In this arena, adding to that list is huaweis new watch gt3, which i have been using for a month now, so does it make among the best two. I will answer that question in this video. So lets dig right in starting with a quick, unboxing. Okay, you get the watch in this cube, shaped box inside there is the watch itself on the top. Then we have the charger and some paperwork in a separate box and thats. Basically, all you get here. I was kind of hoping for an extra pair of straps too, like with last years, gt2 pro but never mind. So the first thing that i really liked about this watch is its design. For me, this is by far one of the best looking smart watches. Ive used so far, i have the 46mm variant with leather straps. While you can also get the steel variant that gives off a more sophisticated look instead for those with a thinner, wrist, theres, a 42mm variant available as well, but regardless of the size or strap options. This metal body, complemented by stainless steel frames, oozes premiumness and, despite its chunky, looks the gt3 is not heavy at all and is actually quite comfortable to wear. In my opinion, the best design trade of this watch is the fact that, even though its a smartwatch fitness tracker hybrid, it does not necessarily look like one. It seamlessly goes with your everyday outfits and looks premium enough to wear it to a party as well.

The stainless steel frames also house a metal crown on the top right and a customizable button right below it. The crown serves as a home button while it can also take you to the app section or let you scroll through the menu items. The other button, as i said, is customizable, so you can set it to trigger whatever function you place by default. It brings out the exercise menu and i have left it as it is, but you can set it to open the weather or measure the heart rate and such okay. Moving on the watch, gt3 is 5 atm rated against water damage up to 50 meters as well. On to the display, things are equally impressive: here you are getting a 1.43 inches ammo screen with 326 ppi of pixel density and, as you can see its a bright screen with rich contrast and an amazingly fluid touch response. Even outdoors. This screen is bright enough to view the time or your exercise records. So if youre going for a outdoor run and want to check on how much distance, youve, traveled or stuff like that, visibility is not going to be a concern. Theres, an auto brightness feature here too, but its not as seamless as i expected. This is especially noticeable when the display does not dim itself to match the ambient lighting when the screen is turned on. It can bump the brightness levels, just fine, but not the other way around unless you turn off the screen.

On the other hand, the gt3 also supports always on display, but i did not quite find the use for it since the race to wake function. Here works almost instantaneously. There are a good number of always on display options here in case you prefer it, though, like always on display theres, a large selection of free and paid watch face options on the huawei health app as well, and the good news is that you can store almost 100 of them on the watch itself, however, unlike many smart watches out, there theres no option to customize one on your own. Well with the wide range of choices available. I am not particularly complaining, but its always good to have options. Also. I am slightly disappointed by the fact that there isnt any kind of glass protection for the display, because of this i already have one major and a few minor scratches on this thing, all right on the usability side, there are things that have impressed me a lot, Whereas im left wanting for more on some other aspects lets talk about the good stuff first, compared to always watch three series: thats geared more towards luxury and premium, looks the watch gt3 prioritizes health and fitness tracking instead and for the most part, the company has definitely Delivered in this regard, there are more than 100 gold based exercise, tracking options to choose from including the standard ones like indoor and outdoor running and walking, yoga, pilates and swimming to several types of dances, kite flying, hiking, etc.

Now i am mostly into outdoor running hiking, walking and yoga where the watch was able to track all of these activities quite accurately, plus with its dual band: gnss. It can deliver fairly precise positioning, especially when youre running outdoors or hiking. The watch also lets you set goals for individual exercises set reminders if your heart rate goes above or below the set value and more. Besides this, there are the usual health tracking features present here, like continuous heart rate and continuous spo2 monitoring on top of sleep, tracking and step and calorie counter, but do note that the watch gt3 records your spo2 levels once every 30 minutes only just like the huawei Band 6.. I also checked its reading against an oxymeter and the results from these two devices were, i would say, pretty neck and neck. Likewise, theres also a skin temperature sensor here, and i think its a very handy feature to have, especially during these corvette times. Also. I do have to mention that this is one of the very few smart watches that can track your sleep with incredible precision. All thanks to huaweis advanced truesleep, 2.0 algorithm. I am someone who falls asleep the moment i fall onto the bed and the watch. Gt3 has been able to record the exact time i go to bed and wake up on top of tracking my sleeping patterns. On a related note, all your fitness and exercise records are synced and can be viewed on a wider scale on the aforementioned huawei health.

App. The app is available on the google play store, but it hasnt been updated in quite a long time, meaning it misses out on quite a few features. On the contrary, youll have to sideload it from the huawei app gallery to get the latest version. Okay, as i said in the beginning, i have been using this watch for more than a month now, and during this time i have received almost five updates. One of the recent updates even enabled actionable notifications on messages which was previously not possible, but, unlike where os powered smart watches, the watch gt3 only lets you reply with emojis and built in short responses for now, although there is the option to customize the set responses. Moreover, you can also make or receive calls via bluetooth on this watch. With one little caveat, there is no option to dial a number here, but you can add up to 10 favorite contacts on the huawei health app to make a call from the watch itself or if someone has already called you it lets you redial the caller too. Then again, there is no standalone phone call support on the watch gt3 because of the lack of cellular connectivity, um hows the call quality you ask. Well, none of my frequent contacts have complained about it, even when i am in a particularly noisy environment. On my end, the voices sound clear, so i have absolutely no complaint on this end. Alright, like i mentioned earlier, there are a few things that i wish were better here, though.

The huawei watch gt3 runs on harmony, os 2.0 and because of the lack of google play store support here, you cannot use native google apps like maps or messages here instead, huaweis app gallery is where youd find all the downloadable apps, but the option for third party Apps are pretty limited here, be it in terms of watch faces or fitness related apps. Also, this smartwatch is complemented by huaweis own voice assistant called celia. Although weirdly, it only works with a worry phone on the exercise tracking front automatic workout detection did not work at all in my case, which is very inconvenient for me because most of the time i forget to manually start recording the workout anyways, something that is really Commendable on the watch gt3 compared to other premium smartwatches that ive used like the galaxy watch 4 and the apple watt series 6 is the battery life. It lasted me for about 12 days straight, even when keeping continuous heart rate monitoring turned on and using the gps. For around 20 to 30 minutes a day during outdoor runs. Well, then i tested it with continuous spo2 monitoring turned on as well, and apart from everything i discussed above, it still managed to give me around eight days of backup. Moving on this watch charges wirelessly and takes about three hours to fully juice up by the way, it also supports reverse wireless charging, but only with supported four way: phones, okay. After all this time with the huawei watch gt3, i must say that it has grown on me before this.

I have been using samsungs galaxy watch, for which is a very capable smartwatch in itself, but ultimately it was haunted by subpar battery life. Yes, the watch gt3 is not as powerful and neither does it have support for cellular connection or google play store support, but that has also enabled its battery life to last much longer and thats. Something most users like me will certainly appreciate, plus it does all the health and fitness tracking things right as a result, this is a no nonsense. Smartwatch that does practically everything a smartwatch should, while also looking incredibly stylish on the hands so guys. That was all for our unboxing and full review of the huawei watch gt3.