Now in todays, video were going to be checking out one of my favorite smart watches of 2021. That is the huawei watch tree that i have here for almost one month now now in this video im. Just going to be going over about five of the main things that i really like about this device right here after having it with me for that past one month already, but before i do that there is this campaign that huawei is hosting at the moment is Called the my huawei story, all you need to do is three simple steps. Number one you got ta follow huawei malaysia on the instagram uh go to their link there and write in your own personal, my huawei story uh for about 80 to 100 words, and then all you need to do is tag up to three of your friends. In one of their, my huawei story posts on their instagram page and the reason why im calling this out at this point is that huawei is giving out 20 of the huawei watch. 3 pro to 20. Lucky winners. So theyre going to be announcing the winners on 6th december and the competition runs throughout the entire month of november. So just check that out the my huawei story, campaign on huawei, malaysias, instagram page all right so now that im done with that lets focus back on this guy right here. The huawei watch tree that i have here and the five things that i want to share with you guys right away.

So, first up the main thing that i really really love about the huawei watch tree here is actually its design and build quality. Now, if you just take a very close look at this watch right here, you will notice that this is a beautiful classic. Looking watch, we have these silver chromes all around the the watch itself, and we, if you notice that this watch is actually built to detail. Now, if you check out the the button on the top right corner here, this is a rotating dial over here and it actually has the huawei watch words uh etched onto the button itself, so i really love that about the craftsmanship of the huawei watch tree now. Bear in mind that, apart from that, it also has this leather straps here that ive been you know, wearing to my shower, going for a quick swim and its still holding up very well so overall, im just very impressed with the design. Here. Everything looks minimalist and it looks awesome here and it definitely also looks very expensive for this huawei watch 3. now. The second thing that i want to highlight here is actually in the display itself. Now, a lot of you guys are, you might take the display of smart watches for granted, and what i mean by that is uh smartphones. These days were getting all those high refresh rate displays, but we often forget about them when it comes to smart watches.

So for this huawei watch tree right here, what we do have is a very beautiful amoled display. Now. The good thing about this display here is that it gets very bright when its outdoors and the part where i absolutely love about this display here is the fluidity that im able to get on this display. Everything is buttery smooth now huawei did not make a claim on how many uh, what the refresh rate actually is for this watch right here, but it feels super smooth. I think i might actually call it like close to 90hz refresh rate, because its just so buttery smooth guys whenever you try and interact with the watch itself. You do it on the display, and this is where the extra smoothness will get, that very kind of natural feel in terms of interacting with the watch itself, so thats, something that i really love. The display here is one of the best, if not the best, on a smartwatch that i have been reviewing of late now in terms of the third thing that i really like about the huawei watch tree right here, and this is going to be health related now We always wear these kind of a smart watches here, because we want our health to be tracked. So in this particular case right here we do have a sleep tracking heart rate tracking sp, o2 tracking. We also have stress tracking your skin temperature tracking, almost everything that you can expect from a smart watch today.

You can find it on the huawei watch tree right here now. The best part about this watcher is. I found that the health tracker is actually very accurate. Im having very very detailed look at my heart rate throughout the entire day. Apart from that, i also track my sleeps, and i monitor it very closely because i barely get enough sleep on a day to day basis, and the best part is also because of the huawei health app. It actually provides you very clear insights into your heart rate and all your health stuff on the sleep. How kind of deep sleep light sleep awake all those things and they have it done in a very, very nice, articulated kind of table right there. If you are actually serious about your health, you can actually check out uh this watch right here, because it will be able to track a couple of things pretty accurately now again uh just a very quick disclaimer. This is not a medical device, so if you are actually having any issues, you should always check in with your doctor now, in terms of the four point right here and again, this is very important for smart watches these days, uh. The fourth thing that i really like about this watch right here is about that fitness tracker. Now when we come to fitness trackers, the first thing that always comes to my mind is: does the watch come with gps built in now the best part here? Obviously, of course, since i mentioned this part here, the huawei watch 3 here does come with gps built in and it supports four different satellites so far, ive been taking it for a couple of runs outdoors and im able to get a pretty good gps login for The watch itself very, very quick without much issues uh in terms of the gps, for this guy right here now again in terms of the amount of activities being tracked, it tracks up to 100 different activities, so basically youre pretty much covered uh, depending on what kind Of activities you want to do, obviously you also have your runs, your walks, your swims, your cycling, almost anything that you can think of, but this watch can actually track now.

Another thing that i like about this fitness tracking part here is that the watch does come with a built in running courses. Now what this means is that there are a couple of different courses inside the watch itself already and its able to give you different kind of runs kind of training. So i love that about this watch because me personally, i try to run better and by better. I mean improving my pace and going further distance and i can actually do that by following the running courses on the watch itself. So this is definitely something that i really appreciate for huawei for putting it into the watch itself, very, very cool stuff there. Now the last thing that i want to talk about this watch here is actually about the battery life thats, going to be the fifth thing that i like about this watch. Obviously we do have a host of features on this smartwatch right here, almost anything that you can expect from a later smartwatch, for instance. Obviously, like i mentioned earlier on, you have your health trackers. You have your fitness trackers. Its also able to support bluetooth calls replying to your messages, all your notifications. It also has built in internal memory for your music playback. It has speakers that can actually play your music, so its a lot of functions. Almost everything that you can think of on this smartwatch itself, and the best part here, is that it can go up to three days on a battery life, so meaning that if you charge your device today, it will be able to last about two to three days.

Based on my personal use for the huawei watch tree right here now, i think thats pretty impressive, considering the amount of features that we get on this smartwatch right here, so definitely im still going to give it a thumbs up in terms of the battery life right. There so that pretty much sums up the five favorite things that i like about this huawei watch tree after using it for close to a month. Now again, it is a very consistent watch here, not only just looking good but its also very useful in terms of the functions that it carries: its not just function over form. It comes with both function and form for the huawei watch 3 right here, all right, guys, thats pretty much the end of this video again. That is this. My huawei story that uh the campaign that i think you should definitely check out. If you want to win uh a huawei watch 3 pro huawei is giving out 20 of those smart watches right there, and all you need to do is the three simple steps that i mentioned earlier on number one follow huawei malaysia on their instagram page number: two Write a quick essay on your huawei story. It could be anything your journey with huawei, but its got to be within 80 to 100 words and last but not least, youre going to tag three of your friends on huawei malaysias, instagram post. That features the my huawei story campaign, so theres, three simple steps right there you can submit all your entries to the links in the bio of the huawei, malaysia, page and yeah.

Its very, very simple, just go and check it out guys all right. I think thats pretty much what i have to share with you guys today. I hope you did enjoy this video dont forget to drop a like and sub to the channel.