However, starting from 349 quid the huawei watch 3 is a proper wallet emptier just as expensive as the apple watch and other premium smart watches. So the question is: is it actually worth that cash well i’ve? Had the huawei watch 3 strapped to my wrist for pretty much the full month since my unboxing video, so here’s my in depth review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First, up i’ve got to point out that this right here is the active model, which is the cheapest of the bunch. You can also grab the huawei watch 3 in classic brown, which is an extra 30 quid. Otherwise, if you’ve got a spare 430 pounds knocking about you can get the steel elite model and, unlike some previous huawei watches, this one is only available in a 46 mil size, but that’s, not all bad news. If you do have child like spindly arms such as these, because the huawei watch 3 is slender enough to not look ridiculous and 54 grams, it certainly ain’t too hefty either i’ve got ta admit. I just forgot that i was wearing it most of the time and that’s not actually down to booze related memory loss and as you’d kind of hope. The huawei watch 3 boasts a premium design to match that premium price, even in this most affordable, active model. That stainless steel case has a glossy finish that so far has repelled scratches and dents, while that 3d curved glass is also reassuringly durable, it’s also water resistant to a depth of five atmospheres or 50 meters, which means you don’t have to bother removing it.

If you’re gon na soak in a nice hot bubbly bath jump in the shower, you can also use it to track your swimming sessions and if all of this still doesn’t look and sound quite as premium enough to match your own highly exquisite taste, then you can Grab the huawei watch 3 in a pro edition too, and this slightly bigger model boasts sapphire, glass, a titanium, shell and ceramic backing as well and it’s yours for a mere half a grand, definitely orphans at the ready. Now the strap you get bundled with the huawei watch 3 will depend on the model that you choose. This active version comes with a fluoro elastomer flu raw elastomer effort, that’s comfortable to wear, even if you rarely take the watch off. The classic version of the wubbe watch. 3 comes with a nylon, strap and meanwhile that elite model comes with a stainless steel link, bracelet, which will look really dapper on a friday night down the discotheque now i’m. A massive fan of that 1.43 inch amoled screen, which is powerfully bright, absolutely perfect. For those moments that the sun decides to actually peek out from behind the thunderclouds, the 326 pixels per inch resolution keeps visuals sharp, while colors are rich and attractive and those viewing angles ain’t off bad either. Considering you’ve got the 3d curved glass. There are plenty of watch faces to choose between with some very attractive animated efforts. Pre installed, plus the option of adding hundreds more from the online store.

More than enough to cover all tastes. You can even craft your own from a photo, and while we helpfully point out during the selection process, which of these watch faces are more power intensive as well. Just in case you get a nasty shock when half your battery’s gone after just a few hours. The always on display option matches your main watch face, which is a nice touch, and you’ve got the usual raze to wake gesture control which works perfectly now. This is the first huawei small watch to come pack in its new harmony, os, ui and i’ve got to say, there’s a lot to love in there. Quite a lot of it is quite similar to previous huawei, smart watches with that custom ui anyway. But there are some issues that definitely need resolving and incidentally, if you’re doing a full tour of that ui as well i’ve done an in depth, look at all of the different screens and features and so forth in my unboxing videos go check that out now. First up the grid launcher for your apps is pretty much a direct copy of the apple watch effort and it can be just as confusing even before you download any fresh apps you’ve got a good selection pre installed, including plenty of fitness tools. You’Ve got an altimeter, a compass, a voice, memo jobby timers, all of that good stuff. So pretty much all of the apps and features you would find on previous versions of huawei’s smart watches, but you’ve also now got the huawei app gallery as well for downloading fresh apps onto the watch at any given moment.

That’S a feature that you did not have on previous smart watches. However, as it is still very early days, i got ta say it’s, a very sparse collection compared with what you’ll get on the likes of wear os or the apple watch. I struggled to even find half a dozen that i was interested in downloading and using there’s subtle support for major music streaming services, so you’ll have to use huawei music. Basically, although you can at least control whatever you’re playing on your smartphone via the watch as usual, you’ll also find a few exercise apps on the app gallery, but nothing revolutionary. There are very few games and other entertaining bits to while away a spare five minutes and, of course give it a bit of time and i’m sure things will improve mightily, but right now the huawei watches app selection is pretty sparse and pretty dire. In fact, compared with a lot of the competition, the huawei watch – 3 sports, a rotating crown for navigation, but the grid setup of the apps menu means that all the crown does there is zoom in and out, which is kind of pointless. Although the crown can be very useful when you’re scrolling through fitness apps, if your hands are all sweaty or to navigate about the watch menus when your screen is wet now the one we watch three can actually work as a standalone communicator as it’s got built in E sim support, i believe, it’s vodafone only here in the uk that supports that asim functionality.

