Do it if you are new to wes, nose, tech, news and reviews. We talk about the latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way, as per usual on the reviews of the tech gadgets on wisnows tech, news and reviews first well get into the design then well talk about the display and Then well cover the features and functions because there are so many to talk about on the huawei watch gt3. Now, if you are a current owner of the gt2, you might find that some of the features – yes theyve, definitely been improved, theres a bit more functionality, but theres nothing groundbreaking with this watch, but i will make a separate video in regards to. Should you be upgrading from a gt2 to the gt3 now lets just say you saw this watch, you fell in love with it and thats. Why youre watching youtube youre actually researching? Should you get this watch? Well then this review is just for you. Anyways lets kick off with the design. You will see the bezel around the watch now its non rotatable, but it does well make the watch look a bit more sporty and potentially a bit more premium. Now you get this in an aluminium frame. Lets talk about dimensions, so here youve got a 46 millimeter diameter, so this goes across. The watch now were talking at just 11.5 millimeters thick, so this is just over a centimeter, so you shouldnt be catching any of your shirt, sleeves or jumpers with this watch.

So it is rather slim line for quite a significant uh surface area. Also, you will be happy to know that the lugs are metal. So this is a very durable watch, its a hard wearer. You also get options with the straps, so here ive got a tp rubber, strap im, not sure its silicon. I think its just a variation of the tpus rubber. Also you can get this in leather or steel, but considering that it is a quick release. Strap 22 millimeter quick release. You can just go out and get yourself. A third party strap that you like to your own likes to your own standards. Whatever it may be, good news here is that the clasp is metal, so its cool to the touch, and it actually does have the huawei logo just at the top of the cloth, and that is a tiny thing, but it adds the whole premium feel to the Watch considering it is quite an expensive watch, so for huawei this is the most expensive gt model. Yet if the gt2 started at 140 to 150 pounds, so looking about 200 bucks, this one actually starts off. The smaller version starts at 200 pounds or 250 bucks, while the larger one, this 46 millimeter one starts at 230 pounds and up to 300 bucks now. Is it worth it well keep watching the video and make that decision for yourself. Another major point, though, is the two buttons on the right hand: side of the watch face, so one button is rather flat and thats the lower one, which is more or less molded or integrated into the watch case, while the top right button is the special one, Because it is a rotatable crown, as well as being a button, but well talk about the features and functions that this rotatable crown actually brings to you in the upcoming sections.

Now lets talk about the display. So, as we mentioned on the smaller model, the 42 millimeter watch, not this one, the smaller one. We do get a 1.32 inch amoled display its all color its fully touch activated. But with this one, the 46 millimeter watch weve got a 1.43 inch amoled display. It goes up to 600 nits of brightness, so you should be able to see uh anything thats written on the screen, be it in complete darkness or in utter sunlight, which is shining straight onto your watch face. It is really really bright, also quite important fact, because it is considered a premium sporty smartwatch. It does have always on display, as well as auto brightness, because there is an ambient line sensor on this watch. Now you can set up to manual brightness levels or you can set it to auto. I prefer auto because it does save that battery juice and it does dim when its dark, outside or dark around you now what else? Well, the display is actually safe from the usual wear and tear because it does get gorilla, glass, 2.5 d, gorilla glass, so most likely it wont crack well unless you actually throw it at the wall. Now, considering ive had the huawei war gt2, the 42 millimeter version, as well as the 46 millimeter version. I can say that, yes, the glass theyve got on here, thats durable. You are not going to get it scratched easily anyway, so thats pretty much it about the display now lets get into the fun bit.

Lets talk about the features and functionalities that this watch brings to your lifestyle. Lets. Do it now. I dont want to make this video a 20 minute movie. What i want to do is basically highlight the most important features, so were not going to be talking about the basics. Like your alarms, your timers, your stopwatch your weather widget, we are going to be talking about the crucial things. The things that make this smartwatch premium in todays world of smartwatches and again the release date for this smartwatch is mid december 2021. So, just before the christmas specials just before the new year gift – and i think its a very, very smartly big time. But who are we to release this watch? Because, as you know, they do have the huawei watch 3, which starts at like 280 quid or 350 bucks. Now that watch doesnt have a bezel. It looks absolutely amazing. Its also got a rotatable crown, its got a longer battery life, but is it better? Maybe it does have an lte version, you see, but this watch is just priced so right because it just slides under the samsungs just over just a bit more expensive than the amazfit gtr 3 or the 3 pro. But then again, huawei is a much bigger and more famous brand. Of course it does undercut the big boys, like the garments, the apples of this world, but we have to remember that the huawei watch gt3 runs on its own platform, the harmony os, and there are not that many apps that you can still download, because that ecosystem Is only in development stages, its only being filled up, so, of course, if you have an apple watch, there are myriads and absolute tons of apps that you can download to your watch now with the huawei its going to take some time.

