That does see a lot more satellites, its supporting up to five different systems and dual carrier frequency. The heart rate, monitoring, theres, a big area of improvement, theyve doubled the amount of sensors on the underside of the watch. So, instead of having four sensors like the watch three and the watts three pro, it now incorporates eight, it has a new nano coating, improved ai accuracy. This one that ive got is the stainless steel version, its the 46 millimeter model, and we have that same great battery life up to eight days of heavy use and 14 with lighter use. The watch comes in the box really nicely presented, so obviously ive got the stainless steel version here with the strap and ill show you that in detail. But it is stunning that watch so here on the side. You will find a little pouch that you open up. They do include this right here, which is a package with some extra links there, so if what they have already on the strap, the stainless steel strap here is too small for you. You can add a few more additional links there to it. Our wireless charger, so of course it does charge wisely, just like the watch three and hear a little bit of paperwork in various different languages. What youll find in the first page, there is just a qr code to scan, and that is how you then get the quick start guide for it, but its very basic got to pair it up to the application, huawei health, and i will be going through that App so theres, nothing else in there lets take a look now at the design of this watch, but first, how it wirelessly charges.

It uses magnets to hold the qi wireless charger in place, so the little pad right here you simply place it underneath and then it clips on and will start to charge now charge. Time is approximately about an hour with this watch, so an excellent design from huawei with this watch. It is just as good as their other models, if not better. I really do like the stainless steel finish theyve gone with now. I do also still have, of course, the watch three now thats the titanium one. Now the titanium ends up looking a little bit more dirty, but it really depends on what is your style? What you do prefer titanium is very nice here, but i find, of course it just gets a little dirtier looking and harder to maintain and keep clean, whereas the stainless steel, i think, just looks a lot better. So what theyve done with the finish on the links here, which is exquisite by the way theres the craftsmanship on this – is absolutely perfect. Theres no flaws whatsoever with it is theyve. Given it this nice brushed, look to it and then around the outside frame, theyve also brushed that too. So this is all that stainless steel. Now the links on these can be removed. Just the first five links there, you can take out from either side to try and get your size there. Of course, the buckle here that clips in really nice and again weve got that nice brushed look to it.

The huawei branding right there and very good the workmanship on this is just spot on there, great so the screen we still have that same 466 by 466.. This is 1.43 inches. It is an amoled screen, okay and very bright with scratch resistant glass over the top of it now the links here. Of course, you can change the strap by just pressing on the back there and youre able to just pull that right out. Then now do be careful with this that scratch i have on my thumb. That was not actually my cat vera, which can sometimes happen. That was me just removing the strap on this one with the titanium. I ended up scratching myself right on the corner with it. So yeah just be careful with that. So here on the back big changes, theyve gone with now upgraded heart rate sensor. This is the big move. Theyve gone for the big change here compared to the previous model, which is the watch three. You can clearly see with the watch three there. We have those four little tiny, rectangles right thats to do with the optics there, the sensor and the way it measures the movement of your blood, and now we have eight so theyve doubled the sensors theyve gone now with a new coating. Nano coating on the back of it here too, so that means its going to be a lot more accurate, the heart rate monitoring from it – and you see the difference there too.

So weve got ceramic on the back here with the watch 3 and the titanium more premium materials. It is a more premium watch that one, but then the upgrade here too, with this and side on you can see there that it is very thin. So this is only 11 millimeters which is great and then on the other side there you can see weve got our little dial and the buttons the two buttons. So, just like the watch three so tapping this youre gon na get it into your your apps and if you scroll it, you can zoom in and out there with all those different apps. Now the ui performance and fluidity of this, its very smooth its nothing like what the the watch two gt was like, which was just a little bit laggy. So this one here weve got the 32 gigabytes of ram. I think it is theyre using that same kirin, chipset and harmony os with this model too. So the button at the bottom here tapping that will get me into all those different sports and workout modes, but just to say again on the build quality of this very good. I really do like it. It is flawless the finish, and i really like the look of the stainless steel strap. What about the weight? Well, its very similar to that of my watch 3, because that one has the titanium and this with the stainless steel strap is 117 grams.

But overall i like the feel of this one on my wrist because it is slimmer. So here is the titanium with the watch, 3 and thats lighter, of course, using the titanium, strap. Now remember the straps are interchangeable. You can get silicone straps leather straps as well. If you wanted something a little bit lighter or if you didnt want the stainless steel strap all the time you can swap it out. So when you start to do something like sports or whatever use the silicon, so let me just run through now some of the basic settings and the apps and bits and pieces we have with this watch. So if you flick your wrist, it will turn on automatically. Now, ive already just set it to be on for five minutes now for the purposes of this video, but when you have the screen on more, of course, it chews through the battery bit more. So this is our menu system. It does feel very fast, fluid and youve got all your different apps through there that you can go through and control. Now i wanted to show you some of the settings, but first with this, if you swipe from the left to the right, when youre in an app thats to go back okay out of the app. But i can just bring that tap that go back home to our watch faces here which youre able to adjust. So if you tap and hold you can go through and cycle through.

