Why i’m so quiet, because it’s currently night time and i can’t fall asleep. So something just came in the mail today, i’m gon na swatch the camera. So you can see what yeah i got a brand new watch for myself, it’s a fitness tracker because you i’m in really bad shape. You know, i mean i’m a little overweight and i need to know what my heart rate is and all that i got this on, take a lot but yeah, it was surprisingly cheap. Surprisingly, cheap, it was kind of cool yeah. So if you want to get the name there’s, the name right there cool so we’re gon na open it up like this way. There you go so it does come on this sleeve, open it up there. It is there it is there. It is right there. Oh, no, this fingerprints on it typical hold on you, try and wipe those fingerprints off that should do it. You know i’m gon na be absolutely gentle hold on i’m, just gon na put the phone down. Okay, guys. I got it out the box. It looks like this yeah, i think, we’re running with the straps they aren’t in the box so i’m just going to put this down gently, we have to put it over here. I’Ll, lift this up and then we’re going to lift it to reveal the straps. They have orange and green on my oh. So this is what the charger looks like.

So this is what the charger will look like. It’S got these two pieces in the back, and this thing is magnetic. So you see those two gold pieces, two gold pieces there something plugs into it and it will charge all right so i’m, just gon na put it down and we’re just gon na plug it into my plug all right, we’re back so here’s. The green strap here and the orange strap the mic goes with the green straps. I think the orange is a bit too bright, so i’m, going to pop the green strap yeah, so the only that’s how i might use the orange just when i go like on vacation and all that the green is just like casual stuff, okay, so i’m gon Na put it on and then i’ll get back to you guys: okay, here’s, the watch it’s, all strapped up and now we’re gon na turn it on see how we turn. Okay, there we go here. We go so, and i think i have watched reviews on these. So there’s some settings and i’ve reset up the app you have this app that you need to download it’s called where fits 2.0 okay, and if you want to change it there’s a trick. If you want to change the face here, we do. Is you hold the screen hold it there it’ll give you different locks screens. You can put so i’m going to go with this one. There looks like a regular watch now.

It looks exactly like the one in the box, so i’m gon na go with this one. Yeah i, like the orange one check it. It shows you your your heart rate, how many steps you did the date and if you see this little piece up here, it shows you your battery life. But if you want to see what your battery life is, all you do. Is you do this turn it back on okay, it will not turn back on it’s kind of weird, okay, one all right so there it is. If you wan na know what your battery life is, so you do switch it on you swipe up swipe down. Yeah i’ll tell you your battery life. What the time is tell you what date so yeah even has a light here kind of epic and then, if you swipe left, oh even tells you how long you sleep for – and here you add press that you got heart rate, your different sports and your music Yeah, this does act as a bluetooth speaker, so there’s, your heart rate, yeah. Oh, if you see that green light there, oh sorry that’s a bit bright. It is a bit bright that actually calculates your heart rate. Okay, guys that was my early birthday gift. I’Ll catch.