My name is youre watching the product, video and thats me so whats. The plan for today so were not going to talk about every little feature since i already covered both these watches in separate videos. So if you want to check them out, i will leave the link in the description below so we arent going to compare the differences of these two watches so whats on the list for today. So first up were going to talk about the navigation. As for next, the battery life, the health tracking and accuracy of it watch faces, and for less, we will talk about the built in gps voice assistant and some specs, maybe not in that particular order, but were going to talk about all of it. Now lets start with navigation and the samsung watches theyre kind of unique in that way that theyre, the only watchers that have an haptic bezel on the active model or they have a rotatable bezel on the classic version for navigation through your different tiles. And that is pretty cool. This one also lets you control the music volume. If you have your music player open up, you can scroll through your different messages or apps. Of course, you can also use the two fingers to swipe left and right or the two physical buttons on the side of the watch for going back to the home screen or open up apps. The garmin menu 2 is more of a classic smartwatch.

So if you want to go through your different tiles and control your music or want to open up apps and stuff like that, you need to swipe up and down left and right, or you use the two physical buttons on the side of the watch. These two buttons can be bound to your different apps, like my spark modes for the upper button, or you can open up your settings and quick panel by giving them a little longer press and basically thats all. There is to say about the navigation so lets head over to the battery life. The difference in the battery life of these two watches is huge. The garmin vineyard 2 lasts about 10 whole days on normal usage, which is pretty damn good, since there are not too many smartwatches out there with all of these features and still have a good battery life, and it only takes about one and a half hours until Its fully charged the galaxy watch for thats way shorter, with only about a day and a half on normal usage. Unfortunately, that is a problem with all the samsung smartwatches, but also for smartwatches, like the huawei watch 3 or the fossil gen 5.. So, just keep in mind that you have to treat this watch like a smartphone and charge it every day or every night depends on when you want to charge it now again, a cool feature that you have with the samsung galaxy watch 4 is that you can Either charge it normally via your charging, cable or if you have a something smartphone, you can turn the wireless power sharing on and charge your smartwatch on the back of your phone, pretty cool right by the way im using the 42mm bluetooth version.

Just to let you know, lets talk about the built in gps, and i got ta tell you upfront that both of them are actually pretty good. Now, theyre, not 100, accurate of course. So you walk on the wrong street side inside some houses or you take a dive into a river when you happen to walk right next to one. But let me give you some examples on the way it looks. First up lets take a look at the guys. You watch for so you can either open it up on the watch for a rough overview and we actually have a tiny map of the route over there as well. But if you want to have a closer look, we have to open up the samsung health app. So if you click the little arrow button on the top right corner, we get a close loop over the route and, as you can see, the gps definitely works a little bit better outside of the city, its basically spot on, but in the city, as you can See the lines getting a little bit more curvy so its not that accurate over there, but still not too shabby and now lets take a look at the garmin vineyard too. So, of course, i took the exact same route as i always do, and when i open up the garmin connect app and go to my last walking workout and tap the map once after a short zoom effect, we get the route and, as you can see, we Kind of get the same results as with the guys you watch for outside of the city in our little park.

The building gps works a whole lot better than inside of the city. So if we see the lines at the start of my workout, they are basically bouncing up and down like on heartbeat, monitor before we continue with the video nows, the time to hit the subscribe and the like button and also click the notification bell. If you want to see more smartwatch reviews, theyre, actually pretty good now, speaking of the heart rate, lets check out how accurate these two watches are in the sport activity tracking and what have tracking features we get. Garmin is known for its sports devices and i definitely proved that harper wise this one was spot on and was only off by like two and a half percent on the step counting. The way i do it is like. I walk 1000 steps and i count and then i see the difference pretty basic now. The galaxy watch 4 is quite a bit off in the heartbeat, but step wise. It was like spot on. It was only off by like three percent, which is really nothing, and also the mileage was almost the same as with the garmin vineyard too. Now, as i mentioned, the heart rate wasnt that great on average, when i was doing a walking workout, was on 98 beats per minute, and i had a high of 135 beats per minute, which is a little bit too high as well for a walking workout. The garmin venue 2 was a little bit better on this one.