These different watch faces, which is great depending on your mood or what youre doing, for example, youre training you want a more sports orientated watch face. You can do that going out to dinner with someone you want something that looks more traditional watch face there like an analog watch, thats the one that is stock by the way this one here thats. Why im, showing it a little bit more, which i actually do like, i think its quite a good one, but you want something: thats uh, versatile there. So we can even see the pressure. We can see: calories, uh, heart rate and inversion information. Theyre, like steps to you, can configure this and change that too. So, if you want settings, you just swipe down from the top and again its fast its fluid, and you can go through all of this now the toggle for the screen on. I have turned on youve: got, alarms, do not disturb mode find my phone, which is actually rather handy, im someone thats a bit clumsy, sometimes with where i place my phone so pressing this now. I should hear my huawei nova 9. im here im here, so its telling me where my phone is and trust me that actually does come in handy if youre forgetful like me, where you put things down so in settings, theres a lot to go through and i Wont go through all of it here, obviously, because the video would be too long, but brightness talk a little bit about that auto brightness with the ambient sensor.

I find to be excellent, really good, no problems its just like the watch 3 pro that ive got sleep. You can change that the screen on time and auto brightness uh. I tend to actually just leave that on but ill show you here, you can manually control that brightness too, so perhaps its a little bit too bright. For my video, i can turn it down. Just a fraction there, okay, its going back and then just swiping back. So those are all the display settings. Youve got vibration, haptic feedback pin you can set up smart assistant, so it does have that on board. You can also hold down the bottom a button right. There to do that ill demonstrate that right now, actually so hold this down. Whats the weather today – and here we go its going to give me the weather. You can issue all sorts of commands and do lots of things with that. If you needed that, because the microphones on board, of course, its going to be listening to or youre doing there so other settings in here, well pretty much straightforward, your workout settings down button you can assign that to something else, its normally just always by default. The workout – i actually prefer that system system updates about your firmware peering it up things like that, so the apps that weve got theres a lot on board here, as you can see and again im not going to go through them all so weve got our temperature Sensor there we have our sleep monitoring too.

You can look at that information, but ill go through the application to show you a lot of this anyway, our workout so thats just advising us our basic fitness summary there of the day, all sorts of things youve got breathing exercises. Youve got your alarm clock. You can set up stopwatch theres, even a compass, okay, and once you calibrate it, it does seem to work quite well. You move that around you see now you do need to have the watch strap on quite tight for these to work properly. So, first test out my oxygen saturation levels. You can see ive had it on now for a few days, its been monitoring that last time was 20 minutes ago, so measure it now. This can take a little bit so lets just skip ahead because it sometimes can be up to about a minute to measure this. There we go so 95. That was not even a minute. It took 30 seconds, so it is faster than the watch 3 pro that i do have so. The heart rate monitor go into that and thats pretty obvious, which one that is, you can see there. Heart thats been monitoring that, and why is there a big gap there well thats, because ive been taking the watch off ive been filming b. Roll and ive been recording this stuff here so currently at 59.60, im only just sitting down and talking, so that is normal, but i will test it out later on when i show you the application and theres.

Also this, which is our skin temperature sensor, to get the accurate reading. Here, though, you should be wearing it for at least 10 minutes. So take a look at that, so you can see its giving me a graph of the previous readings there. Maximum was 35.5 and the loss was 28. now that 28 was when i wasnt even wearing the watch. I think when it did end up measuring that so thats why its dropped right down, not accurate again, because i havent been continually wearing it as im, filming it right now and finally, to show you the workouts on the watch. Here you can add more. You can tweak and customize a lot of them too and through the application. You can also do this so tapping the bottom button easiest way to get into this workout settings. So this is to do with the broadcasts we get, which are very handy. So when youre running it will tell you how long youve been running for your distance, your heart rate and thats really good and then how much youve climbed all that information. I do find very handy. You can set the volume for that. You could also set the display to also be always on when youre doing the workouts, but i wouldnt do that because it kills the battery a lot more but hey. It depends if youre you need that information constantly there. Otherwise, you can simply just tap the button to see it when youre doing your workout.

