This year has finally arrived, the huawei watch 3 and we think it’s an excellent example to showcase how a smartwatch can be much more than a fitness tracker. The huawei watch 3 is the company’s first, smart, wearable running harmony, os a brand new platform for all kinds of smart devices, including smart watches. This is actually the main reason why we’re so curious about this new watch and we finally have it in our hands. In addition to huawei’s excellent fitness tracking features, the huawei watch 3 brings smartwatch centric features, including running apps and e sim support for mobile data and independent calls in this video. We will show you a couple of good reasons why you should consider getting this watch and, of course, as usual, we’ll highlight its drawbacks too anyway, after wearing it for a few days, we have to admit it’s, one of the most versatile smart watches we have had, And it could be one of the best alternatives to the apple watch. The model, in our hand, is the standard version that features a 1.43 inch round. 60Hz ammo led display with a peak brightness of 1000 nits. The display is slightly bigger and brighter, as well, while retaining the same 326 ppi resolution. The tile body is made of stainless steel, while the skin friendly silicone strap, is removable in terms of hardware. The watch has few upgrades over the gt2. The operating memory gets a solid boost up to 2gb and internal storage is 16 gb for both models on the right side of the dial.

We can see a very familiar button combination, including a crown button for page scrolling and another button down for feature shortcuts when rolling the crown button. The animation of the surface is very smooth with a similar vibration feedback to the apple watches when compared to its predecessor. The dial is a bit thicker and heavier, but considering the increase of functions it’s still acceptable. The watch is a typical classic watch box containing the usual set of user manuals, a wireless magnetic wireless charger and the device itself. An interesting detail we accidentally came across was that the watch supports wireless charging using third party chargers. This wasn’t clearly mentioned in its product description. However, we found that, when charging with a third party wireless charger, the watch easily heated up and shut down. After a short time, so we’re still unsure, if it’s safe to charge the watch using a regular qi, wireless charger or just an occasional case that just happened to the model in my hand, given the fact that the watch did charge up. We really hope that huawei can fix the heating issue via a future firmware update and make it an officially supported feature. But if you have a huawei phone that supports reverse charge, its convenience is that the phone can be turned into a wireless power bank. For the watch, the watch 3 comes with a 5 atm waterproof rating, which means that it can be used for shallow water activities such as pool swimming, but it is not suitable for underwater activities like diving.

As for its connectivity and audio features, it is just like a mini smartphone supporting bluetooth, nfc wi fi mobile data and independent calling powered by the e sim to independently work like a smartphone. It also features a microphone and speaker for calls tech speech and voice assistance. As with huawei watch, gt2 series and other wearables from the brand reliable, fitness tracking has always been one of our favorite features on huawei watches, including step count all day, heart rate, caloric burn and other exercise. Statistics, in addition to the existing fitness tracking features, the watch 3 offers continuous blood oxygen monitoring, new body temperature detection features breathing tracker, as well as ai health diagnosis, but note that specific health diagnosis features may only be available in china, such as the heart health reports. As for exercise tracking, the huawei watch 3 offers over 100 sport modes and provides plenty of extra courses for running in every sports mode. You are able to set up a goal in terms of distance calories, time and so on and after using it for tracking a run and other exercises. We felt that the new harmony os didn’t bring any major changes when compared to its predecessor, but we believe that the gps statistics are more accurate on the new model when tracking a run, it can give you an accurate route, pace, frequency and length training stress recovery Time and more and all this data will immediately sync to the connected smartphone, which is even more detailed further using this data, the app can generate a short video about the dynamic route on the map.

Now let’s talk about its new fitness tracking features. You can turn on the continuous blood oxygen monitoring and set up an alert to remind you of any potential risk when the figure drops below risk value and another new feature. The body temperature detection is extremely useful. When considering the covet pandemic with the watch, you can immediately detect your skin temperature and a rough body temperature, anytime and anywhere and then set up alerts for informing about fever or hypothermia. In our experience, huawei’s true sleep technology feels more accurate in detailed in sleep tracking. It can detect the user’s breathing patterns and diagnose six types of sleeping problems, and you can check the quality assessments and view some suggestions for your sleep in the official health app, except for the apple watch. Most smart watches have to run the google’s wear os platform. If they want to support a lot of third party apps, but since google wears os platform has failed to deliver satisfying user experience, most of these watches don’t perform well, and now, thanks to the latest harmony os, the huawei watch 3 is a brand new option for Users let’s take a deeper look at the watch os. The harmony os at this point is not really about a revolution, but it’s focused on helping huawei get rid of the limits of google’s android, with a complete alternative, it’s, pretty amazing that huawei is able to develop its os in such a short time, though, it remains To be seen, whether it’s, more innovative and better than the android platform, to be honest, initially it’s not really important, if it’s better than android.

What really matters is that we have a viable alternative, but after seeing the huawei watch 3 and the harmony os beta versions on smartphones, we think it’s pretty much possible for huawei to become a major market player with its harmony os in the near future. Coming back to the huawei watch 3, the software experience is pretty delightful, which is also partly attributed to the 60hz display, but anyway it ran so smoothly that we didn’t really find any obvious legs or glitches on the watch 3. While we also optimize the animation of the watch interface to better fit the round display running apps is a new feature for the series. So far, there aren’t many apps on the watches, apps gallery and the apps available vary depending on your region, but huawei claims more apps will be added to this list. We also found that most apps still play a role of reminder or controller for the smartphone, which usually needs to interact with the phone’s apps. As for lte network and native calling, you have to make sure that your carrier supports the e sim function, it’s extremely useful for those who want to stay online when exercising without carrying a bulky phone with most features turned on the watch didn’t. Last very long on a single charge in the smart mode. It ran out of charge after three days, but when compared to other smart watches that come with similar features like the apple watch, you may find.

The battery is already long enough beside the normal mode. That runs with most features on harmony os. The watch offers an ultra long battery life mode to extend the usage time and under the long battery life mode, you can still get a well performed fitness tracker and enjoy all the fitness tracking features in this mode. The watch can last over 10 days so that’s the new huawei watch 3.. We think it’s one of the best alternatives to the apple watch and if you are a huawei phone user, no doubt it’s still the best smart wearable product that you can buy in the market. Although harmony os is new, we do see great possibilities in this platform. Such as multi device collaboration based on the united harmony os and the interaction with huawei, smart home eco, these fantastic features will arrive soon and just think about the future that all your devices and appliances will run the united software and connect to each other. At that time we will bring you a deeper analysis about this all in one operation system, so that’s it for today, if you like our video, please remember to subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up and share.