Welcome to another honest review video. Today i have this imeelab w12 watch yeah. This watch actually costs only around 50 us dollars, and this one is the cheapest smart watch that i have here. I actually have around 12 smart watches and among those this one is the cheapest one, but the truth is ive been using this one more than those other smart watches. Okay, look at this. This one is my apple watch and the bulk of this apple watch actually costs twice of these smart watch. I mean this one. This smartwatch costs around 50 us dollars and the belt of this one costs around 100 us dollars. So you can understand how cheap this one is. This one isnt a review unit. I had to buy this one and after using this for a few days, i found that i should share this smartwatch with my subscribers with other viewers. People should know about this smartwatch. Okay, i must mention at the beginning that this smartwatch didnt come with this yellow color back this one came with a black color band, but the quality of that band is also good inside the box other than this smart watch. You will get a charging cable. This one has magnetic connection so its easy to put on and easy to charge, but they didnt provide any charger. You have to use your own charger, zinc, alloy frame and plastic rear panel. You cannot expect anything more than this from a budget smartwatch when the watch face is turned off.

Yes, this one looks premium and when i wear this, it does give me a premium feel. But when the watch face gets turned on, then okay, you will notice a big bezel around the actual viewable or usable display area thats a 1.32 inch 360 by 360 pixels lcd panel. Yes, the display panel is gorgeous well talk about that later. Also, this one supports 22 millimeter smartwatch belts, so you can use any standard belts or straps you have. I have already bought a few smartwatch belts and its easy to change the belts or straps. Whatever you call it connecting to iphone or any android device is as easy as it should be. After you power on swipe down from the top of the screen, you will see a control panel on the right. There is a settings, button, click on it and then scroll down and then select app download. The screen will show a qr code. You can use either your iphone or any android phone to download the application. Actually, the name of the application is glory fit. You can easily download it from google play store after you download glory fit. You will need to connect this watch its very easy. Only a few clicks after you connect it to the application. You may need to update firmware and again its easy. You dont have to do anything but click on the confirmation button to get it updated after it gets updated. You have a fully functional amazing smartwatch.

There are lots of watch faces available and you can choose. Any of those changing watch faces sometimes takes a bit of a time, but you have the option to upload a few watch faces to your watch and then quickly swap among those Music. Yes, i have told earlier: colors are vibrant and gorgeous. This display panel is a premium quality display panel, visible in almost all lighting conditions, but unfortunately there is no auto display brightness option. You need to increase or decrease display brightness. Based on your requirement. Yes, you can get your call and sms notification on your emilab. W12 watch, it also comes with heart rate, monitor blood, oxygen, monitor and a few other as usual cool training and exercise stats monitoring features. Yes, it has that sleep monitoring and surprisingly sleep monitoring data is really more accurate on this one, rather than those my other more expensive. Smart watches, Music. Okay, this one takes a few hours to get fully charged and once fully charged. If you start using all the sensors, i mean heart rate monitoring blood oxygen meter monitoring. If you enable all the monitoring, then you will get at least eight days of battery life. But if you are not using all those monitoring 24 hours a day, then you will get up to 33 days of battery life. Yes, i have managed to squeeze 33 days of battery life, which is really amazing, well thats, all about this emilab w12 smartwatch.

And if you ask me yes, i would buy this one on any day for me for my family, for my friends, because this one offers the best value for money. But if you want something really posh really exclusive really premium, then thats different story, but truly have failed to find another smartwatch within 100 us dollars, which is better than this emilab w12. Please make a comment and let me know what do you think about this emilab w12 smartwatch? I will leave a link in the description box below for you. If you have any other smart watch. You want me to review then please tell me the name. Give me a link or something i will buy that, and i will of course do a honest review.