So what about the workouts? What do we have? Weve got a custom workout. Here we have other rower, elliptical, triathlon, cross country, skiing, snowboarding, even and jump rope trail run, hiking, mountain hiking pool, swim, open, uh, water, indoor, cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor, walk, outdoor, walk, indoor run outdoor run, and then there are those running courses and plans. You can do it through the watch itself or the app and now time to test out the gps tracking and the heart rate monitor im just going to go for a short mountain bike ride, and what about in direct sunlight? How visible is it? It looks worse than what the watch is showing it there that banding youre seeing thats just on camera. Now, the first gps lock was extremely quick, especially compared to the watch 3 pro i own, and you can see just like the other models there. Weve got all our workout information so that short ride im just going to start now and well see the results we get and heres our application. So this runs on android and also ios, for you, apple users out there currently im running it on the huawei nova. 9 now i have a review of this new release from them so check the channel for that. But it summarizes all your information in here weve got little widgets that we can change so ive got skin temperature stress, monitoring, theres the oxygen saturation level. There too. Okay, monitors that my sleep so lets have a look first at the gps tracking that workout that i just did before you can see the results of that right in here.

So it shows you the map, the different points there youve got your speed chart heart rates, the interesting one, so any areas where its dropped off very quick or looks a little funny there. That was because the watch was a little bit loose and i had to tighten it up once it was tight, especially on the climb there with the elevation you can see. I got my heart rate to peak at 170.. Now i have checked this and compared it with a polar chest, strap heart rate monitor and it seems pretty spot on so the heart rate monitoring now because ive increased the sensor count from four to eight. The new aia, algorithm theyve, got with it, and the nano coating still the glass on the back of it, where the sensors are. It seems to be a lot faster and the gps. Certainly, i noticed that straight away with gps, that when i turned the watch on started that workout, that it got a lock, so quick, it would normally take uh could be a little bit slow on the other models and its so much quicker. Now its really just like a phone, so a lot of information in there you can see previous workouts with this account. Ive got another account with my personal one. This is a well basically one for just the channel here, uh your weight. You can model that, of course sleep tracking, so i think its pretty accurate, because i was up a few times.

Weve got one of my young girls as a bit of a cough at the moment, so were always up and down and sorting them out. So not a very good nights, sleep the other day of tracking two as well. You can go over and just change the days uh again, even worse, like five hours well, tech youtubers were up really late, yeah thats, thats kind of normal, and then you can see also in here weve got our heart rate. Monitoring separate from that too. Youve got your different exercise modes, so training modes too. You can go through theres all these different courses for you for walking for running, and you can cycle through that. Okay, all the different modes there cycling discover. So if theres any activities, events and what not going on near you that pops up in here too as well, your devices is where you can get the firmware updates change. The watch faces load on your music to the watch. Okay – and you can connect up and hear your songs through that and app gallery is where you can get the different applications and load them over onto the watch there. So, yes, it does support the apps with harmony os with huawei, but its not an android wear os watch, so you cant use those apps on this. Unfortunately, and finally, youve got your profile with all your information in there, so its a fully featured app and then you get notifications on the watch.

You just go into the application and you select what notifications you actually want to see to pull through onto the watch. So any app youve got installed. Basically, you can get then notifications that will be on the phone transferred over to the watch. You just need to have it connected up continuously via bluetooth, like any other smartwatch battery life. Now on this is just like the predecessors. It is fantastic, so it goes for a long time im losing at the moment 13 one day, 14, the next and im still looking at the screen a lot. So i have to classify my use at the moment as heavy now they claim you should be able to get eight days of heavy use huawei. Now, if i disabled a few more things. So if i disabled the constant heart rate monitoring – or i turned off the sp02 or the skin temperature monitor on this, then i would extend my battery life, of course, the less things that its monitoring continually the better the battery life is going to be. So if you start turning those things off, they claim 14 days that you should be able to squeeze out of this two weeks. Thats incredible. I know with the previous model that ive got still the gt, the two gt, sorry uh. I can go for a week without charging and then the three pro with its got a esim support on it, its a lot less that battery life, even though it has a larger battery in it.

So the big thing for me, the key takeaway here with the newer watch – is that gps support is so much better its seeing a lot more now different gps systems out there, so not only just gps itself, but then glow, nas and youve got the russian one. Youve got the chinese one. Youve got five different groups now that it can see, and then the dual carrier frequency the first initial lock when you go out to train, is so quick compared to the previous models. The heart rate monitoring greatly improved double the sensors that they have versus the older models thats. Another key reason why you should probably go for this instead of the watch 3, otherwise, 3. Pro for those improvements, the rest of the watch, the display uh the operating system, the fluidity of its quite fluid and smooth, is basically the same as the watch 3 or the watch 3 pro its just those two big key improvements and then some newer changes coming Through with the application 2 of course, so what other things then? I dont like about this watch. Well, we dont have great third party support with these. Unfortunately, it does not support where os and notifications. We cannot reply to them either. So if you get a text message or whats app, you can see the notifications you can go through and enable them to come through. All of those the trouble is. You cannot reply to it on the watch itself, which would have been great but sadly no not there.

Okay, so there we go. That is huaweis new Watch GT 3. Thank you so much for watching my review. I do hope to see you in the next one.