So this is a review of the samsung galaxy watch. I have the classic on my right wrist and also the standard the non classic on the left. Now the classic is the more premium flagship product. This is the one that samsung loaned me to review, because samsung wanted to highlight this one. But then i actually checked out this one at a store, and i liked the non classic so much that i purchased the non classic instead for me to use long term ill, explain a little bit later, why i prefer the non classic overlap. Classic lets just begin. The review now, for the most part, everything i say in this review – will apply to both watches because they are very, very similar. The only difference is really is the classic has a rotatable, bezel and stainless steel body. Otherwise they have the same chip same screen. Everything so lets begin the review. If you follow the wearable industry at all, you will probably know that right now there are a lot of really good fitness bands, fitness trackers from companies like fitbit, huawei, xiaomi and several others. These bands are relatively inexpensive, particularly the xiaomi or honor ones. You can probably find them for under 60 70 us dollars and they do a really good job of keeping track of all your health data. Like your sleep steps, um exercises heart rate like everything that you would need, so that puts smart watches in a tough spot, but your smart watches are usually quite a bit more expensive and theyre a little bit bulky.

So that means, in my opinion, a smart watch. Is only worth it if they can do a lot more than a typical, like 40 dollar fitness band, and on top of that i would prefer a smartwatch to do so. Much that they make me check my phone less. Unfortunately, up until recently, the only smartwatch that can really do all that, for me, is the apple watch like when im wearing apple watch. I can respond to notifications on my wrist like if i get a whatsapp message asking me: hey, do you want dinner? I can just be like yeah, okay, i want to do dinner. What time speak it? The apple watch will pick all my words. Likewise, if i get an email, i can read an entire email on the apple watch. I can also activate siri on an apple watch. Anytime and ask for directions, you know navigate me to the closest coffee shop or like whats the time in tokyo. Right now, you may be thinking these sound like very basic functionality. Surely smart watches for android do the same thing right? Actually, most of them do not, for example, huawei makes some really really beautiful smart watches, but they dont. Allow me to respond to notification. So if im wearing a huawei watch – and i get a whatsapp message – i can read it. But if i want to respond to it, i have to take out my phone and type and that defeats the purpose of wearing a watch.

In my opinion, even fitbit, which is a pretty big company thats owned by google, does not allow you to respond to notifications easily. I believe you can only pick from a selection of like preset responses. You know like yes, no ill call you back like one of those now were talking about like where os devices or previous samsung galaxy watch. They actually do allow you to respond to notifications, but those watches tend to run on like an outdated processor, and the software was just a little bit laggy that it was very hard to use. For example, you got the galaxy watch three that came out last year. Voice dictation on that was so bad that it would lag behind what i say by so much and make so many mistakes that i just didnt use it. It was unusable, so thats been pretty frustrating for me because im someone who carries an android phone most of the year and i hate that i dont – have anything in android as good as an apple watch until now. Thats, because the samsung galaxy watch 4 finally lives up to what i expect of a smartwatch. So my biggest requirement allowing me to respond to notifications by just speaking actually work well on the galaxy watch four because they run on a brand new five nanometer chip, the exynos 920. Now, when i get a whatsapp message or a slack message, i can just speak. What i want to say, and it will actually pick up everything i say in real time – not make many mistakes and send the message for me: hey man.

Can you hear me, and by now youve probably heard that the galaxy watch 4 are the first samsung wearables to run on googles, wear os in many many years, so it means these galaxy watch actually have access to google apps this year, like google maps. So this is huge again because i like to navigate a lot of my watch, and now i can do that with google maps on a previous galaxy watch. You didnt really have a good map solution because it did not run on googles, aware os and because the screens of these watch are relatively large at 1.4 inches. That means, if i get an email, i can actually read an entire email on the watch. I dont have to take on my phone every single time, ive been wearing the galaxy watch for either this one or this one for the past week and im, estimating it probably saved me from needing to pull out my phone like a hundred times now. The reason i prefer the standard over classic is because of the lack of the bezel on the classic. This bezel elevates over the watch, its actually pretty cool because you can navigate through the ui by rotating on it, but at the same time i think the screen on the standard just look cleaner and more immersive without that bezel in the way. On top of that, the standard is thinner than the classic, because it doesnt have that bezel.

