Three ive actually been using this for over uh two weeks, so i want to tell you more tell you all about it. So lets get started all right guys, so here we have the magic three from cospec, which is uh similar to the cosmic rock uh. But now they gave us like a rounded curved uh display touchscreen here in the front um colorful display as well. We do have a power button and back button right here on the right on the left side, we dont have anything in the back. We actually have the charging uh mechanism right here in the back, the sensors to track your sports modes and stuff. Like that, your sleep and your blood oxygen levels and heart rate monitor is all built in here. So once you have the watch on thats how you track stuff uh, we do have these um. These bands theyre theyre, like regular, regular bands, nothing crazy, uh, theyre, pretty durable. You can actually change them out. It does have a clip here to change them out if you needed to and the watch itself so all right. So what makes this watch unique? So just watch yourself, like i said its a full touch screen, so you can uh move left right. Uh, you know check out different apps that it has built in um colorful display big big display as well so thats. What the watch has one thing about this watch, the battery life on it with two hours charge.

You can actually lasts up to seven days, uh ive, fully charged mine and ive been over seven days. I believe ive been about 12 days, so its not bad um. I tend to use it more for tracking. I use it more for um, so like one of the features that i really like is like the steps. So i like to set up my steps, see how many, how many steps i do a day see how far i go and also my sleep. So my sleep also helps me out because you never know. Sometimes you dont sleep good, so thats a full week of sleep. It tells you how long youve been in light light, sleep and restful sleep and and pretty much you know, helps, helps track your health right then, and there and then, if you needed to you, got your bpm, your heart rate sensor right there um, it does have Over 20 exercise modes, so, like yesterday, i was working out for about 20 minutes. I did a quick, you know cardio, and then you can tell it what youre doing and then lets say you want to do something else. You have over 20 modes, where you can actually exercise and tell it what youre doing so. It can track your heart rate. You can track your calories, it can track your uh motion and stuff like that. So thats one of the unique pictures from it and then we also have.

I believe this is the blood pressure one and oxygen level, i believe also so it believes block oxygen level and um heart rate level, and i think this is block oxygen level. You also get the weather here, so its not bad at all, and you can also use it as a shutter. So many features play your music from here. Stop it from here unless youre in a workout. You want to stop it. You can play from here. So these are the main features of the watch itself. So how do you pair your device? So how do you pair your new cospec magic 3? So you do need uh the the fit app uh you can find it on android and iphone uh. Just spell it d a fit the fit and then super easy to pair. You go into the app itself very easy interface um. Here you can actually change the watch faces. You can actually change your notifications that you want to receive so lets say you want to get messages. Your text messages your facebook notifications, your instagram, your whatsapp. You need to turn it on, so you can get those notifications uh. You can set certain alarms here. You can also uh upgrade the software, and here you can also track your fitness. So, as you can see here, um for the day of today, ive walked 31 3100 steps 3187, and it tells you how long last night i slept about seven and a half.

Seven. 47 minutes it tells you, you know some some specs on. You know like like what it means. You know restful, light and rapid eye movement, and you know it pretty much tracks that you can do it for a week. You can do it for a month, so its not bad at all. You can also check your heart rate, your blood pressure and your blood oxygen oxygen level, and it also does certain you can change these cards as well. It also does like certain exercise so itll track everything that you do and lets see. You can also set certain goals, but the app is super easy to use. One thing that i like about the watch lets say: somebodys calling me uh, the watch wont vibrate. Let me see if i can demonstrate all right guys. So, as you can see, the watch is actually vibrating and it gives you an option to answer or hang up um and its also ringing right there. So its ringing right here as well, you can also uh respond to uh certain texts or not respond. You can actually watch like uh, pretty much get notifications for your text, so heres somebodys asking anybody have airpod style, earbuds um. You can uh pretty much check that out and you can read like other notifications and stuff like that from there. So has anyone had issues so pretty much? It tells you the time you can read the text lets say youre busy at work.

You can go through your text right then, and there on the watch itself, so so very cool features from the cospec magic three uh in the box. Pretty much all we got. What was this? This box? It actually came in an amazon package uh the box had the watch here in front and inside of it we do have a charger um a charger, and it has a usb and this this. This magnet goes on the back of the watch and then a quick start guide, um and warranty info card, so you can register it so super easy to set up. The watch is uh really nice. I like the battery life. I, like i, like the exercise exercise mode. It has over 20 exercise mode and also uh. I, like the sleep uh sensors that it has to track your sleep and the interface is super easy to use um here you can look at all your apps and stuff. Like that and very easy, the touch is also uh very responsive and you cant go wrong with it. So this was a quick look at the cosmic magic uh 3, very similar to the cosmic rock.