I had a average heart rate of 87 beats and a high of only 100 beats. As for the half tracking features, we get a whole bunch of features on the guys you watch 4.. So, of course, we get a sleep tracker, heart rate tracker and a stress tracker, and they all look pretty awesome on the watch and we also get an spo2 tracker. An ecg function right on the watch as well, and all we have to do is put our finger on the top right button and after 30 seconds, you get your results and thats pretty damn cool and thats. Not even all. You also have a blood measurement feature on that, one which, to be honest, i have not tested since you actually need the real blood pressure and gadget. First and obviously i dont have one, and i dont think that too many other people have one either so thats a little bit odd. But i looked it up on other videos and it actually works quite well. The karmic venue 2 may not have an ecg function or a blood pressure measurement, but it has one other feature to the ones that ive just mentioned, which is the respiration rate tracker, which tracks the amount of breath you take per minute now, theres, one more half Tracking feature that i have not mentioned before – and this is the body composition – feature that we get on the samsung galaxy watch. For for that, you only have to put your middle and ring finger on the two buttons and after that, the watch will tell you your body composition, which is body fat body, water, fat, mass bmr, bmi and other steps that i actually would never tell anyone.

But thats pretty awesome. The watch faces on these two devices are something that we got ta talk about now, both of them have a whole bunch of different watch faces to choose from now. The garmin vinegar, 2 has most to some of the watch faces and also the watch faces are customizable to a certain degree. It always depends on what watch face you are on, so you can basically change the background. The abs and the style of the clock and thats already it now, the guys you watch for has some pretty awesome watch face features. First off we can change the color of each watch, face individual on the watch itself or in the galaxy wearable app depending on your watch face. You can change different things like analog ones. You can change the hands and the background on the digital ones. You can change the colors and something that is called complications, which is actually just a bunch of different metrics that you can put on your watch face as well. Another cool feature on the guys watch 4 is that you can match your watch face to the style that you are wearing. You just have to take a picture of yourself and the watch face. Ai creates a whole bunch of different watch faces. One thing the garmin vinegar 2 does not have is a voice assistant which the galaxy watch for has now right. Here we have the bixby voicing system which is working perfectly fine.

In my opinion, it picks up your words super fast and understands you quite well. It is perfect for things like setting an alarm starting your workout, calling your friends in a quicker way or finding out how the weather is. Today. You can either start bixby by long pressing, the upper button or just say hi bixby. So let me show you some examples: right, quick, hey, bixby, start running workout alarm, five minutes. The last point on the list are the specs and believe me, when i tell you that these two watches are quite different. Now the galaxy watch 4 has a whopping, 16 gigs of internal storage for music pictures and all kinds of apps. You have 1.5 gigs of internal ram, so everything runs super smoothly in that one and you have a huge list of sensors. So you have like an ambient light sensor. You have a barometer, you have an accelerometer, you have a geomagnetic sensor and some sensors that i cannot even pronounce, which is the bio electrical impedance analysis sensor whatever that is. This watch is also water. Resistant up to 5 atm have bluetooth and lte, depending on what version you choose, and it has that juicy super amoled touch display with a resolution of ‘6 by ‘6 pixels for the 42 millimeter version, whereas the garmin vinegar, 2 has an amoled touch display as well, And a resolution of 16 by 4 16 pixel for the 45 millimeter version it is water resistant up to 5 atm has a stainless steel bezel, just like the something guys you watch for, but it only has a plastic case, whereas the samsung galaxy watch 4 has A stainless steel case as well.

The vignette tool also has a compass barometer, gyro accelerometer and an ambient light sensor and, of course, both of these watches are compatible with ios and android devices. Now folks, thats already it for the video, if you liked it smash the like button and subscribe to my channel if youre new and also click notification bell, so you never miss out on any new content.