So today i bring you a brand new head to head flagship smartwatch comparison between the new huawei watch 3 pro elite versus the previous huawei watch, gt2 pro so straight away. I’Ll put the specs on the screen to give you guys an insight of what we are working with. So the green text shows the same features: red will show you the differences, so you can pause the video now if you want to read, but i will be showing this again later in the video. So let’s begin with the prices. The new huawei watch 3 pro elite, is currently priced 549 on the official huawei website. Now the hawaii watch gt2 pro is selling for 229 on the official site, so it looks like the new watch. 3, pro elite is more than double in price, but how better is it than the gt2 pro and are you really getting your money’s worth? Well, we shall certainly find out in this video, so we are going to start off with the physical differences so side by side. Pro elite is 48 millimeters in diameter versus millimeters on the gt2 pro, not a lot between them. If you look at them side by side, they look like the same size. I guess there’s a difference of only two millimeters, so not a big difference, but the build quality. The pro elite is made from a titanium watch case. You’Ve got a if i can show you: you’ve got a ceramic back and sapphire glass on the front, it’s 14 millimeters in thickness and weighs a good 108 grams with the straps on the gt2.

Pro also has a titanium watch case with ceramic back and sapphire glass on the front, but it’s only 11.4 millimeters in thickness, and it weighs 66 grams, so gt2 pro slightly smaller in dimensions, thickness and it’s also much lighter. So this is how both watches look on my wrist. Now i have a wrist circumference of seven inches and you can see the gt2 pro fits nicely it’s, not too heavy, not too big or thick, but the pro elite has that bulk to it. You can see it sticks out considerably um due to that thickness. It’S, certainly the heavier watch, but you are getting that slightly bigger display, but somehow it still manages to be quite comfortable on the wrist. In fact, both watches feel very nice on the wrist and that’s. Thanks to that ceramic back now, both watches have two buttons on the side, so you can see the gt2 pro have two round buttons and the pro elite actually has that wonderful, 3d rotating crown, which i am quite frankly a fan of. I almost wish i could pull this off and stick it onto that watch and that would be quite amazing. Now loudspeaker locations are also in the same place in the bottom right side, just under the buttons. So, looking at the bottom of both watches, we have our sensors and both watches do support all day. Heart rate sensor, sbo2 monitoring, but the elite pro also has a temperature sensor.

Both watches also support wireless charging, so you can drop it on any wireless charger and it does take just over 90 minutes for a full charge, but real time battery performance is different. Now, with all health monitoring on the elite. Pro will give you two whole days of battery life. However, with everything on gt2 pro will give you a good 14 days battery life. Now the elite pro also has a battery saving mode and to get to it, you go to settings you scroll down to battery swipe up and then you’ll see the ultra long battery saving mode, and if you activate it, it says it will give you 19 days And eight hours left, based on how much battery i have remaining and i’m going to switch on the battery saving mode. Just to show you what to expect so there you go that’s the battery saving mode, so it basically turns off the harmony os and it switches to what looks like the same huawei, lite os or at least similar to the light os. Then you can achieve up to 21 days battery life and it still allows you to track all your health with all the health sensors active. Just the internet related stuff will no longer work in this ultra battery saving mode. Now the gt2 pro does not have a battery saving mode as the standard os is pretty efficient and it will give you a good 14 days battery life as standard now.

We also have a whole bunch of different watch faces in both watches and the watch face. Quality has slightly improved in the new elite pro with more complications and options to customize those watch faces. So you do have newly designed and better looking watch faces in the elite pro now let’s talk about the wrist straps. Now the elite pro is the flagship model. It comes with the titanium straps. They are easy to remove and replace with any 22 millimeter band and, as you can see, you’ve got a very beautiful finish. Huawei logo engraved there easy to remove and replace there’s one button there you press it. You can pull it off and if you need to adjust the size, you’ve got these tags which can be removed just by pushing down on those buttons and then releasing those clips, and you can adjust the size accordingly and in the box. You also get a pair of silicon straps, again easy to remove and replace with any 22 millimeter band and, of course, silicon is more water friendly. Now the gt2 pro comes with leather straps finished in gray and again 22 millimeter band easy to replace and remove with your own strap and they both use the same size strap. So you could remove the gt2 straps and stick it on the elite, just to see how it looks, and you know what i am about to do this and, as you can see, i’ve just swapped them around.

