Also hit that, like button – and let me know in the comments below, if you have any sort of questions about today’s video, so today we are going to unbox the huawei watch gt and the best thing i like about this watch is that it’s got 14 days Of battery backup, which means that i’ll have to only charge my smart watch twice a month which is literally insane so enough of the excitement, let’s get right into the unboxing okay, so here we are at the top. We have an image of the watch. Huawei watch gt return at the side coming towards the back. You have the model number and it’s in black stainless steel at the bottom is a description saying. The product inside may look different from the image. Okay, now speaking about the price over here, it says 20. 990, but you can now get this watch for about 15k or less time to lift it up, and here we go keeping the cap aside. First of all, the huawei watch itself up top we’ll get back to that in a minute. By the way it looks dope. Meanwhile, let’s see the box contents, so at the right column you get two things: usb cable, keep that aside and the charging dock in white color whoa. There is a lot of stuff written over here, which we don’t understand. Okay, now keeping this aside now in the center column, you get a huawei, quick, start guide and sheesh.

This is a heavy manual which no one is ever going to read. Lastly, you get warranty card and it has a lot of papers in it too. Now the star of the show, let me remove this tiny pillow that’s, a nice one and yep. This watch is shiny. Let me boot this up and yep. The logo on the screen means it’s got some juice in it until this boots up time. For some unwrapping, the charging cable is a usb, a to micro, usb, okay, now back to the watch. One main thing to note is that there is no wi fi nfc speaker or microphone it’s, a fitness band disguised in a smart watch. It comes in either black or silver, and it is 5 atm water resistant and it has a stainless steel body. The shiny 2 tone casing looks premium at the back. You have this plastic under carriage, which houses the heart rate monitor aside the sturdy click on the buttons make it feel as well as it is made. The second button is a useless one. If you click it, it takes you directly to the exercise app like really. That could have been better if you could go back by clicking that button. The 22 mm band, which i have is silicon. You also get a leather band which will eventually cost you more. Also, the band can be easily replaced. You have huawei branding over here at the bottom. The watch is chunkier with the 46.

5 mm casing. It has a 1.3 inch screen which looks best on large wrists. Speaking of the amoled display. It is easy to read text and set trackers in daylight. It also dims well in darker situations. It has 326 pixels per inch density, press, hold the active time and swipe right or left to choose between different types of watch faces. There are a lot of them already installed in the watch, as you can see for yourself over here i have a ton of watch faces, but these were not installed from the starting. You will have to download the free huawei app in your phone and you can download their watch faces. You also have stop watch and you can see notifications. You could download the huawei app and after that you get to choose from a ton of watch faces. If you want to check how many steps you’ve walked there, you have it beside your active time, swipe left to know more about the weather, want to know about your heart rate, just swipe right from the active time. The heart rate zones show the level of cardiovascular intensity through which you’ve gone. The huawei watch gt is a solid build, especially when it comes to the watch case. Speaking of the buttons, if you click on the top right button, it will open the app menu. To be honest, this huawei watch is more focused on fitness. Instead of other things, almost all of the apps are about fitness exercises like indoor outdoor running, cycling, hiking and swimming, etc.

You cannot download any third party apps, you cannot download. Third party watch faces, you can only choose from huawei’s app. It runs on huawei lite os. Instead of the google’s wear os, so that is a point to consider before buying this watch. The in hand feeling is great, but i would say there are better options like the apple watch series 3 or the galaxy watch instead of buying this smart watch. It is a tough sell indeed, but if you need a basic smart watch which shows you time and is based completely on fitness tracking, then thumbs up for who are we? This is everything you get in the box, okay, so that’s all for today. I hope you guys give it a thumbs up and also follow me on instagram at ridiculous unboxing subscribe for more – and this is ridiculous.