also got a range of different customizations, including a number of interactive watch faces, complete with complications for various data. These add a level of interaction to the watch mode. My particular favorite is the griddy watch face, but you can also download others so using the huawei watch, 3 series is pretty easy in terms of navigation. Swiping up will bring up the notifications and swiping down from the top. Will then give you access to further settings, including a quite handy, find my phone feature as well. Now, swiping, right from the watch face, gives you different stats, including overall progress for the day heart rate sp02 skin temperature. Now harmony os also brings with it a new huawei app gallery. So one of the big focus from huawei and software side has been around the super device capabilities. What huawei referred to as intelligent experience across all types of scenarios? In practical terms, you can connect directly to some smart apps directly from the smart watch, apps like genie in saudi arabia and jordan, emirates, dtc and thalabar here in the uae. Dalabat, as an example will give you progress and updates on your order by the smartwatch. Another smart app is petal maps with turn by turn guidance on your wrist, taking advantage of connectivity and that larger display.