But does this great looking design justify the steep price tag? Let’S, inspect? Music? Hey welcome back to the channel, guys and girls. My name is michael and i’m, so happy to see you here, a place where we inspect cool tech and hopefully best on that you can make the bright buying decisions. Now this here is the wearable device that i was thinking everybody is going to like and want um the huawei watch 3, but as it turns out based on my first couple of weeks of using it, there are a number of concerns and they are due to Multiple reasons now, first of all, this is the first true smart watch that huawei are releasing in the past few years and the first one which is not based on where os um they they had a few releases from the gt series which use a proprietary operating System which is called light os and i’m going to talk about all the differences a bit later now, as usual, we start with the price tag which this time is rather steep. It costs close to 360 dollars, that’s a starting price and there’s a pro edition, which costs some dollars more, and we could compare this smartwatch price to one of the best mid ranges of this year, which is the redmi note. 10, pro and – and you can see – you got ta choose wisely two great devices, but you really have to be careful with what you choose.

The watch 3 is very interesting because it’s one of the first devices which come out with the long and dissipated operating system called harmony os, something that huawei have been cooking the past couple of years. So there are definitely a lot of question marks and especially combining the price and that’s a very bold decision. You know to put it side by side with expensive devices like the galaxy watch 3. The well it’s more expensive, even than some of the apple watch series. Not to mention great devices like tick watch pro 3, so we really want to find out how harmony always compares to all that we now know it’s expensive, so let’s get straight to the unboxing. There are multiple variations of huawei watch 3 series, there’s a pro edition with more premium materials and a larger battery function, wise they’re identical, i feel like there hardly are going to be people that will give 500 bucks for the pro edition. Given the uncertainty surrounding the software, but that’s just my expectation as you cannotice, the unboxing felt great as fancy as we had it with the gt2 pro. So it really is nice to unbox and get to feel the cool materials it is built with. Clearly the design view premium and somehow my first thought was that it looks like a bigger version of samsung galaxy, active smartwatch or probably a newer version of the gt2 pro. We can see that there aren’t too many visual changes between the watch 3 and the gt2 pro.

Besides, some corners cut well literally and also huawei, go for one slick button and one functional rotating crown. Just like you got it right apple. I believe the position of the crown on huawei’s device makes it much easier to use and it quickly has turned into one of my favorite features of the watch, but wait before we dig deeper about what it can do or it can’t do our usual list with The hardware highlights huawei have just mentioned that they have integrated the duo. Chipset architecture and confirmed information refers to a combination between high silicon 1132 and the kirin 710l 2 gigabytes ram 16 gigabyte storage. The display is 1.43 inches, one of the biggest in the industry. So far, this is sim support for lte networks, ceramic back, stainless steel frame, bunch of health tracking sensors, including the improved hr sensor. Spo2 measuring a temperature sensor, makes it to the list: 2 there’s, a speaker, microphone, bluetooth, 5.2 and even wifi. This is all backed by a 450 milliamp hour battery with wireless charging option that’s why the watch is a bit bulkier and it weighs 54 grams waterproof. Of course, if only huawei have added blood pressure measuring option, that was about to be the most complete hardware. Setup of a smartwatch ever but hey nobody’s, perfect so with the hardware looks like huawei, have nailed it Music there’s something really important to highlight in this video and it’s, going to help you to understand the major differences between this watch 3 and the previous release, which Is the gt2 well that’s the gt2 pro, and you can see that on the outside? They look very much alike, especially on the back side, but internally there are major differences.

I’Ll start with the gt2 pro, which is one of my favorite wearables. Ever it has very basic processor and only 32 megabytes ram, which is a very insignificant quantity, especially when you compare to this year’s smartphones, like 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 gigabytes um. This device here is much smarter. It has much much more capable processor, it has 2 gigabytes ram, uh and and everything needed in order to run a truly smart operating system, and because we have you know better hardware setup. No, the watch 3 comes with harmony os. Well, we get the promise. The harmony os will eventually make its way to gt2 pro, but right now, it’s only with the watch 3 and it’s much much smarter. It can control a wi, fi module and the most important part it allows you to install additional third party apps. Think of the watch 3 as of a new beginning with gt2 there’s no option to enhance functions or add any apps with watch 3. If huawei makes things right, the operating system could turn their wearables into a meaningful, wear os alternative something that samsung hoped to achieve. But never really happened so now. The real benchmark for this watch is how does the software perform as a starter? Getting you up to speed with how to use it, touchscreen and buttons are what you mostly are going to use for controlling it, with the crown being. The two that you’re most often going to use press the button once it opens the app drawer press, the button again and you’re back to the main watch face screen.

