Let me explain. First of all, i wouldnt say that the gen 6 from fossil is an outright terrible watch. It delivers respectable performance thanks to the snapdragon 4100 plus chip. It has a sturdy build quality with good buttons and a dial some of the fastest gps connect times that ive ever seen, and the amoled display is bright and really sharp, plus a nice bonus. There is fast third charging than the previous generations fossil doesnt stray away from the look of traditional watches and the gen 6 sticks closely to the same formula. I personally really like the look of the fossil watches, even though i do like the design, the comfortability and the bright display, i would love to see two improvements, which is first of all, a wireless charging option and secondly, a ceramic back regarding charging. There are many watches out there now that support wireless charging, which would definitely been have a nice addition. Also, the charging base has a permanent, usb cable attached and it doesnt feel very durable if any part of the cable or plug is damaged. The whole charger has to be replaced. It would be better if they just provide you with a base with a type c port, because i have enough type c cables laying around over here. The second point, in terms of looks design and comfortability fossil does a lot of things good, but ever since i got to experience a ceramic bag from the huawei watch, gt2 pro, i dont want anything else, its so smooth on the skin that i really miss it.

The real problem is software. Wise, a opt in software upgrade has been postponed for more than a year. Now there are nice upgrades compared to the gen 5. dont. Get me wrong, though, but its still not on par with other watches out there, the watch launched with weir os 2 and the current timeline doesnt have an update to wear os 3 coming until mid 2022 at the earliest lets set aside, the shadow and dubious software Updates for now, the fossil gen 6 works, fine with wear os 2. and aside from a tedious setup process involving a lot of confirmation, prompts to turn on features. It seems to be fairly bug free and reliable theres, also, sometimes a small delay immediately after waking up the watch, which is most likely happening, because the watch is shutting down the whole cpu to preserve battery and takes there for a moment to wake up. Speaking about the battery life, then, which is on the lower end of the mediocre range. Even if you sacrifice almost all of the features fossils marketing materials promises 24 hours on extended mode. But this disables most of the features of the watch limits bluetooth to a schedule and shuts off the display and tilt to wake, so you can only turn it on with the press of a button. Basically, it becomes a fancy tracker and, besides that, you can track your sport activities. You can also track your sleep, but with a battery that runs out of juice quickly, its almost impossible to track your sleep and have enough battery left for a full working day.

Ahead of you, charging it quickly in between somewhere is relatively easy, as it takes only one hour to fully charge the watch, which is slower than what fossil states in their marketing materials 80 in 30 minutes. With everything taken into mind, it feels to me that fossil is kind of running out of time to get, for example, up to speed with whats happening in a fast moving smartwatch environment. Others are, for example, implementing more features faster hardware and better software updates. All for lower prices, but it also feels that im running out of time as closer to the end of the day, i feel some battery life and anxiety. On the other hand, they do feel more like timeless pieces from fossil, and they also offer more style choices that look more like traditional watches bottom line, a smartwatch that is around 300 euros that isnt competitive in almost all aspects is a tough sell, especially with the Galaxy watch 4 and the huawei watch gt series and many others theyre breeding in fossils neck and for me the fossil gen 6 is barely at a passing grade because it does all the basics. But i wouldnt advise you to get one because again you shouldnt buy a watch based on a promised future upgrade thats what i believe in anyways thats it for this video.