This is probably the one with the biggest changes compared to its predecessor. Now, im not allowed to do any official testing on this watch yet, but in this video ill make some predictions on how well i expect the heart rate tracking sleep, tracking and spo2 measurements will perform based on some information, ive gotten in my past experiences. However, given that this watch was just announced, let me first give you some background information on this new release from huawei, but please be aware that the video footage in this video is from a pre release. Version of this watch, and especially the software, might still change. Quite a bit also huawei sent me the sample to look at, but this video is not sponsored in any way, and all opinions are my own. Now the huawei watch fit 2 is the successor to the original watch fit compared to the previous model. The screen size has increased significantly. The original watch fit had an amoled display of 1.64 inches, but this has now been increased to 1.74 inches and though that doesnt sound like much, it is very noticeable. In my opinion, this added screen real estate does make it feel much more like a smart watch instead of a smart band. The original watch fit always felt to me like a slightly beefier version of the huawei band 6, but this new model feels much more like a proper smart watch. If you put the huawei band 6 or 7 watch fit and watch fit 2 side by side, you can clearly see the differences in screen sizes, especially if you pull up the main menus, you can see a clear difference in screen real estate.

Part of the reason for the more densely packed menu on the new watchfit 2 is that the watch is supposed to have an improved chipset compared to the previous generation and especially compared to the lower end huawei band 7.. One other major difference of the watchfit 2 compared to the huawei band, 6 and 7, is that the watchfit 2 has built in gps, which means, if you go out, running or cycling without a phone. You can still track your route. If you do go running without a phone, the watchfit 2 also allows you to sync your music from your phone to the watch as well as connect your watch to bluetooth, earphones or use the speaker mode to play the songs. Of course, there are also various sports modes to choose from, and once these are activated, the watch will measure your heart rate every second – and this directly relates to one of the things im most excited about for this watch, the improved heart rate sensor, the heart rate, Sensors of the watchfit 2 will contain some of the same sensors that are also in the huawei watch gt3 series, which, in my testing, have shown the best heart rate results for android outperforming all other android based watches. So far, the original watch fit already performed quite well for some sports and the huawei watch. Gt3 series does even better so if the new watchfit 2 ends up somewhere in between that would be great.

Let me therefore provide you with an overview of how well the original watch fit and the new gt3 series performed compared to other smartwatches. So we can get a feeling for how well the watchfit 2 could perform to evaluate that accuracy or compare the heart rate. Measurements of different watches against the polar h10 ecg chest strap, which can generally record my heart rate very accurately, well start by looking at the easiest type of exercise for watch the track cycling indoors. An overview is displayed here for many of the watches ive tested over the last two years. Ill use the correlation with the ecg chest strap as the metric, which is displayed along the horizontal axis and ive also ordered the watches from worst to best along the vertical axis. So the further to the right and the higher devices, the higher its correlation. With the reference device, so the better its performance and as you can see, the first generation watch fit marked here in green and several of the gt3 series of huawei marked in red, are amongst the best heart rate trackers, while cycling indoors. The huawei watch gt runner, but also the huawei watch, et3 pro in which i released a video today perform best, but they are closely followed by the original watch fit and we can see that even better if we zoom into the area of the plot, with the Best heart rate trackers, as you can see, though, the original watch fit, is not quite as good as the new gt3 series, its already doing quite well, given that the new watchfit 2 has some of the same sensors that are also in the gt3 series.

I would hope, based on the sensors used, that its performance is somewhere in between the performance of the gt3 pro and the original watch fit. If that is indeed the case, that means it will be a good heart rate tracker for static cardio exercises. We can make a similar overview for weight, lifting which is generally one of the hardest exercises for a watched track, given the amount of tension on the arm and wrist. That overview is displayed here and again, the further to the top right. The better device is here. Ive marked the gt3 series in red and the original watch fit is marked in green. As you can see, the original watch fit was not very good at tracking my heart rate, while weight lifting. However, the gt3 series is a lot better, so this is where i hope that the new sensor in the watchfit 2 brings the biggest improvement, hopefully getting the performance close to that of the gt3 series. Now the watchfit 2 will also come with the huawei truesleep algorithm, which can track your sleep stages, ive evaluated this for many huawei watches already, and they tend to perform similarly to check. If watches can track my sleep stages, i usually compare them to an eeg device called the dream: 2 that can actually measure my brain waves and has been shown to be pretty reliable at sleep stage tracking. Here i show an overview of the sleep test results from many of the watches ive tested over the last years now for getting an overall impression of how well different watches perform the dream.

2 should likely be good enough. However, the gold standard would be polysomnography which would like to try on many of these watches in the future. Now this graph shows an overview of the agreement of different watches with the eeg device along the horizontal axis. We have the average agreement over the four individual sleep stages, that being light, sleep, rem, sleep, deep sleep and being awake, and on the vertical axis we have the agreement of the worst sleep stage. Now, the better the agreement of the watches with the eag device, the more digital bright they are and, as you can see, the best agreeing devices include different fitbits whoop straps and the widthing sleep analyzer, and here ive highlighted many of the huawei watches ive tested in Red and the original huawei watch fit in green. As you can see, all of them are roughly in the same area of the plot, and they tend to be more towards the bottom left than towards the top right, indicating that the true sleep algorithm usually doesnt, perform that good, at least not on me. Given that the watchfit 2 comes with the same true sleep algorithm as many of the other watches ive previously tested, i do not expect the sleep tracking to be the main strength of this watch. However, these watches have generally been pretty good at tracking when i fall asleep and when i wake up, which is also a very useful sleep metric well have to see, though, how good the watchfit 2 is at attacking my sleep stages and detecting when i fall asleep And wake up when im finally able to test it.

I want to discuss a few more things in this video, but before getting to that first, a quick side note if everything goes according to plan ill, be releasing my full review on the huawei event. 7. This weekend, so if youre interested in seeing that or watching my full review on the huawei watch, fit 2 consider subscribing to this channel and liking this video, which would also make it easier for others to find it. Of course, you would also make me really happy, but its totally up to you now enough self promotion lets get back to the video. As i show in my review of the huawei watch gt3 pro the sensor huawei includes in that watch is pretty good at tracking. My auction saturation, so i hope, and somewhat expect that the watchfit 2 will be just as good or at least close to it. The watchfit 2 also tries to estimate your stress levels, though i personally have some doubts about how useful and accurate such a feature is. In any watch now, the watchfit 2 should be released at the end of may or beginning of june, so ill be able to do full testing, then the benefit of the watchfit 2 over, for instance. The gt3 series is that its a relatively light watch at 26 grams and also costs less selling at 149 euros for the standard version if youre interested in the full performance of the huawei watch gt3 pro.

I also released that video today and ill link that up here and after ive tested the huawei band 7. You can find that video right here. You can also find the recent reviews that added on other huawei watches right here now. I hope this video provided you with some value.