com, the premiere site for smartwatch packs news enemies. Okay. Finally, we have okay. We have been waiting for this first almost a week now we have the i7 pro max, a very new smartwatch, okay in the market and okay, it is using the high watch pro support app. I think, okay, so its a beautiful smart watch. Okay, it is one of the latest okay series – 7 smart watch, okay, so heres the box – and it is the upgrade of the i7 pro smartwatch that we already reviewed it here. Okay, so lets get to know, lets explore the i7 pro max. Okay also watch out for our video review for the comparison of the i7 pro smartwatch to this ipro i7. Pro max version. Okay, so lets check. We have a one point: eight inch screen three style menus, encoder control, so that is for the crown button. Hey. We have a bluetooth call: okay, typo here, step counter music heart rate. We also have – and we have a long battery right life here for the specs here we have a zinc, alloy, plus electro plating body. Okay finish: we have 280 mh battery okay, bluetooth 5.2, and we have pixel resolution of 240 by 285 pixel resolution compatible with android 5.0 and above platform, ios 9.0 and above platform. Okay, what color do we have here? Okay, so this is our color here. I think we have a metal or silver okay, so lets check lets have the unboxing of the smartwatch again, if you have any questions regarding this wearable, please drop the comment below and well try to answer your prayers.

If you want to know more about the the previous version of the i7 pro this one, okay, you can check it on our previous video here at smartwatch specifications youtube channel. Okay, again, please subscribe okay for more updates on the latest. Smart watches. Okay, we are adding more or we are going to unbox more wearables new wearables, okay in the market. Okay, in the next few weeks or days. Okay, our site is always updated. Okay, you can also check our smartwatch, okay, one of the pioneer and in providing specifications and review of smart watches. Okay, so we have the strap here white color again it is a force, fitting smartwatch or strap, and we have a charging cradle. Okay, it is somewhat similar to the t500 plus smartwatch that we reviewed on our previous video and we have the wearable okay. I like the color of this one. Okay lets have a closer look. We have the brush. Okay, glossy type metallic finish: okay, its a bit heavy feels premium so far, hey we have the strap here so lets attach the strap. I guess this is the bottom part. Okay, so lets try and attach it to the smartwatch again. It is force fitting to this one to the body so somewhat its sometimes its hard to attach just apply some force to it. Okay, so this is a 44 millimeter millimeter smart watch, so you can replace this replace dude replace this with other strap.

Okay, if you have other series, seven smart, watches or series six okay, so lets try, okay, again, okay, so thats. Why im having some im having a hard time trying to wear this, because i think i attach it in the wrong way. So you do it this way: okay, thats it so lets remove. First, the back plastic cover here on the bottom part, so ceramic case aluminum 45 millimeter series, 7 smartwatch, so i think its a 44 millimeter smartwatch. We also have ecg here. I dont know if theres really an ecg here we have the speaker, we have the mic. We have the physical button here. Okay lets have a focus. Okay. I hope. I hope that this one works seems like its working and like the 500 plus pro its just a design. We have a crown button here. Also lets remove this one okay, so our screen display 2.5 d tempered glass and, of course it supports full touch operation. We have the brush finish: semi glossy body, you have the metallic color, but it is also available in other colors. Okay, let me check it here, so we have a zinc alloy. Okay, 1.8 inch lcd. I think it is ips lcd with a 240 by 285 pixel resolution. Okay, so lets wear it and lets check. Okay, the ui of this a just a short preview of preview of its design, its menus hey, were going to focus more on its menus and features on our next video for the i7 pro max mark watch.

Okay. So this is your i7 pro max smartwatch. So lets check lets turn it on okay thats it we accidentally turned it on. Okay lets turn it off again. Lets see powered down, or maybe its just the way lets see. Okay, its a high watch, so we accident the leaf, turned it on okay. Does it work the menu here? Okay, its work? Do you have a split screen? No, but we do have a beautiful screen display here. Okay, so lets remove it. So we can focus on the screen. Press. Oh thats, the watch face on the upper part. We have the settings here: okay, thats, the way you change the watch face left or right scrolling on the bottom part. You can access the menus here. You have a grid window type menu here. I dont know if we do have options for other menus or menu options. Okay, well check it ill check on it on our next video on the upper part. We have the shortcut for these settings. I think whats this. So qr code, okay, do Music. The crown button here works lets see, so you can use it to scroll on the watch faces how what for the menu does it work? Yes, it also works. Okay, so far it works. Okay. Do we have a slim bezel here? Lets see okay, so we have. This is slim bezel, slim bezel, so far on the upper okay, similar to other watch series.

Seven, the bottom part is a bit wide so far. The screen display is okay, okay, very sharp and bright. Okay and its preloaded with several watch faces here: okay, so far, looking good, very affordable, i7 pro maps, smart watch, okay check out these specifications below on the bottom part of the its our youtube video okay. So this is the trap: flexible, strap. I, like the finish here, i like the metal body i just dont like dont, like the color of the strap, i think im going to change it to black color, so it will work okay beautifully, although it will look good with the metal. Okay. Silver brush finish here: okay, so this is your i7 pro max smartwatch. If you have any questions regarding this wearable, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries on our next video. Please watch out for the menus and features of the i7 from max okay, so this time were just going to have the unboxing okay. If you want to know more about the specs of this wearable just check the links below again. This is smartwatchspecifications.