Show you as soon as i can get to the notifications. So heres notifications see the little envelope there we go so its about and then right here. So this is a text message the amazing full cheek. So if i click on that so kind of generic, so email notification email. So the hard part is when you click on that. How do i there we go clear. You can clear that one, but i mean how do you anyway? You cant clear them all so thats annoying, but that answers your question. So let me send a text message and if i open it, it just says test, but it doesnt really distinguish between the other ones. So if i scroll back there, we go and view yeah that thats all it says and you cant reply or anything its just very basic. So i hope that answers your question. Yes, there are different icons, but they can be confusing and there are no text replies. I do have it connected to an android phone, maybe thats. Why so right now its synchronizing with my account – and this is the nice thing about garmin – is if you do have more than one garmin watch. You can synchronize multiple watches to the same account. So i have the phoenix 7x this one and my instinct solar, which ive turned off so now all my stuff did merge 7023 and if i scroll down this should be 7023 yep.

It is, and this one should now be 7023 huh. 7017. Close enough. I think its because im actually wearing this one – and i believe garmin knows now – if i were to take this one off and just wear this one and go to a workout, everything would be fine. All the data normally syncs should sync from this swatch. To my account, but this is my preferred tracker, so this is what i need to wear for bet and if theres conflict it takes this one over that one, so the battery life is taking forever to drain. Now i do like this watch face and let me show you all the other watch faces. If you scroll down and go to the vivomoo style, you can go to appearance watch face and these are your options, so you have just so you really have just six ones, so you can do this one and then you can choose the complications of day night. Calorie weather, so i could do status on the top and then on the bottom. I could do yeah ill, do floor, ill, do steps and then i click click back forces synchronize at the top. And then, if we go back, you can see it synchronizing and then, as soon as its done, then the new watch face will appear still syncing sync complete there. We go and theres my new watch face kind of like the other one because it was color and then again you can always swap back and go right back to that watch face so no matter where you are in the menu swipe return.

I really like that feature. I didnt even know that was a feature until i had the watch for about two or three days, but i really like the style again if youve skipped ahead, if this shut down and if it tracked rowing workouts. So how fast does it receive text messages ill just do voice. This is a test message, so now it sends so its going from this phone to this phone and then to the watch, and then we can hear how loud it buzzes. Oh, it came to this watch now. This is whats cool, ill show you how it should reply. So if i go down to notifications so now i can click here. I can reply – and i can say busy at the moment so now its going from the watch to the phone to the other phone, its really fast. So i do like that part and then to clear messages on the phoenix see how you just swipe, swipe swipe. Swipe see how fun that is, thats one thing thats problematic on this one, to clear the notifications, its a bit wonky. However, one thing you can do is, if you just swipe down and do clear all, then it clears all the notifications on the phone and normally that should clear them on the device lets make sure it does measure stress, thats, nice, so oh no messages so that Works even though you cant clear them on the device, you can clear them on the phone now i did test that feature.

I dont want to think im doing this first draft. This is actually my third time trying to do this final review for this watch. In summary, if it had a little better battery life, i would think for a hybrid. It should be a full week, but mainly it doesnt shut off it doesnt track rowing. It doesnt have a treadmill workout, the workouts are quite limited, ill show you all of them that it does, and what i mean is if you cant analyze, the workout like garmin, normally does for their workouts, then its more of categorization and not really workout analyzing its Just oh yeah calories – and you worked out for this long, and these are your intensity minutes as far as accuracy for what it does track. I think its quite good i do like how the face watch will lock. I dont like how you cant manually lock it. I do wish you could do labels with the alarms that would be nice, and i really wish that you could have a different charger. I i really dont like this charger anymore garmin. I think this should be a qi, wireless charger like the samsung galaxy watch, but i love the design i think, with a metal band. This would be great. I can easily get four to five days. The other thing i dont, like it doesnt have standalone gps and thats what im used to with a lot of my other watches.

So i often when i want to do a workout. I just want to go work out. I dont want to carry a phone with me these bounce, a lot when youre running okay, i only run about seven miles an hour but still having to carry this with a phone and then the whole gps. Assist thing is quite antiquated. In my opinion, if youre going to buy a real smart watch, which this is not then youre stuck with always having your phone nearby now i did discover by accident a happy accident when you work out it says: do you want to use the phones gps? You can say no and that just does a regular workout ill show that now so just for fun ill show you my favorite thing about these true smart watches thats how fast she can turn airplane mode on or off and theres also sleep mode. The other thing that none of these garmins do currently as of today is the 11th. They do not track naps, and that is a huge error on garmins part man. I love this design. I love how light it is so to view your workouts, you just synchronize the watch, so this is the workout that it tracked this morning, so we have chime 3 hours 1.7 miles, give or take based upon my steps so theres, no gps, theres, no steps estimated Sweat loss, 1, 000 milliliters, so i need drinks more water, average heart rate, so just kind of basic stuff has the lapse.

Thats nice has pace heart rate time and zones, and again this is only 200. Yes, it is a true, smarter watch, but it is a hybrid smartwatch, not a true smartwatch like samsung or apple or the bigger garmins, mainly its just its really missing the two way communication. If youre going to call yourself a smart watch, you need to have two way communication. This is more of a read only device. Now you cant input your water thats nice. You can do the workout, so thats inputting, but when you cant just quickly reply to a text message even can messages thats kind of lame, but they do have this one that ill be reviewing soon the venue 2.. A lot of you asked me to review this. One, it went on sale, so i got it. Let me know your thoughts im really curious about it. So in summary, hopefully i didnt miss anything to show that yeah battery life, great it doesnt, have airplane mode, but you can disable bluetooth similar but different. It doesnt shut off, oh and these are the workouts that it tracks. If you open up garmin and you go to the watches and then you go to vivomove style and then you scroll on down to activity tracking, so it does do pulsa wax. It does move alert, so it does move iq, ive, tested it walking and running it works go to activity options, so it does walking, it does running cardio strength, training that worked yoga worked other and then you can change it, but then its going to be really Basic and then theres also bike elliptical, stair, trapper, stair, trooper, stair, stepper, sound it out, stair, stepper and then the toe to toe workout, which i couldnt get to work ill.

Try it with another watch. This is not the only device that does the toe to toe its its kind of cool so right there it does do pool swim, which works. Send you a link to that workout itll be in the description below oh and if you skipped ahead, it also doesnt have the ability to just disable touch, but it automatically goes into do not disturb mode so at night, even if you raise to wake yeah, i Dont think youd accidentally start a workout because it requires a lot of oh. I think the battery went dead, okay and now its just a watch. So i wonder if its tracking steps well test that before weve finished the video cnn several hours since the device battery went dead, the time is showing just after 11 and the time is correct. My calculations are correct: its been nearly eight hours since the battery died and its still going strong well just see what tomorrow brings and im just gon na put it right there for the night and ill check it in the morning. So now it is just a gorgeous timepiece so about that battery life. What happened was after i let it go completely dead. It lasted another 24 hours. I think it would have gone a little bit longer, but yeah it kind of ruins. The whole point of having a hybrid, smart watch, but still i wanted to see if it did keep the time and it did test passed and thats the end of my story: thats the garmin vivomove style.

Thank you. So much for watching part of me does wish. I could just keep all the watches, but there are more watches to test this week. Im testing the venue 2 versus the samsung galaxy watch, four im, calling it galaxy versus garmin, so stay tuned for that thatll be coming out very soon, and thank you for your time. Piffy comments, type those down below and dont forget to run farther to get further. In life and yes, let the credits, roll for the paramount kid and well just end this, i i returned.