We will explore the newly smart variable launched by huawei now huawei launched its first smartwatch, the huawei watch in 2015.. This was followed by huawei watch 2 launched in 2017.. It has been 4 years since the last time huawei released a proper smartwatch, even though the gt series are limited to their capabilities, but it is now finally here that the chinese consumer technology, child huawei, has announced its harmony os 2 operating system, the company’s harmony os Is an operating system that is supposed to replace the android on its device after the us trade ban on the company beared it from using the google run platform, harmony os comes with its own app store called the app gallery, which is meant to replace the google Play store, the operating system is supposed to run across device types, including smartphone, laptops, television and more at the launch event. The company also announced a number of hardware products, including tablets and smart variables, adding to its smartwatch category huawei added two new variable devices, namely the huawei 3 and the watch 3 pro and the later has a different body built with respect to the premium material and Better battery life, the usb of both the watches claimed by huawei, is that it comes with a high precision temperature sensor for the first time to support skin temperature detection let’s explore both the product in detail. The huawei watch 3 features a 3d rotation crown that replaces the top button on the right.

Huawei argues that this enables an intuitive way to navigate the ui. That is also weather resistance. That means it works with weight and even gloved hands, unlike touchscreen. Another priority was to slim down the bezels around the display as much as possible. The 1.43 amoled panel is a tad larger than the previous watches from the company. It has a brighter display with 466 to 46 pixel resolution and can reach 1 000 nits and it keeps the pixel density at 326 ppi. The display is guaranteed by strengthened glass. The watch body is made out of high quality steel and the back is of ceramic. The watch is water resistant up to 5 atm and the body measures a 46.2 mm in diameter and 12.5 mm in thickness and without the strap it weights 54 gram. Now, whoever has created several different design for the watch. Active comes with a silicon, strap classic with a leather strap elliott, with a metal band and class eight will a millionaire’s brand. The sensor suits on the back includes the expected heart rate and blood oxygen tracker, but also a skin temperature sensor. This works around the clock. The watch also features 24 into 7 stress and slip tracking, all of which would help you to spot your health problems. The huawei watch 3 can be used on its own too. It has a ec which gives it a 4g data connection that can handle calls, but also stream some tunes from the huawei music and send it to your bluetooth headphones.

Interestingly, video calls are supported, though, with no camera on board. They will be a bit one sided, even though it has a built in speaker. Whoever is proud that it has brought the app gallery in the watch. This means you can download and install harmony, os app directly on the watch and no smartphone is needed. The company has already partnered, with several developers outside of china, who will bring the software to the new platform. Whoever did not mention the chipset, but did say that the watch has a 2gb of ram and a 16 gb of storage. Since you will be juggling with lot of apps, the ui now features a grid launcher you can pan and zoom around, which is a quicker way to find the app you need then scrolling through a list. The battery in a standard board is for three days with 4g enabled and it’s quite good for a proper smartwatch. You can enable the ultra long lasting mode, which can stretch the battery up to a time frame of 14 days, while keeping other important functions enabled like the spo2 monitoring, 14 workout modes, bluetooth calling and even animated watch faces charging is done, wirelessly and it comes with A 445 mah battery speaking of the work modes, the world supports over 100 modes, including 17 professional work modes, both outdoor and indoor. There is a fault detection which can use the ecm connection to send you an sos. If you have been hurt, positioning support is also there with respect to gps glonass and galileo.

The other watch which has been launched is huawei watch 3 pro the huawei watch 3. Pro one goes for a more classic look, so it has a bezel around its display to give a sporty approach, as i have mentioned, its material and battery life that sets the pro apart, plus an extra feature. The watch is made of titanium and the backside comes in ceramic. The display is protected by safari glass. This one is large it’s 48 mm into 48.6 mm 14 mm and weighs somewhere around 63 grams. The battery life is bumped up to 5 days with 4g enabled and 21 days in case of ultra long lasting mode. This is one of the first watch to feature a dual band: gps receiver, which will offer a more accurate and more stable position reading, even in a density environment. Now let’s talk about the price. The huawei watch 3 has been priced at 2600 million, which is roughly 410 dollars coming to somewhere, rupees 29 000 in indian rupees and the sale is going to start from 11th of june. However, the huawei watch 3 pro can be pre ordered right now in china. Even though the sale starts from june 11 and due to its premium titanium and safari class materials, the pro comes with a higher price band, with a 3 300 un, which is roughly 515 us dollars and to convert into indian currency. It refers to somewhere on rupees 37 500., so this is all about the humanway bots 3 and the huawei watch 3 pro.

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