So new to the galaxy watch series this year is this sensor, which samsung calls bioactive sensor. It is an all in one sensor that tracks three metrics optical heart rate, electrical heart rate and bioelectrical impedance analysis. So these three sensors, basically team up to monitor your blood pressure, detect irregular heartbeat blood, oxygen levels and all the other stuff that are important to your health and also one more new thing. This year is you can check your body composition, which is how much of your body is fat and muscle, and to do so, you just have to tap on the stop measure enter your stats, and then you have to be wearing the watch and put two fingers Right here and then what the watch will do is it will send electrical pulses through your finger and then these poses will go through your body, and you know when it bumps into fat. It will know thats fat, thats, not muscle and then send the data back to the watch and after that it will tell you how much of your body percentage is fat as someone who used to take weight lifting pretty seriously. I am happy to see this here, because body fat percentage is actually the most accurate or important metric to determine if you are in shape or not a lot of people focus on the numbers on a scale like. Oh no, i gained five pounds or bmi both of those dont really matter like the number of numbers on the scale dont matter.

What matters is how high is your body, fat percentage and im happy to report that the body fat percentage numbers that the watch reports seems to be pretty accurate, because for my testing it says i have about a 24 body fat percentage right now and i can Tell thats about accurate because i used to take weight lifting seriously, so i can tell these things. I can also say that the galaxy watch 4 does a good job of keeping track of your heart rate and your step count. I wore this along. The apple watch. 36 and the numbers are very similar. The watch can also automatically detect your workout so the other day i went for a bike ride and actually could tell. I was going for a bike ride and whenever i walk around hong kong at a faster pace than usual, it will begin tracking that workout too, because it thinks im going on like a power walk when im just rushing around the city. Now, like i said, because this watch runs on wear os now it has access to google apps. So you actually have the google play store here and you can jump into it and download apps directly from the watch. Likewise, any app that you download on your phone will show up here if theres like a watch equivalent of that app, so this galaxy watch having a closer tie to google, its good for android phone owners. Now, unfortunately, the galaxy watch 4 right now does not support.

Google assistant, so if you long press on the button to trigger voice assistant its bixby that shows up now to be honest, bixby is not that bad. It can do basic stuff, like hey, set a timer for 10 minutes, but its still, not as good as google assistant. Now the good news is samsung says it will bring google assistant over to the galaxy watch. Eventually i dont know how long, but if samsung does it within the next two months, then thats acceptable? If it takes longer than two months, then no thats a pretty major flaw in this watch, because google assistant is much better than bixby so other than the lack of a useful voice assistant right now i have no real complaints with the galaxy watch. 4.. Im really loving the performance, this new 5 nanometer chip is so much snappier than last year, like apps actually launched immediately now it doesnt take like a one second wait. When i do voice dictation, it picks up my voice in real time and when i scribble text, it picks it up very fast too, and i think for 250 us dollars. This is a good option. This is a really good companion for you using an android phone, particularly a samsung phone. If you do want to use this with other android phones like xiaomi, you will have to download samsungs galaxy ware app and also install a bunch of plugins. It will take like 10 15 minutes so its a little bit annoying, but once you set all that up, it will work with your other android phones without issues.

Now, ultimately, comparing the galaxy watch 4 against the apple watch is a lost cost, because both watches are kind of separated by a wall. If youre using an iphone, youre gon na use an apple watch, this watch will not play well with your iphone. Likewise, if youre using an android phone, then you cant even consider an apple watch anyway. So ultimately, the galaxy watch 4 is going up against not the apple watch but against the likes of fitbit um. The huawei watch xiaomi, smartwatchers and other watches from like motorola and mobvoid, and i can say that right now the galaxy watch beats all those watches. By far it is the only watch that can. Let me respond to notifications very easily. I mean thats all im asking for really so anyway, thats about it for this review of the galaxy watch 4 and the classic um, the galaxy watch classic sells for 350 us dollars, whereas the galaxy watch 4 starts at 250.. So i personally would recommend the standard over the classic, but if you do like that, bezel and you want a stainless steel body, thats a little bit more premium than the galaxy watch 4 classic may be worth considering. I was just going to a store that sells. Samsung products and just have a look for yourself, see which one you like so anyway, thats about it for this review, its gon na be a very busy september man. I have a lot of stuff coming so stay tuned to this channel thats it for now.