This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos, we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of the i5 smartwatch. So i got this one guys for around 400 pesos, so that’s around eight dollars at choppy, guys all right and for the specifications guys. I put that one on the description below all right and let’s open it guys. So, but before that let’s look at the box. So it is a typical white box that we have, and in the middle there is the i5 smartwatch and the smartband branding on top okay and below are the features okay on the sides. There’S none – and we have here guys the specification so multi sports mode steps. Moving distance calorie heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, incoming call, information display, take photos, remotely weather, display, sedentary reminder, music control, sleep monitoring and smart stopwatch. So i get this one guys in black, so let’s open it one. So we have here the charger, so it’s a clip style, guys all right, and we have here the watch itself and we also have here the manual which is in english and also in chinese. So if you have any trouble with your watch, then just focus on your manual. So now look guys. So here is our strap of our watch, so it is feels it feels like plastic guys. So, as they said, it’s made from silica gel and we have here – the watch buckle: okay, all right and there’s – also a lock here guys, so it means that it can be removed and we have here the sensors and the charging pins here.

Okay and okay. Let’S, take it off guys this plastic here, so i i accidentally pressed this one guys. This is the circle area here. It means that it is the power on and off button, so guys on the sides – there’s none, okay, there’s no power here. So it means that this circle at the bottom it serves as the switch on and off all right, so guys. I am quite amazed because it is my first time to really see if an affordable, smart watch with a curve design guys the curved display. Yes, so, and it feels heavy guys, so it doesn’t feel cheap at all. So if i don’t really know the watch price, maybe i can say that it’s it’s worth like maybe two thousand or one thousand pesos in just my opinion, because just feeling the watch – okay and it doesn’t really feel cheap, guys. Okay, now let’s look at the functions of this watch guys so when upon pressing the circle icon here, it will take you to the different features. So we have steps distance, calories, sports mode, so let’s check how many sport sports mode does it have so we have here one cycle: climb swim, so actually it’s, four guys for sports mode. Okay, so now let’s click on back, and we also have here the heart rate, so let’s check the heart rate. As you can see guys, the sensor is really working. Let’S wear this one let’s check our heart beat okay guys.

So it says here 93 bits per minute: okay, that’s, okay, and then we have your blood pressure. Let’S check our blood pressure, guys Music; okay, guys, as you can see, it’s 122 over 88 spo2 or the oxygen level okay. So we have here 98 or 95 or 99, okay, it’s changing guys, and then we have also here sleeve monitoring, stop watch, find phone messages about the qr code and power on and off, and this is actually the with the home screen, guys so let’s check. If we can change the watch face so guys by just tapping the circle icon here at the bottom, is it will change the style? So, as you can see it changes, so we’ve got three styles guys so one two three. Yes, so it’s just up to you guys on which watch face. Do you want to use all right? Okay, so, in my opinion, guys uh. My initial review for this is by just the design. It looks good and i think it also feels premium yes and i am not sure yet about its function. So i will give you my review after a couple of weeks after using this product, all right, so guys, if you have any questions, just comment down below and if you like, this video guys kind of click, the thumbs up and also consider subscribing.