However, whereas i just paired mine with a variety of smartphones and used it more as a secondary device, i found i had no trouble pairing up with any of these smartphones and also jumping from one smartphone to another, was just a case of disconnect and starting up Again, i didn’t have to reset the actual watch itself, which was fantastic. The only issue i had was, i had to download the huawei health app in apk form direct from huawei, rather than go on via the google play store. Otherwise, for some reason, the google play version just would not connect to this watch. The mobi watch 3 has wi fi support. If you want direct internet access without esim, but if you do have esim activated, then you can actually take calls through the wild wheel. Watch 3 because it does have a built in mic and speaker now, speaker’s actually fairly loud, and the clarity is not bad at all. Considering the size of this device, and also the microphone, did a pretty good job of picking up on my voice, even in a fairly noisy environment and just as a demonstration is one of those voice. Memo jobbies that i recorded on the huawei watch 3 using the built in mic and, as you can see nice and crisp and clear to that speaker as well, you can also use that mic to communicate with celia huawei’s spunky voice assistant, if you really want to. Although, sadly she’s about as helpful as a body made of sherbet so generally celia works fine for the simple stuff like what’s the weather, going to be like tomorrow.

The weather in farnborough will be slightly cloudy with a high of 20 degrees celsius and a low of 13 degrees celsius, so yeah that’s uh one in the bag. That was accurate, but also she sounds about as excited as a teenager. Reading out her essay on 17th century agricultural techniques, but then, if you try anything a bit more tricky that’s where it all falls apart, so, for instance, when is the english some trouble doing that? Please try again a little later. So, for instance, when is the english football team next playing a match? Sorry, i didn’t understand that what date is the next england football match? Sorry, i didn’t understand that okay let’s try another one. Are there any good burger restaurants nearby? Sorry, i didn’t understand that. Are you okay? Do you need your medication? Sorry, i didn’t understand that notification support works with charm, even if, as usual, you can already view what’s coming in and not actually do anything with it now. As usual, huawei has absolutely nailed. The fitness features on the huawei watch three just a little tap at this bottom button here calls up the workout mode, which has over a hundred different types to choose from you’ve, got 17 professional and 85 custom efforts, so basically, whatever you’re into it’s, almost certainly covered By one of these options and again just check out my unboxing for a closer look at this side of things, i certainly do like the tracker once you get going as well, you get regular voice feedback on how long you’ve been exercising for your current heart rate.

You’Ll get warnings if you hit your maximum threshold horizon, which you preset via the app all the information you could possibly need, or something that i needed at any given moment, appears there on the screen, nice and clear and legible, and also found that the gps tracking Was pretty accurate and also the swim tracking seemed to be bang on as well? Now, one of the new features, combined with those older huawei watches, is the temperature sensor for continuous skin temperature tracking, and you would think in a post covered world. That could be quite a useful feature, but unfortunately i found that i got very different readings, usually within a short distance uh, even if i just took them five minutes apart when i was sat on the sofa doing bugger all usually a good two or three degrees Difference you’ve got continuous 24, 7 spo2 and heart rate monitoring and that all works, as expected as well seems to be nice and accurate with strong visual representation right there on your wrist. So so far, while we watch three actually not too dissimilar from previous huawei watches, but unfortunately the bit where it really disappoints is the battery life. Well, we reckon you get three days of full on use with all of the features active it’s actually up to three days what you tend to get with this thing. What i certainly got was around two days of use and i’d generally be scraping it through that.

Second day as well, and that really is a serious disappointment compared with past huawei watches like the huawei watch, gt2 pro absolutely fantastic smartwatch, which generally lasted at least a week, sometimes two, depending on what features you add active. So i basically did generally end up charging up the huawei at watch 3 every night just to be on the safe side, and that meant, unfortunately, i couldn’t use features like sleep tracking, very often not really bothered about that, though, because whenever i did use it, it Tends to think that i was asleep when i was actually just split out in bed staring up at the ceiling praying to god for my brain to shut the up, so i could just get a little bit of kip. There is an ultra long battery mode. If you do find you’re out in the sticks, you don’t have the option of charging it up when you need to – and this just calls a lot of the features like the modem some of the more battery drain features, but then to be fair. If you’re going to spunk up a load of cash on a while, we watch three you’re going to be wanting to use those more premium features otherwise, what’s the point on the flip side, at least you do get reverse wireless charging support here on the huawei watch. Three so that’s nice, and that right there is my final full one month review of the huawei watch three and i got ta say i like it, but i would definitely rather just go back to the wow.

We watch gt2 pro with its excellent battery life. You don’t have the option of expanding the apps on board, of course, because there’s no app store app gallery support, but right now, that’s not really much of an advantage anywhere and the likes of the skin temperature sensor. Doesn’T seem to really work as well as it probably should do if you want to actually use it as some sort of medical tool, but there is a lot to love here and hopefully give a bit of time and harmony. Os we’ll be right up there, uh with the likes of one ui, which i’m very excited to try out and the likes of, of course, good old watch os but that’s. What i think, what do you guys think be gritty your thoughts down below if you’ve actually been testing out the huawei watch three yourself be great, to hear your thoughts and for the latest and greatest tech. Please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fine ass rest of the week cheers everyone love Music.