So currently, if you get the watch, youll have to make do with whats already on the watch, but again for that price point it does offer quite a bit okay, so this watch does have five satellite networks that it works with so gps, galileo glonass and a Couple more so five, all up so huawei is saying that this watch has up to 50 percent. Better geolocation positioning than the previous gt2 were yet to check that out. Also, the sensor at the back apparently its way better than what we had on the gt2, and i do hope so because the gt2 was quite a bit away from the polar h, 10 ecg chest, wrap and now huawei have actually made a claim of their own. They said with the gt3 the small version, and this version is that the optical heart rate sensor on the back of it, is with the 96 percent accurate of the polar h10 ecg chest strap. Now, if you watch my channel for quite a bit, you know that i do tennis tests um. I do testing in the gym, while im running ive got the polar h10 sitting on top of my chest and im measuring the heart rate from there and comparing it to the heart rate that im seeing on the smart watches. So those tests are upcoming. With this watch so well see how accurate the huawei claim is now the gt3 has 100 sport modes thats a whole lot of sport modes.

On top of that, if you are looking to get into running or if you are doing running as it is well, this watch has 13 predefined courses that take you from newbie or from rookie all the way to semi pro levels, with quite good and guided program. So as youre running the watch will push you on saying. Well, your pace is falling a bit too low or too high, etc right. So this is really good. These are voice guided well as long as you do have your bluetooth earphones connected to your phone or to the watch, because at the end of the day, you dont need to carry around your phone when youve got this watch, because youve got 4gb of allocated storage For your media, so you can download your music well, basically, any media files that you can listen to while youre running its got gps. So it does measure your distance, your speed and so forth. But, of course, if you do want to be able to take calls off the watch face, you do need to be connected via bluetooth, with your smartphone. So with the gt2 you couldnt do that with the gt3 thats simple, you can actually record up to four favorite phone numbers to call off from your wrist. But if you do have an incoming phone call on your phone, you can actually choose to take the call from your wrist and the sound quality is spectacular were talking samsung quality here, and that means great quality.

The person on the other line will not be able to tell the difference whether youre speaking into the phone or actually speaking, into the microphone of the huawei. What gt3 so really good and the sound quality is very crisp its rather loud, but you can of course, adjust the volume anyway, so this watch can do it for you now what other awesome functionality. Finally, the huawei, what gt3 actually gets an ai assistant so when, basically so with huawei, you still have that online voice assistant, something like siri with the apple watch, something like your google helper with your samsungs. So this is extra. Extra cool and ill actually be doing a video which shows you how to use that assistant and the type of questions you can be asking so make sure to keep watching us. So, of course, youve got the three sleep stages that watch monitors. So you deep sleep. Your light sleep and your rem sleep, you also get auto stress, monitoring and ive. Seen a couple of reviewers saying that the auto stress monitoring only happens on android devices. That is not true, because i test all my watches on ios and android, and i can commit and say that ive tested the auto stress, monitor and it works both android and ios. Also, this watch here can actually measure your spo2 continuously, so your spo2 is your blood oxygen saturation. So this is a very important metric if you are trying to assess your respiratory health, so things like sleep apnea, you wouldnt be able to monitor the situation if its just an on demand press of a button, calculation or monitoring.

You actually need continuous monitoring of your blood oxygen saturation while youre at rest, and this is what the watch does. There are also breathing exercises. You do get the barometer. You do get your compass now, im, not sure when you would actually go out there and use a compass unless you were a full on hiker and then the gt3 does make sense, because the battery life on here well acclaimed battery life on the bigger watch is Up to two weeks, if you did like what you heard about the huawei, what gt3, then please keep watching my follow up reviews, because i will be talking specifically about the new functionalities in regards to sports in regards to the rotatable crown ill, be showing you some Hacks and tricks that you can do with this watch and, of course we will have gps as well as heart rate accuracy tests. So thank you for watching this review of the huawei watch gt3. If you did enjoy it. Please drop me a like. If you want to see more of the same, you know what to do.