If you follow my channel, you know im not into smart watches, but they are part of the watch world. So i include a review of one from time to time, although rarely in fact this is the second smart watch featured on my channel and it was and is worn by my wife – not me just like the first one. I guess my dislike of smart watches come from their short life span and obsolescence. I just dont see a point in getting something which is pretty much a smartphone for your wrist with all the same drawbacks, meaning it will look and feel outdated in two to three years. This is why you will never see me review or approve expensive smart watches. Theyre a gadget and a gimmick, and as such i approve when people get affordable ones as then, im, okay, with changing them every couple of years, and this thing when it comes to affordable, smart watches, is one of the best overall, with a price of just under 100 dollars it will not break your bank while it will offer a stylish look, which is clearly inspired by apples iwatch. My wife loves the styling, as it is simple nicely sized at 45. Millimeter luck to lug, and just under 35 millimeter in width and best of all, it is thin at just 9.9 millimeters, making it a comfortable wear on both a larger wrist as well as a smaller one. The last smart watch she had was 46 millimeters in diameter and even more luck to luck – and it looked way too big on her despite her claiming it wasnt speaking of that last smartwatch, the attack on this has improved drastically again, showing how these get obsolete very Fast, this is noticeably faster and way more responsive, while the screen has a better resolution, making message reading possible without losing your eyesight.

The battery on this has a claimed life of 5 to 7 days, and the real life performance is very close to that. With my wife having to charge it every four to five days, but she doesnt let it drain all the way, so the claimed seven days i do believe is possible. She also wears this 24 7 and does use the advanced functions when it comes to functions. This is loaded with pretty much anything you can think of. It has message and notification push, meaning you can read all of them on the watch. It has a built in microphone and speaker, so you can answer calls and even make calls as it pulls the call history as well as the phone book. It has a heart rate, monitor sleep, quality, monitor a blood pressure measurement and even blood oxygen levels, making it ideal for hypochondriacs to come up with new conditions. They might suffer from. Joking aside, it is ideal as a fitness watch as well, not just because of all these sensors, but also the built in sport modes which covers sports. Even i might try out. Overall, it is a sleek. Looking smart watch with a range of functions which you will have trouble finding as a single package, even on the more esteemed and way more expensive competition looks wise. They copied the best making it stylish and, dare i say timeless, while the huge amount of preloaded, as well as customized faces, make it fit your style and personality im, still not a fan of smart watches and i definitely wont be getting one in the near future.

But my wife is, and the fact shes pleased with a hundred dollar smart watch means im happy as i saved some money and made her happy at the same time. Also me praising the watch has absolutely nothing to do with the fact it is my wifes watch and i dare anyone to say otherwise. Well, thank you for watching.