All that let’s open it to see what we have inside and how it looks. Oh yeah, i, like it Music, beautiful let’s, see what else we’ve got of the box a watchband. It is a little different color than the already pre installed at the smartwatch. You can see nice and, of course, we’ve got and the cable for charging mount at the back and connect it to 5 volt 1 amp adapter or you can charge it from your power bank laptop your pc, it doesn’t matter. It has a usb a to install this watch bond it’s very easy we’ve got this metallic clip just pull. It will take it out and replace it with a new that you like more and that is it very nice and the same of course, and from the other side and so easy you have replaced it with a new watch band. You can find on light other colors that match at this watch: nice pink color. We can see metallic finish: smart wearable devices daily companion for health, and here we’ve gotten the sensors that it will help you to track your health heart rate, monitor oxygen, monitor when you’re running, walking, biking, exercise yourself, everything they will be recorded with these words nice and Beautiful let’s take and this out and reveal the beautiful screen, pre install it and screen protection. As you can see, a premium nice silicone watch band with a lovely connection metallic finish glossy. It gives the feeling that is very premium.

The smart watch in a low price, very good price nice – i like it well let’s charge it to turn it on see how it works and there this is charging nice. It has some butter inside and it turns on well let’s disconnect it, and the sensor is in red, is trying to read your hard rate. Your blood and oxygen and in green is ready and is monitoring everything now, let’s put it to my hand, to see how it looks nice i’m, so excited we’re, going to find out together everything. Of course, this is for ladies wards pink, but i think you’re getting the idea how it fits to my hand, nice animation with a butterfly. You can change the face, watch just step press and hold, and then you can choose some of the faces that it has. I would like that it has more information now let’s connect to my smartphone download the gloryfit app open. If you want you can make an account ignore gives a permission to this app next, i am mail next hi, okay, he needs some information to work better. Please select the number of target steps complete and select device now there’s the device kw30 successfully very easy to connect very fast finish: sync. Okay, now at the app we’ve got a dial settings, my dial custom, dial heart rate, monitor auto test device within 24 hours, automatic detection of heart rate blood oxygen settings auto test, let’s turn it on time period period, every 10 minutes.

You can change. That call reminder hello, hello turn on reject the call with a key delay reminder you can turn on or off and choose. The second reminder turn on the sms reminder up reminder confirm here: you can choose other apps from your smartphone, but first you need to give a permission. Allow okay, some of the apps. I want to turn on notification, are the smart words, select, more apps and etc, etc? Okay – and there is all the apps that have been selected central reminder in the case of continuous time without exercise the device will vibrate for reminding okay, you can schedule the time reminder, interval every 60 minutes, changing that lunch break after opening twelve to two. Do not remind okay, smart alarm clock raise hand to active display, it is on and is active, do not disturb do not disturb you can see from that time to time you can schedule turn off the band vibration turn off. The message reminder universal settings shake to take a picture: okay find the bracelet, oh and it is vibrating. I can feel it in my hand. Vibration is very loud, very strong unit, metric system british system on screen time. You can change the bright screen. It will turn off at 5, 10 or 15 seconds let’s leave it 15 seconds time system, device, language, okay, firmware, update, checking your firmware update of your smartwatch, and we are okay, clear data me here: you’ve got some personal information.

You can change that it will work better, the smartwatch sports here you can see your activities, some numbers walking riding spinning bike. Okay, here you can add or delete from the main screen home and here some activities – measurements. Of course we are going to test it outside and we will have some numbers in here shake your hand and it will reveal the display slide down. We have the brightness. We can change that sleep mode, some information, the battery information logo. It is the synchronize it with a watch we can see the month the day settings screen light, decreasing, increasing qr code find phone and it will ring to our smartphone back about watts, restart no shutdown, not now slide in the main screen, and we can see the Battery percent the time the day the month, the heart rate, monitor the steps that we have made the calories that we have burned: gps. Okay, here we’ve got the messages, no messages right now. Other information in here heart rate monitor in real time nice. The time that we have slept – and here we’ve got other menu, the step hr heart rate, monitor the oxygen monitor 98, okay, the blood monitor and all that, of course, they are synchronized with our smart watch with this app and you can get all the information to Your smartphone, by day hour by month, 126 by 80, okay sports walking running cycling, climbing yoga, skipping badminton, spinning bike, sit ups, nine of this let’s say running three two one and go, and here it will measure the time the steps, the colors that you’re burning and The kilometers yep you can end the same and for the yoga it is the same procedure and it will show you the time calories and here the bpm.

It depends. Whatever exercise you are doing, they may have some other measurements. You can play and hear the music at your smartphone change song forward backwards, Music and pause stopwatch and the settings again by pressing this button. You can go to the main menu and at this button, we’ve got a wheel, but i can see it’s not doing anything, not even here at the menu nice overall i can say it’s very good design. Now i would like to test the notification that it can come to my phone calls messages and from other app and there it is. I have a vibration to my smartwatch and we’ve got the sms, hey man. How are you today, i’m well, nice and the time now let’s see in the call and there we have in the call you can reject it. Only you can reject it. You cannot answer because this smart watch, it doesn’t, have a microphone or speaker let’s. Try on the viper and there we are we’ve, got the message, hello, my friend. How are you? You cannot answer, of course, just taking the message, but that is very helpful because when you are driving doing something – and you cannot have your smartphone at your hand, you’ve got the notification at your smart watch and from messenger and there it is i’m very well, and Today, we’ve got notification and from facebook, messenger and, of course, getting some emails there. We are hey great smartwatch, i’ve got an email and you can check it out your smartphone and by sliding up you can check all the messages that you have all the notification and, of course you can have notification from other apps twitter facebook.

Maybe from your alarm at your home from your camera notification, you can add them from the glory feed up all these apps and then you will get notification at your smart watch and now i will add an alarm time. Let’S say in one minute confirm every day or you can check customize a working day and there’s the alarm. You can have your alarm at your hand when you’re sleeping and you’ve got your smart watch is measuring all the night. The blood pressure, the hard pressure, the oxygen, then it can wake you up with the alarm now let’s go for a walk and we are going to monitor our heart rate. Our step color is burning and the distance, and here we are after a long walking. We can see is already counting the time we can see the steps, the calories that i burn and the kilometer and exercise yep and at the app slide, and it will synchronize with the clock and we can see and in the up today, steps distance calories. The heart rate we can see average heart rate minimum and maximum and some other information down here and we’ve gotten the diagram you can see it by day month week and in the main screen. We can check the last information that we’ve got from our exercise. Nice great well, that was all about this latest smartwatch. You have seen the test. You have seen what it can do. Nice design fits very well to my hand and with the spare watchband at the box, you can change it and have a new look for me.

Thumbs up is a great watch if you consider to buy something like that for you for a present. Definitely it is a great choice. It’S coming on sale on may next month, you can check down below the description more about this watch. I will get a link that was all guys. Thank you again for watching. Please subscribe to my youtube channel, like what’s. Like my videos, your choice share this video, you never know who may need it and hit the notification bell because more videos in the future coming and you don’t – want to miss it.