So the gt2’s leather strap is on the pro elite and i can’t say it looks any better, but the titanium straps on the gt2 pro looks insane. That looks really nice. That looks so nice that i just want to put this on just wear this watch for a second wow. That feels really good impressed very impressive. Now both smart watches are also 5 atm certified, so you can go swimming and you can track your swimming stats, including strokes, distance, calories, etc. All right now, both watches support, always on display and i’ll. Show you how to get to them, because it’s slightly different on both so find your settings open up settings on both watches now in the gt2 pro it’s quite straightforward, go to display and then you’ll see always on display, but on the elite pro. If you go to display you’re not going to find it there, i’ll show you it’s, not there at all. You actually have to go into watch, face and launcher and over there you will see always on display. So if we just tap that accept and now you’re selecting the always on display, so let’s just select this one, for example, on the gt2 pro so that’s, always on now active and the elite pro. You can also choose various different styles and i’ll. Try and choose the same one. You have exactly the same choices so i’m, going to select the same one on both a matching aod style will be used when the screen turns off watch faces that don’t have a matching style.

We use the default style. The default. Can be customized, otherwise the always on display will match um the existing watch face. So you can see what happened there. It matched the existing watch face. If we switch watch faces to something else so say if we switch to the karate one, we let that time out and you can see what’s happened there, so you saw it was based on the its own theme. I’Ll show you a few aods see that aod is now active and you can see it follows the theme. So when the theme can’t be followed, then it will use the default, which is neon lights, which should look like this, but you can see every single one has been followed perfectly fine. So far, let’s uh try something like this wow that’s. Actually, quite a nice aod right there, so a more advanced always on display system on the elite pro than what you’re getting on the gt2 pro now. I do want to point out that the gt2 pro also does support downloading apps. Now you don’t have a proper app store instead through the huawei health app. You have an app section and you have a handful of apps that you can basically install on the watch and you can see these are very basic apps. There is nothing like strava or spotify, or even facer or watchmaker, so very, very simple apps and this app list has not grown for many months now.

I’Ve not seen anything new in this, so very limited support. They tried to add app support, but it’s not being done well. However, in the new model you are getting a dedicated, app store again. The app list is very limited, but it definitely should be easier for developers to produce apps for this watch very soon. We should be seeing a lot of the top apps come to this smartwatch, and that is what i’m waiting for, and when that does happen, i will be covering that in another video that was the physical differences out the way now let’s talk about the specs. The pro elite has a 1.43 inch amoled display with 326 pixels per inch and a resolution of 466 by 466, supporting always on display and sapphire glass. On top, the gt2 pro has a slightly smaller 1.’ inch, amoled display with a higher 426 pixels per inch and a screen res of 454 by 454, and it also has sapphire glass on top so side by side, 1.43 inches versus 1.’ inches. Doesn’T. Look like a huge difference. Now the pro elite has a brand new chipset, which is not even mentioned on the official site, so it’s powered by the high silicon 6262 chipset, but not much info about it. But you do also get two gigs of ram and 16 gigs of internal storage and the gt2 pro is powered by the kiran a1, with only 32 megabytes of ram that’s right people.

I just said 32 megabytes of ram and 4 gigs of internal storage. Now the elite pro supports 2 gigahertz, wi fi, nfc, bluetooth, 5.2 and a 5 satellite gps. The gt2 pro, on the other hand, has no wi fi, no nfc, but does support bluetooth 5.1 and has a triple satellite gps. The elite pro is running harmony, os, which is a full featured. Smart watch os, including app store third party, app support with full health tracking and some great looking menus and navigation experience, and you also have a full voice assistant called cilia. Now the gt2 pro is running huawei, light os, which is very basic in functionality. It has no app store. No third party support. This software is really just designed to be a smart fitness tracker and also there is no voice assistant included in this watch. Now all the health features seem to be nearly the same if not exactly the same. You’Ve got all day heart rate sensor all day, sp02 blood monitoring, you’ve got automatic sleep monitoring, including daytime naps. You’Ve got automatic, workout detection on both now both do support bluetooth phone calls directly on the watch. You have automatic stress, monitoring and lots of built in exercise options, but the elite pro has an extra feature called skin temperature detection. Other than that all the health features are exactly the same on both smart watches. Now i can’t confirm if the sensors are the same or if we have upgraded sensors, but what i can do is test the accuracy of those sensors all right, so i haven’t done this before with two watches at the same time, but we’re going to try anyway.

So here is my medical grade o2 ring which detects both heart rate and spo2 levels. At the same time and wear it on my thumb and you will see, it will work its magic straight away, and this is medical grade accuracy now we’re going to see how close to medical grade both of these are, and that should give us an idea. If the senses are the same, let’s see what happens so 97 blood oxygen and 97 heart rate – you can see there and the percentage shows the blood oxygen so beginning with this watch. I think we’re gon na have to do this. At the same time. To be honest, so open up the heart rate on both all right here we go. The o2 ring shows a heart rate of 93 beats per minute: we’ve got 96 and 97 on both 95 on the elite. Pro it seems like the elite. Pro is a little bit more accurate if we compare it to the o2 ring, so ultra ring 95 elite pro 95. So it does look like we’ve got upgraded sensors. I mean we’re not far off with the gt2 pro gt2. Pro is still uh, pretty close to accuracy uh, but the elite pro is the closest all right, so that pro, which seems to be a bit slower again, giving an indication of much faster health tracking on the new watch so it’s giving a 99 it gave 100 And then it dropped to 99.

