This is the hw18 series, six clone smart watch, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always post sneak peeks on what to expect in all souls and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit The bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So i ordered two of these: the hw 18 and the hw 19. hw 90 came first i’ve already unboxed and reviewed that checked out my previous video, but here we have the hw18. Yes, the packaging looks familiar if you’ve already seen the hw19 but let’s get into it. It might be different, so we’ll have to wait and see so straight away. Waffle pro that’s, the app you need to download on your phone hw18 that’s. What it’s called here is the smart watch, what it looks like it’s, just a smartwatch right. There comes in five different colors uh with different watch buttons as well. Here are some of the specifications, so it’s got 1.6 inch. Dual screen display full circle. Hd 20 screen wallet function and also business card function. What these two are is you can put your uh? Well, we tried the business card function, so i put my business details uh on whatsapp qr code and i synced it to this to the hw 90, which you can do also do to this one. So once you scan the qr code, uh your whatsapp details will come up and you can do that, but any other app like snapchat instagram, your normal mobile phone number or different apps, which i’ll show you later same again with the wallet function.

You can do uh make payments with that as well, so uh that’s, two good features to have on smartwatches uh it’s got real time a call count. A real time call a reminder. Customized watch face all day, heart rate monitor and 30 days of standby time. So a bit information there that’s the qr code for the wifi pro up and here are a few trademarks, and this is made in china as with everything else so opening this up. I got a different color this time compared to the previous one. It is a 40 millimeter as well look how small it is really cool, but just before we take a look at the watch, let’s see what else we get inside of the box, so it is color coordinated. This is a pink color with also a pink silicon watch band and also a pink whether this nylon nylon bands, whatever you want to call it. It also has a 2 pin charger with usb, and here we have the manuals, which is hw18 smartwatch, let’s open this up so two to three different languages. And if you look closely to the functions, you would know what i mean. If you want to pause that the wallet function, the app can uh can upload the payment qr code to the watch and the payment can be received by raising your hand same again with the business card, so that’s two good features with this hw 18. Now what we need to do is check out the watch.

What do you think of the color? Let me know in the comment section below so it’s, a really nice gloss, pink, color, baby, pink, whatever you want to call it uh. It is definitely a 14 millimeter, smartwatch let’s take off the plastic there. We have it look at the design, so it’s a crown with a mic uh placed a little below than usual and also a button placement that actually works. We also have two speaker grilles. One is fake, one is real, take a look at the back. You got the sensors same as the original uh text around it, but the two pin charger is right there to charge this smartwatch so let’s power this on and see what we get. You get a vibration really loud as well. This watch face is actually the latest watch face. You can get with the rainbow band as well, so they would duplicate that straight onto this. So let’s get straight into it. Uh let’s hold the watch face down and, as you can see, it says, change the style, style, 2 style, 3 style, 4 style 5. So it’s got 5 different styles, which one shall we choose? Does the crown work? Yes, it does really nice and smooth. So let’s go with that one, because this is a different one, so swipe it down. You have these shortcuts. So top left is blue tools. It has always on display, which is really good. You can lock screen with the passcode right there, that is, the payment, uh qr code function and the one on the right is the business card and that settings also percentage of the battery time and day so let’s go into settings.

You’Ve got dimming let’s click demon, swipe back bright screen, duration, let’s change that all the way to the top screen of time. Let’S change that all the way to the top phone settings. You can change it to download dial vibration or call vibration. Um that’s called vibration is also you won’t get we won’t vibrate when you connect it to your phone. When you receive incoming calls, do not disturb raise to wake up sound of vibration. Language settings connect mobile phone that’s, the qr code to download the app uh password. If you want to password when you lock the smartwatch about so you have version 1.0.5 hw18, as you can see right there does the crown actually work. Yes, it does nice and smooth definitely faster than the pre. Well, the one after hw 90., so let’s go back and let’s see what else we get so push it in the crown let’s swiping it to the right. You’Ve got your split screen that comes out, which puts the apps that you use on the left at the bottom, sos it’s not connected to the phone, so you can’t use it just before going to the menu. It actually gives you a time and date and also a scantic code to download the app let’s. Take the back swiping up your messaging notifications. Swiping it to the left is your shortcut to your heart rate and, as you can see, the christmas flashing lights are on. So let’s uh as we’re on this let’s, see if we get a reading while it’s off an object, as you can see in the background, the lights are flashing onto the desk and we’ll.

