One is the one for smartwatch. With both of these watches. You can call your friends right from your wrist. You have activity tracking, you have built in gps, you have all the head: sensors in the world and all the good jazz, but before we get into some more details, let me introduce myself hey folks. My name is leonard youre, watching a product, reviewer and thats me by the way dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel if youre new, and if you really want to help me out click the notification bell as well. So where do we start? I guess lets start with some unboxing now, once we open up the box of the oneplus watch, we of course get to see the smartwatch right away underneath it we have all the extra stuff like a starting guide and a safety warranty card and below that we Have our charging cable one quick thing to mention about a charging cable is that it sticks pretty tight to the smartwatch, so you dont have to worry about that. It slips off while its charging over to the guys you watch for and the case has the same form as the other one, and once we open that one up, we get to see the watch 4.. We have some paper stuff and a charging cable. This one definitely does not stick to the watch as tight, so you have to be careful to put it on the right way.

Otherwise it wont charge so since weve been talking about the charging cable lets talk about the battery life right. Quick now in one of my older videos, you guys ripped me apart, saying that the guys who watch for last way longer than one day now during my test – and i can say it lasts about a day and a half. If you have all the features turned on, maybe a little bit longer, if you turn off the always in display mode, also, charging it from 0 to 100 takes 90 minutes, which is kind of long. In my opinion, by the way, im testing the 42 millimeter bluetooth version of it just in case you want to know now over to the oneplus watch. This one is a little bit bigger with 46 millimeter in size, so this one lasts way longer than the galaxy watch for so with all the features toggled on. I got quite a few notifications here and there and the brightness level set on high. You get seven full days of battery life, which may not be the promise 14 days from oneplus, but still awesome. If you compare it to the guys, you watch also charging it from zero to 100 takes less than half an hour. So the clear winner in this category is the oneplus watch. Okay lets head over to the design and the oneplus watch really looks different. If you compare to all of the other smartwatches, it has a great thick and wide full elastomer strap, which is textured and has one of a kind closing mechanic you kind of like have to tuck it underneath the other strap and then plug this little button through And then, with the leftover strap, you have to go through the loop, its kind of like hard to explain but uh blending the video over here.

So this watch has a 1.’ inch ammo touch display with a resolution or 454 by 454 pixel and a stainless steel case on which you unfortunately get to see fair prints pretty easily. The oneplus watch is water. Resistant up to 5 atm has a speaker and a microphone for cars built in gps, 4 gigs of internal storage, and it is only compatible with android smartphones. As for the galaxy watch, for we have a 1.2 inch, amoled touch display with 16 gigs of internal storage. Now, just like the oneplus watch, we have built in gps, a speaker mic for cars. It is only compatible with android smartphones. It has a stainless steel case with a plastic bag, and it is water resistant up to 5 atm its 20 millimeter strap fits a bit more sturdy than the ones of the oneplus watch and its a bit harder to change it. Even though both have a quick release feature, it definitely works better on the oneplus watch, with a weight of only 46 grams. It is 30 lighter than one plus watch, and you really feel that whenever you go for a run, you also have nfc for that sweet contactless payment. So you can leave your wallet inside your pocket and pay with your smartwatch and a few more things that we only get for. The guys who watch for is that we have for a screen protection, the corning gorilla glass dx and we have a rotatable bezel thats.

Something unique to the samsung brand, so, on the classic version you have a physical bezel, which you can rotate to scroll through your tiles, apps and notifications, and on the normal active version, you have a haptic bezel, which does the exact same so the clear winner in This category is the guys you watch for next up lets, get to the activity tracking and the accuracy of the built in gps and the heart rate. So over on the galaxy watch 4 we have 90 different sport modes to choose from and compared to the 110 of the oneplus watch. It may be a little bit less, but you still have all the sport modes covered that the average user needs. So you may not get balance training, chinese, martial arts or 13 different yoga modes, but i think we can live without that. The first difference in the sports section is that we can customize our workout screen on the galaxy watch 4 and add more metrics to it, and you even have four different data screens to choose from you can set goals on both these watches and control. Your music, while youre at it and dont, have to tap out of the workout screen or anything like that. Now, as for the accuracy of the bit in gps, the one plus watch seems to be quite accurate. Maybe it only looks like it since you cannot zoom in or out. As for the galaxy watch 4, it looks the same when you look at it from the same distant perspective, but over here you can zoom in and out as much as you want to, and you definitely can see the lines arent that accurate, since it tells you Youre walking inside some houses on the wrong street side or even inside the river.

So i really cannot say that one watch is better than the other one, but what i can say that both reports give me the exact same stats as i was comparing the heart rates now on. One of my testing runs. The gassy watch 4 gave me an average heart rate of 160 with a high of 173. The oneplus gave me an average of 161 with a high of 175. So pretty much the same now. Folks, if youve got that far into the video, please smash the like button subscribe to my channel if youre new and click that sweet notification bell to never miss out on any new content. Now lets talk about some features. Both these smartwatches have an spo2 tracker, even though the gas watch 4 arm tracks it automatically during the night, whereas the oneplus watch tracks it 24 7.. Now, on both of these watches, you have in 24, 7 stress and heart rate tracker and a sleep tracker now, in addition to those trackers, the galaxy watch 4 has an ecg plus blood pressure tracker and the body composition. With this one, you get to see your fat mass body, fat, bmi, bmr and stuff, like that, it basically tells you how fat you really are, and all you have to do, for that is put your two fingers on the side. Buttons of the watch lets get to some bigger differences. Now both watches have internet stars, so you can save some music files on the oneplus watch.

You have to transfer music to the oneplus app and then you have to sync it with your watch, whereas on the galaxywatch4 it is a little bit easier since you can just download spotify and download music tracks podcasts and whole playlists directly to your watch. Also, if you get notifications for the apps like whatsapp, you cannot reply to them on the oneplus watch. You can only read them over there. As for the galaxy watch, you can answer those messages in all kinds of ways you can use the quick reply. Answer type your own message or even talk to the watch so dictate whatever youre saying, and that actually works very good. One feature that you can only find on the guys. Watch 4 is that you can download apps like youtube, music, spotify shopping lists and all of that stuff just go to the google play, store and either type the name in the tab bar or click on one of these categories to search for some more second or Less i want to talk about the physical buttons that you get on the side of each watch on the oneplus watch. The upper button takes you to your app list and back and the lower one takes you to your workout mouse, even though this one is customizable and you can connect it to any of your apps. The galaxy watch has two physical buttons as well on which the upper one takes you back to the home screen or if you press it for a little longer, you get to the bixby voice assistant with which you can set timers start workouts or ask anything.

You want to and by double tapping it it takes me to my spotify now the lower button, just like the upper button is customizable. This one takes me either to the previous page or show my recent apps and now for last lets talk about the price the oneplus watch will cost you 159 euros on the official store, whereas the gas gassy watch, 4 42 millimeter classic bluetooth version will cost you Right around 300, which is almost twice as much so you can decide which one is better. Maybe let me know in the comments below which one you like more.