This is a me lab, uh, kw, 60, sorry, w12 and yeah they’re, an offshoot of xiaomi and there’s. A couple of things here that they mentioned that are important, it’s, a waterproof ip68 330 milliamp hour battery, as well as a 300 by 300 pixel screen as well. I kind of hope this is not too thick because that’s, the one thing that a lot of these smart watches have problems with is that they’re way too thick, at least for my wrist, so let’s see what we got all right, so you can kind of see That the sticker they have on the smart watch kind of has like google, colors, um or microsoft colors uh, depending how you look at it. Um yeah, it’s kind of funny, let’s see what else we got in the box. So we’ve got a charger magnetic charger i’m. Assuming and a information pamphlet kind of useless, the only thing is that they said the power buttons at the top and the workout button is at the bottom. So yep there we go um. They even give you wearing instructions too. Okay, let’s, look at the watch itself. All right so um, you know how i was saying: i don’t want the watch to be too thick. It’S it’s a little bit thick um. Even for me. I would prefer it to be – maybe 20 thinner, but then again that is pretty difficult for an ip68 watch with a big battery, big screen, etc.

So i can’t complain too much um. The strap here is rubber, so uh. It feels it doesn’t feel like those floral elastomer rubbers you get for like the apple watch and stuff like that it’s a little bit less um powdery um. I do like powdery, though so um there’s, that but yeah um, the rubbers feel okay um, nothing much to say here, uh yeah, so you have a nice big brown screen here. Your power button, your workout button and then on the back. You have the heart rate sensor and i believe there’s an spo2 sensor as well, but i’m, not too sure so, let’s turn it on and see what we got. Oh yeah and then there’s also the charging at the bottom as well. Okay, turning the smartwatch on here we go emmylab logo and there we go. This is the default watch screen as you can see, it’s bright ish. I did take this on a bike ride and it was. It was visible and bright sound a little bit difficult to see, but yeah it was still visible, so you can see there’s the date there’s the time heart rate, oops, heart rate, calories, burn pedometer, as well as a gps, which you have to link to your phone By the way, so, and then here we also have well that’s your my number of steps i took today and that’s the battery life at 34, so you swipe left and right. You get to a couple of screens.

The first one here is showing you your steps. The number of kilometers you’ve gone as well as the amount of run. This is your heart rate for your bpm um. I did try it, it does work. My heart rate is about 85 to 90 beats per minute, which is pretty normal um, and then here we have the spo2 sensor, which i couldn’t get to work for some reason so i’m, not quite sure, uh what’s, going on there uh but yeah, and then we Have the weather as well, which is nice sleep? I didn’t test the sleep because i don’t like wearing watches. When i sleep, i just can’t sleep with them on, which is just just me, and then you have a music music control as well. It does work but on a bike, it’s kind of useless, because you’ve got to use two hands anyway. So there’s really no reason to do that. Okay, back to the home screen you swipe to the left and you can actually get some different training statuses. You know spo2, you know stuff like that, basically like shortcuts, it basically jumps to the screen that you want so there’s that and then it can go to the more tab as well and there’s fine phone stopwatch, timer and finally settings. We have power reset brightness to turn it brighter like this, make it nice and bright, and then we have the dial which you can change to different ones.

I, like the i, like the stock one it’s, the most information dense for me, so that’s. What i left it as and yeah you can download apps but there’s, really not many apps to download and yeah so um. What i will say is that the smartwatch it looks really good when it’s off right um, when you turn it on. You notice that there’s a really thick band, where there’s just absolutely nothing so um that’s, pretty normal for smart watches, but it doesn’t change the fact that it makes it look a little bit ugly, so see how big like there’s, just so much unused space, which is Which is kind of annoying um yeah and, of course you can start your workout by doing this, walking cycling and i’ll show you some of the results that i got as well pairing my smartphone with it. Okay, um, remember how i said i was going to show you my activity. Um that’s, one of the things with these smart watches right you’ve got decent hardware like it looks nice everything. Oh before i talk about software battery battery life is actually decent. I’Ve had it on for about five days now and it’s at 29, so not bad you’re, looking at charging um every week, but okay software. This is where this it’s a huge weakness. Unless you have a smartwatch that you know pairs with, like i don’t know, google fit or strava, or something like that, you know something big um.

They usually use these really crappy apps, like really crappy apps, that just do the basics and it’s just absolutely horrible, and this is an example of one of them. I mean okay, i’m, going to turn the brightness down a little bit, so you can see properly um. This is this is stupid. Like i went on a bike ride on saturday right, 30, kilometers um, i can’t find it anywhere. I search through this app like high and low. All i can find is a step number for the day. I was writing which they count. The steps as well – and i did take about 3 000 stuff that’s – that is about right. You know 2 600 steps, 90 calories and 2 kilometers walked, which is wrong by the way. I walked a lot more than that um and yeah. So i was looking for my bike ride. You know with gps and all that kind of stuff, nowhere to be found uh. You know this does show my heart rate on the day of uh. So, for example, here we have 88 beats per minute. We have 105 average excuse me, 76, minimum and 142 maximum heart rate, and then we have breakdowns here and that’s about it. I mean that’s that’s, your graph, that shows you your your heart rate and that’s about it. So yeah it’s it’s, just not very good um and there we go see. So you look like the i don’t know why, but the blood blood oxygen just doesn’t work, so you can see that there’s no, like i couldn’t, get it to work so um there’s that um yeah again the app is horrible, like you can just start like riding Or whatever and or walking running indoors or whatever, and and it does work so that’s fine, two one right that’s how it goes right and and then and then it basically records – and i started it from my watch most of the time so there’s that um.

But in the mean yeah it’s, and then you stop it and that’s it finished and it’s super loud by the way. Okay, here are the various settings. Um that you can do really. You know basic stuff. You know you have dials, you can actually get custom dials, but i don’t know where to get it. It just says just says: um go to dial center to yeah, so there’s a custom dial here you can edit it and stuff like that, whatever heart rate monitor blood oxygen, setting, call reminder, estimate, yeah, so there’s, basically your regular stuff for your smart watch. Um i mean what else what else can i say about this um good watch, bad app and bad app and the app itself is half the experience. So do i recommend you get this? No, because the app is really bad. So if this integrated with google fit – and you could just ignore this – what is this called glory fit app then yeah. This is a good deal, but if you have to use this glory fit app, then there’s no point just go, get something else like an android.