Not only with um huaweis new um os for smart watches, which is based on their harmony os that theyre currently rolling out, which we also think will be powering smartphones in the near future. If pilot continues to make smart watches, but also just because they happened with the huawei watch 3, to make something truly beautiful, a timepiece that you dont just use because it has a functional advantage to your day to day life. But because its beautiful and i would say that, even though this gt version here is slightly pared down, i dont see, for instance, the sapphire dome glass here, even though that it is like 3d curved glass with a high gloss, finish um, and that this is also The smaller one which huawei clearly has designed for women, i usually like when um different types of smart watches and particularly different skus in the same family, are all kind of unisex designed. I think that its the bands, which would perhaps separate um like tastes between the sexes, but this like its really clear when you go to their website, so i would advise you to do that. So this is the 42 millimeter but theres also a 46 millimeter version. This 42 millimeter right here is actually 220 euro, whereas the 46 is 249, so there actually isnt all that much of a difference in actual pricing and what you get for your extra, i think, 30 20 euros is actually quite profound in terms of the screen size Available to you, so if you got big wrists and big hands like me, you would probably get the bigger 46 millimeter version, which i dont think comes with a golden band or even a golden housing like this.

But you know your mileage may vary and your taste may be subjective, so take that with a grain of salt. The point of the matter is that between these two one key thing actually remains, and that is the battery capacity is wildly different. So the thing is this particular version here is: theoretically, should give you around eight days of heavy use um and that is actually doubled with the 46 millimeter. That means 16 or 14 days. I would say 14 to 16 days of heavy use with the 46 millimeter thats, quite a steep difference, and i think really hard to justify in fact now theres some things that we dont know about the 46 millimeter. I know that this, for instance, weighs around 35 grams. It is more heavy and more robust than i think were used to with smart watches. Again, i have um kind of experienced it before, but mostly smart watches, i wouldnt say plasticky, but they are lighter than you expect them to be, particularly compared to traditional timepieces. Both watches have this beautiful. 466X466 am led screen both have all of the sensors that you could possibly want, including a trusting 5.0 heart rate module with eight photodiodes, a global navigation satellite system with gps and glo glo n, a s s barometers, all sp2 meters for blood oxygen saturation. All of that stuff and thats, mostly because the gt watch in general is made, i dont want to say its a workout watch, but its definitely what huawei has been promising and with the gt series in general.

Also, it seems to be more more budget friendly, paired down a little bit next to the like, more expensive, regular huawei watch 3, but overall, its just its pretty its incredibly well made. This digital crown here on the side is really really nice and theres. Just a lot of play, um playful design elements going on which i think would even cheat some people walking by to think that is like a classic timepiece that that person is wearing and in some cases, thats what we want with smartwatch. As i would say now, there are also all the things that you would want out of like 100 workout modes, including running cycling, hiking and swimming jumping rope, yoga skiing, all of that stuff, theres a run ai running coach, which will make a professional running plan for You and give you advice when you are out running, so there are all of these training things going on. I will say that i didnt unpack this when we got it, but this band, which is kind of like a milanese loop in a sense doesnt, seem too comfortable to me if youre using this for a regular workout. So i hope were going to have to check that and put it in the full review. I hope that huawei also, like included like a regular old rubber band, to actually do the workout stuff with, but i will say that if what maybe you can take a look at it here, it uses standard 42, millimeter lugs, meaning that if youve used a 42 Millimeter, like android based watch before youll, be able to use the same bands its only like apple watch, where its proprietary technology, otherwise they all seem pretty uh in agreement about using these standard lugs, which is great so overall.

What we will have to really look into in the full review is whether or not the harmony os as a software platform is matured enough, that it is easier to recommend, but as a direct competitor to say, another closed ecosystem watch like the oneplus watch. This to me is prettier and its possibly also better, so keep that in mind and look out for the full review. Thank you.