This watch packs a very long battery life. You have running courses quite a few sport modes and you get honest calls. But first my name is leonard youre watching the product, reviewer and thats me. So a couple of months ago i reviewed the huawei watch 3, which is a little bit similar to this one. So if you want to check that one out, i will leave the link in description below, but now to the gt3. As i already told you, this watch has a very long battery life, which is pretty common to the huawei brand, since all of their devices are rather good in that aspect, normally smartwatches only lasts about a day or two, but not this one. This one lasts up to seven days on normal usage and four days of heavy usage by the way im wearing the 42 millimeter size version now, theres also a 46 millimeter version that lasts at least twice as long, but lets stick to this one for now. So ive been using this watch a day and a half now and it only drained about 35, but that also includes all of the setup. I had to do. Ive been doing two workouts with 30 minutes of gps usage. I have other trackers turned on and overall ive been using. This watch more than i normally would, of course, for some review purposes by the way. What else do we get in the box? So, of course we get the watch itself.

The charging cable that looks exactly like the one from the while we watch three and we get a bunch of manuals and stuff like that. Huawei always does such a great job on designing the box itself and how they present the watch, its always a nice experience. When you unbox, these watches now lets take a quick look at the specs and the design. So we get a 1.32 inch. Ammo touch display a black stainless steel watch case with either a flue, elastomer, strap, leather, strap or a gold middle nail, strap or. However, you pronounce that it really depends on what watch style you are buying. So, overall you have five different options to choose from, so you have another light: gold with a white leather, strap and then all stainless steel. So those are the five options that you can choose from alright. Now this water is also water resistant up to 5 atm, so you can actually swim in the pool under the ocean with it. You have built in gps, but we get to that later on. In the video and this watch has a built in mic and a speaker as you can see, we have two physical buttons on this watch. The upper main button leads it to your app. You can scroll up and down with it zoom in and out. The lower button is customizable and can be connected to any of your pre installed apps for quicker access now for less the compatibility and this watch is compatible with just about any ios and android smartphone.

So up to the next part, which is the fitness tracking – and that also includes the gps accuracy, the health accuracy and, of course, all the sport modes that we keep with it. Like i already told you, we get quite a few sport modes to choose from so we get a standard stuff like walking, running swimming, but also some winter sports or a triathlon mode. Before starting one of these workouts, you can set goals as usual or put in some reminders. After your workout, you get a big summary of every single stat, like your heart rate, cadence pace, a small gps map, distance time, steps and a whole lot more. So thats quite awesome. Now speaking of the gps map, the bit in gps of this watch works rather well like most smartwatches, the gps is not 100 accurate, but a lot better than most of them. Now, as for the accuracy of the steps, i took one thousand steps and it was only off by four steps, so that is very accurate as well. Now, as for the heart rate accuracy, i have like a split opinion now on my walk and workouts. It had no breakouts in either direction, not a high, not a low, so it was very consistent, but it was always a little bit more on the lower side of things. So i did a strength workout and compared it to my garmin venue 2, which was in all of my previous testing super accurate and right here.

The vineyard 2 gave me an average heart rate of 113 beats with a high of 136, and the gt3 only gave me an average of 95 beats with a high of 133 beats, so the highs were just about the same, but, like i told you, the gt3 Is more on the lower side of things so, when youre working out just keep that in mind now for last lets check out some features and you have a whole bunch of pre installed. Apps, like the skin temperature, tracker, spo2, tracker, heart rate tracker and a stress tracker, which are tracked 24 hours a day. You get quite a few small features like an alarm stopwatch timer, a weather app, which gives you a small weather forecast as well. A compass, five mile phone and almost calls so as long as the smartphone is nearby. You can call your family and friends right from your wrist by using the built in speaker and mic. You get a sleep tracker as well that not only tracks your sleep duration, but also different sleep stages, and you get quite the analysis on your sleep as well. All of that is being tracked on your health app, so you can look at that anytime. You want to just like with all the other half trackers over here. You can also customize some quick answers whenever you receive notifications on your watch like from whatsapp, and you want to quickly reply to them. I mean you cannot write your own text, but quick answers is a good start.

Now you can even download music to this watch. Maybe not by your spotify or deezer, but while we have their own music app now, once you download to the smartphone, and you have to pay subscriptions just like with spotify, you can download all of the music in the world and download it to your smartphone and Then transfer it to your watch and download over here and then you have music when you watch its a little bit more complicated, but once you get the hang of it its pretty easy in the app you can also customize from which app you get notifications. So you can deselect the one you dont need and only activate the important ones and folks thats. Basically, it i mean you can swipe left and right on your watch to get through your different tiles up and down to get to your quick panel and notifications, and if you long press the home screen, you can select some new watch faces. So you actually have quite a few to choose from starting from some simple analog ones: watch faces with a bunch of metrics classy ones, and you can even download a bunch of more from the app store in the health app for some. You have to pay, but there are also a whole lot of watch faces for free, just scroll your way through, and i bet you will find the perfect one for you now last three quick tips for you guys.

The obvious display mode is not turned on by default, so you have to activate that one in the watch face sitting. First, just keep in mind that this one will kill your battery life a lot faster now. The second one is that you have an auto detect feature, so you dont have to turn on your walking sport mode. Whenever you go for a walk and the last one is that you can lock your smart watch with a pin just open the settings. Go to pin and over here you can enable the pin function so folks thats already it.