um quickly. Press the button on the ring, which times out every 30 seconds to save battery so 97, is what we got on the o2 medical grade: standard, um elite, pro 98 and 99, so they’re all quite close together. It does seem like we have slightly faster health sensors, but the results are appearing quicker and a little bit more accurate in the elite pro all right next question is what about ios well, both of these smart watches work fully on android smartphones. You can be connecting to more or less any android smartphone with full functionality. However, both smart watches also support iphones and you’ll be pleased to know that all the health features work absolutely fine on ios, so bluetooth calls also works on ios on both smartwatches, the only limitation on ios is, you cannot purchase the paid watch faces uh. So if you saw my full review of the elite pro, you would see that there’s a whole bunch of watch faces that you can buy. Instead in the ios app you get, you get a whole bunch of uh free downloadable watch faces um and no paid option. So definitely a plus point there. I am going to be doing a full ios review soon for the leap pro so do stay tuned for that, so those were the physical and specs compared but realistically, which watch is better for you. So this is how they both look on my wrist and, if you’re wondering i have a wrist circumference of 7 inches, the elite pro has a bigger screen, bigger in dimensions, it’s, thicker and slightly heavier.

The gt2 pro is certainly more compact in comparison, slimmer and lighter. Now, wearing both on my wrist, the elite pro definitely feels a lot more heavier uh than the gt2 pro now. The link pro has some advanced features like the app gallery, so you can download third party apps, but i think huawei has jumped the gun with the release date, as there are no real big name apps that you can download. So no strava, no spotify, and no no google apps. In fact, the elite pro also has nfc built in, but you cannot make nfc payments yet as there is no app for it natively and you cannot download one yet from the app store now drop detection and sos alerts is coming via a firmware update late june. So you have all of these advanced features in the elite pro, but realistically you cannot make use of them yet. So if we compare the features of what can be used uh on both of these watches, then technically they are exactly the same same health features same bluetooth calls the extra features you’re getting on the elite. Pro is basically the rotating 3d crown. The e sim support the skin temperature monitoring and celia voice assistant is also new, otherwise using the elite on a day to day basis. I can’t actually do anything extra on this at the moment, apart from the three or four things i mentioned, that i cannot do on the gt2 pro.

Yes, there is potential there. You have full smartwatch features, but they have not yet been utilized. This is early stage for the elite pro, and the new watch 3 series is set to release on the 16th of june. Firmware updates are expected and new features can be dropped at any time now. What i do like is huawei have created the watch 3 series as a smartwatch with all the right ingredients in place. We just have to wait and see how huawei cooks, those ingredients via firmware updates. They have the potential of making the watch 3 series the best and the most successful smartwatch in the world, but it won’t happen without better software support, so huawei really needs to pull out their wallet and start paying those developers to port over all of those major And popular smartwatch apps, so if you already have the gt2 pro and considering to upgrade, i would actually wait a bit for a few more updates to drop to see if we actually get the better functionality. Otherwise, if you buy this now, you may not see the difference between the elite pro and the gt2 pro that you’re already using my personal feeling and experience, is i absolutely love the watch. I love harmony os. I love the direction that huawei are taking this in, but i have to say i think they need to slow down, get the big developers on board launch all the third party apps.

Then you will see the difference in this product and how useful it can be. Otherwise, the product will seem inferior than it actually is, but that is also the only way you can justify being priced similar to the samsung, galaxy watch, 3 or apple watch. Now remember the apple watch and the galaxy watches they have the full featured apps third party app supports amongst so many other features and people complain about the battery life. But this is a full featured smart watch and a full featured smartwatch with wi fi bluetooth, nfc payments along with third party app downloads and much much more we’ll, always consume more battery. So, two to three day battery on the galaxy watch three um two day battery on this fully featured smartwatch, but this is not a full featured smartwatch. This is a fitness tracker, but a very premium fitness tracker. It will do the fitness parts really well, but you will not get any of those smart features and of course some of us don’t need those extra smart features, so this might be enough for your own needs. It depends what you’re looking for in a smart watch me personally for my own use. I need a full featured smartwatch and this is my daily driver at the moment. The galaxy watch 3 slim light. Everything works, lots of apps for whenever you need them, it’s a brilliant watch. Now i hope you found this comparison useful and i hope it gives you a better insight between these two flagship smartwatches.

Now, i must admit i am a fan of huawei smartwatches, but at the end of the day i will always review them with full honesty, so people know exactly what they are buying. I am quite impressed with the pro elite. I’M actually also testing the standard. Gt3 active, which is slightly smaller and thinner, and that full review is coming soon and i will be sharing my experiences very soon. Thank you.