This research took almost three weeks to come from china aliexpress in china to ocean states. Nigeria is meant to be a smart bracelet that helps to pa thats. The part now to monitor your health. It is called the m4 with a hd color screen message via 45 days battery life. Okay lets review it so it comes. It comes in this packaging with this yeah, the whats, this called manuel yeah. This is the manual of how to like set it up. Okay and it comes with another bracelet, because i chose the color purple because you guys know i love pink and purple exactly, and it comes with a usb charger. This is the watch i already have it set up here, which is it here, im wearing it now with the black band, because this is like more versatile than popular. Obviously so this is it that came out of this is the actual water and ive pressed the button here for the something to come on. So how do you charge it to charge it by just doing it this way and you plug into your charger your hub yeah, so lets review it. So he has a lot of settings it has like it. Just has one button, so you just type it on here, so you have sports messages, sleep, weather, music. More then you have your time footstep and dates and day. Okay, um first thing i would say, is i actually liked it was very, very affordable.

Everything was less than three thousand or three five for the entire thing guys i needed a watch. I know they want to buy and im like okay. I know they want to review for aliak for tick tock, and i got this okay. Another thing, i would say, is its very cute: its not waterproof, so dont get me thinking, you know it was waterproof, come by the original, samsung or apple watch or something. This is not waterproof. Okay um this stretch that shows like how many steps you take its incorrect, its not correct at all id not buy four steps. If i want steps, i would get some song health on my phone, so i dont buy four steps. These steps issues are wrong. The heart rate is almost always the same time. I try to use the heart rate and checkload my heart. I tried it when i was sick, but the same thing when i was well, which was absolutely wrong because i had a respiratory like allergy and it was. My house was beating like at a mud, mad speed, so that was also wrong. The sports you can it helps you to like time like your workouts, so i like the idea message. I dont know how to use the messages settings messages. I dont know how to use it. So weather lets see saying zero zero zero, so i dont know music. Does not work more theres, nothing in more, it says camera.

I can control my camera from here. Actually with this one, i dont know how i came with this. Looking for doesnt work theme lets check it doesnt work. So basically, this is just a regular digital watch. If you ask me, i have to install it up on my phone to set up set of the time the outfits pull up. I have to scan this barcode, but all in all, as a wristwatch, he tells the timing. It tells the time, but the smart watch is such a dumb watch, its very dumb, but for 3k 35. I really dont mind. I wear it just to tell that. I really. I really could not care less about it being able to control my music. I have hands, i can press for something. Someone said uh first, to tell me the amount of steps i take a day. I really dont care. The trek died, so i dont care. I dont i dont want to know i should say samsung before my samsung phone store messages like 7k to 10k steps daily. So i have a reference amount of stuff. I take daily im, not a fit found person. So if i want, if i was a fit found person and ive gotten like a legit, smart watch, smart watch yeah battery life. If i dont charge it at all, it lasts and i dont use that i just charge it. If i charge it, i leave it. It can last for like four or five days they said 45 days.

They are lying, they probably mean four or five days and if i change them using the last two days, 20 48 hours before it like drains uh. No, it lasts max three days. But if i leave it, if im using that, i dont charge it at all in like two days zero, it will die okay, so about ten. This is like, if you are a someone that wants to get total value for your money, its like a two over ten, but you just wan na buy a watch. Just tell you the time, its like nine about 10.