Give it a few seconds if that doesn’t work, we’ll, put an object and see if it gives us a reading, then, as you can see, without being an object, it’s giving us 75 beats per minute, so that’s, how you know: it’s fake, so that’s the data from The pedometer steps and calories that you burn your weather shortcut and also you can add some different shortcuts, which we have right there so that’s the shortcuts on the main screen let’s. You can’t do anything with that, so let’s go into menu and you just push the crown in. If you want to change the menu style, so you’ve got mini style. One pushing the crown in uh twice changes the menu to the style, two style 3, which is a small style you can zoom in and out of that one and back to so it’s got three different styles. So let’s go all the way to the top. So h, heart rate, blue blood pressure, blood oxygen. They don’t work. They don’t give you accurate reading data sleep, the screen sensitivity. This is much better than the hw19. I have got to say so. Indoor activities you’ve got to have to choose from it’s much more responsive. As well with this one, definitely so a phone, you need to connect it to your phone weather, connected to your phone and we’ll sync, the weather as well good thing about it. It does remember what part you want when it comes to the menu which is good stopwatch music.

You have to connect it to your phone. It hasn’t gotten uh built in storage, so i put it back with worksheet to take picture countdown blood pressure, uh message, notifications. We haven’t got not because we’ve not connected it. Uh calculator and set up let’s check calculator, i’ll check that out 355., so yeah that is it that’s what you get so you don’t get no games. The only features good features you have is uh the qr code for the cash app and also the business card, and it’s got passcode with lock screen, always on display and it’s a 40 millimeter. So this might actually be some interest for some people because they do like a small watch with a few different features. But it’d be better if you had games or a few of the features like the previous smartwatches i’ve done in the past. But what we’re going to do now is connect it to the smartphone, my smartphone, and see what other things we can do with it when it’s connected in the wear fit pro app here we have a webfit pro and, as you can see, this is a really Good outsole, we need to our device make sure my bluetooth is on also make sure bluetooth is on, and this one’s slightly down, as you can see, bluetooth is on right now, add device and you’ve got to do registration let’s start again so back to device we’re In hw19 so let’s delete that, because that was the previous one close and device hw 18.

Now so we’re pairing and hopefully it should change and then so we’ll pair. It cancel that allow notifications and there we go – i know so there we have. It watch faces right. This is a lot of people want to actually see this to see if we can change watch faces and, yes, we can on this hw18. So, as you can see, you can put customized watch faces on or you can pay for a few and have these ones so that’s really good uh. This also thinks the steps, calories and kilometers that you walked business card and wallet. This is what i mean. So you can actually uh put your uh wallet from your wechat alipay or paypal and it’ll bring a qr code. So if someone says any payment, they can scan the qr code that works really good. I’Ve also done the uh business card on whatsapp as well. So if you sync the whatsapp and uh your details, business card will come out there with the qr code. So that is two good features to have whether reports notifications, so you can toggle on and off the notifications. You want, when receiving uh information from your phone alarm health reminder taking pictures find bracelet and, as you can see, it’s vibrating you can’t see that, but it is all. The settings is 12 hour clock rate to wake hourly point measurement, favorite contracts, troubleshoot firmware, update, so there’s, a new update, which i need to do factory settings and delete current device.

So, with these clone, smart watches you’ve always got to add them twice when it comes to your um bluetooth things, so hopefully you should get another one we’ll make sure bluetooth is on there. So watch call once you’ve connected that you can receive phone calls and text messages that i’ve got that i haven’t gotten on the phone because i’m using my uh original iphone x, 12 pro but yeah. The number doesn’t come up it’s, just the name, and you can get notifications from whatsapp and uh your text messages, but you can’t reply back. It just shows you so there we have it.