The other button opens the workouts or is going to start any app that you program it to. There also are the press and hold actions. The big button lets you quickly, power off the other. One is supposed to launch the voice assistant which, in my region, is not supported, so i can’t say anything about it from personal feedback, but we’ll link a video to tech spurt where you can see a number of disturbing things about it, swipe down for quick, toggles Swipe up for notifications, can we respond to messages now? No, am i serious yeah, but there is software keyboard, so there is hope, swiping left and right goes through the main cards. The ridiculous part is that the light os on gt2 pro seems to have more options about these cards than the much smarter and sophisticated harmony os. The uplist in its default format, remains about the available options on most fitness trackers, so there’s, nothing too special or fancy about it. Cool fact that you can add some more apps from huawei’s app gallery something similar to app store or play store, but with much less apps at this point. If huawei can survive the marathon and manage to attract enough app developers, maybe in a few years from now it would be a reasonable alternative, but right now it’s almost nothing useful enough. You search for spotify. You get a result for the wish app you search for maps and nothing relevant appears.

I can bet that at least 70 percent of your favorite apps won’t be present here, going further and exploring the rest of the features and functions most of the apps are looking quite nice and how i managed to make the interface very similar to what we already Know from the watch gt2 series, i find it very positive that whatever was working good on the predecessor is working good here as well. The smartphone app is, however, a bit of a nightmare. You know about the struggles with ios, so if you plan to use the watch pair to an iphone, there will be certain limitations for android. The troubles are also present. You need to download the health app from huawei’s website as the one in play. Store hasn’t been updated ever since google and huawei’s relationship went wrong. You also need huawei mobile services. If you have a non huawei phone, so at least at the start it would be very frustrating for people who have no clue about that. The smartphone health app, on the other hand, is quite nice. I’Ve always been a big fan, it’s tidy simple, with rather meaningful interface, which is pretty awesome, except if you’re looking to find how to link to google fit, took me kind of 30 minutes to figure that out so there’s plenty of stats about everything, and especially concerning Sleep and spo2 tracking, where huawei seems to be in their own league to that we have the newly implemented temperature sensor, and the health info is even more detailed know that you’re being warned that none of this data should be used for medical purposes and the normal Temperature here on the wrist should be somewhere between 32 and 34 degrees.

The workout modes are also well implemented more than 100, with a system and personal coach, which i prefer to keep muted because it feels weird to listen to it, especially if you’re, a group of people playing workout past workout heart rate is quite accurate. And now this little thing that gives me hope the fact that while we are doing sports outdoors, there is some sort of a map. This clearly is a sign that huawei think about adding a nav option, as it is with the gt2 pro where you can be navigated on your way back to the starting point. But you can well notice that either the gps accuracy is way off or there’s, something not right with the maps we can use the app in order to find out more well. It looks like we’re talking about the worst scenario: i’ve, never seen such inaccurate gps behavior on a shiny day. We talk about errors of up to 10 to 15 meters, which is simply unacceptable from a device that costs 400. Apparently the list with the drawbacks. Right now, when i’m, making this video is quite significant, poor, app integration, there is no strava, which means that’s a no go solution for most athletes, the gps issues that we just mentioned, the lack of customization of some areas in the interface, the too many paid watch Faces and apps, if you want to attract customers, make them free, prove that you’re good enough and then ask for more and also the battery life that’s a downgrade as compared to the previous generation.

After explaining to you about the hardware, differences and the operating system structure, i think we can understand why. But the thing is, nobody enjoys some cool features to be taken away, especially at a steeper price um that might, in my case i was usually getting around four days between charges with everything on, except for always on display, which is definitely a big consumer and the Wi fi turns out that the wi fi usually consumes around well. I was noticing between 20 and 30 percent from the battery juice. Apparently, i never have a chance to use the lte option, but so far it looks like it’s gon na be much easier to activate these seams on huawei watches, as it is on wear os devices and that’s very important and a positive thing. But with lte on battery life is going to be even worse, so with all the tracking features on two to three days seem to be a realistic expectation, there’s, especially developed battery saver mode, just in case it turns the watch into more of a fitness tracker. A 350 fitness tracker indeed now at the end summary and some final words about this, really beautiful, great looking and so far well performing device. The hardware is brilliant question is about the software and i think the success of this smartwatch depends very much on the success of harmony os. So, if you’re watching this video at some time in 2022, probably by the end of 2021, i would ask you to pause.

The video open, google, or whichever search engine you have and figure out whether huawei managed to add some good apps, especially important, is navigation or maps app and whether they manage to deliver consistent goods. Reliable software updates, because that’s that’s the essential part, if that’s what they can make right. I think this is going to be a very successful product line, but if it fails well, that’s probably going to make a huge favor to wear os and all the competitors, and only time can show which is going to be the device or uh the product to Stay and be most successful, but anyhow, maybe you can share with me what you think about all that is the watch 3 really that expensive, given all the effort that huawei have put into their new operating system or you think the price is reasonable and probably better Than what samsung and ticwatch packs are offering, not to mention apple in their watch series, we can talk about all of that in the comment section below the video and just like every annoying youtuber i’m, going to ask you to support the channel in any way or Form that you can and want it would cost you probably just a second or two, and you can hit the like button. You can subscribe to the channel share the video with friends. You can find more information links to all the gear in the description right below it’s, been such a pleasure to see you here on the channel in the past few minutes, and i so much hope to see you in the next episode and uh enjoy the rest Of the day live a healthy life.