We are unboxing a brand new product from a company that does all kinds of outdoor stuff, but not watches they're. There jumping into the watch for yay and they're doing it in style inside the shrink, wrap packaging here. Okay, let's get it started, is the Pioneer p10, and now this is a SmartWatch that has a really interesting type of display and a whole lot of capability. Let'S talk about it, let's look into it, let's see where you can get it it's, coming from the official on the Express store for the I outdoor, the company behind it, it's available here and you'll, see a link in the show notes and a discount coupon. If I can get one for you, but that's, not all they have already seated everybody else, bhang goods got it yep again check the show notes, we'll see what our best price is I'm gon na. Let all these guys give us their best price, so you can shop in one source right here on YouTube. Dear best, right now has it in flash sale all the prices you're seeing on the screen will be changing up down in sideways over time. So just take it that you always have to check to see what they're offering it for at the moment, Tom top another one of our partners is carrying it a lot of different folks. So what really is this it's? A 1.2 inch FST n now that's a full view, sunlight, visible screen kind of like your old Casio watches.

Remember you take them outside and they'd be bright. However, it has a luminous display for viewing indoors or in the dark, fully waterproof 5 atmosphere, and this is amazing, 33 months standby time I got ta admit some of the smart watches we've seen don't even live 33 months, let alone work 33 months, there's. No recharging of this battery it's just gon na be therefore 33 months before you ever have to change it. It comes in black, blue and gold does Bluetooth. Everything else is basically the same. It uses comfit for the app haven't seen that we've got to take a look at it. We get seven days on a watch long term on the app for data storage. So if you don't sync, if you're out climbing Mount Everest or something you'll collect up to seven days worth of data before you have to actually tether it to the phone, you got all of these things real time. Sports data pedometer walking calories alarm, setting stopwatch functions, remote cameras. You got your notifications, they call a 3d sensor in here. The light is an e L cold light panel can't wait to check that thing out ceramic buzzing, so it doesn't make sound, but it vibrates it's using the CR 24. Fifty five hundred and eighty milliamp hour battery again with a standby time of thirty three months and it does tether to your phone, so you'll be able to get notifications last night's sleep time.

All those kind of things transferred to your phone weight and all the other information let's open it up and at least bring it down to where you can actually see. The watch starts out with a user's manual which we'll take a look whoa and there it is it's, not shy about who it is. Is it look at that thing? Wow, look at the bezel Wow, okay, so it's turn on you long push these two buttons that's typical on a lot of these watches that work quite like the old digital watches, you're using the opposite edge buttons to actually turn them on so that's. Everything that's in here, because there's no need for a charging, cable or anything it's, just a empty plastic box holding the original a manual and the watch Wow interesting, alright, let's look through the manual then Pioneer p10, the QR code that you scan to download the tethering App and, of course, in the show notes down below this, video I'll have linked directly to that out. Here are all of the different functions I'm going to show you a different image in just a minute. That is quite not quite as busy as all of this to give you a feel for the layout of the switches and how they work, there's, how you turn it on there's, an s 1 button and what it does that's the upper left hand corner again, here's Our app to download and install the tethering app on your phone, then you've got the more operations instructions and then we switch to a different language.

Already. Okay – and this is just filled with different languages – nice I'd say I need to charge it up, but I don't so I'm, just gon na clear everything out and we'll begin: okay, here's the button layout. You see the upper left s1 button, that's the luminous style, that'll light it up in the dark and the Bluetooth onoff it's gon na be off most of the time to save that battery. But when you need it, you turn it on there with a long press. We'Ve seen this operational standard in many of these watches before particularly the zi blaze vibe line, if you remember a lot of those watches, do the same kind of thing. The s2 button, combined with the s3, is how you turn it on s2 is for confirming things saving things. The s3 is your numerical control, the camera shutter the start and pause and stop your timer and the lower right one. The s4 button is basically, your settings. Switch and resetting everything, then you got your dimensions: it's about 16 millimeters, thick and it'll fit arms by this kind of a measurement in millimeters, so use your little ruler. Thing wrap it around your arm to see if it's gon na fit your wrist. As for me, here's what it looks like and if I put it on it's gon na – be pretty thick all in all, but then it's meant to be it's a very big rugged, sporty kind of a watch.

Okay, let's turn it on. We press and hold these two simultaneously and it says on: can you see that and then there's the time and it's lighting up all the different functions on the screen, and I don't have a lot of bright light reflecting in here right now and getting some outdoor Light shining through, if I hit it just right as in these reflective type, displays you'll see the time so when you're wearing it you're, just gon na wiggle it around. Until you can see what you need to see on the screen, just like an old Casio watch right, this is supposed to illuminate it now I don't know if we can get it on camera or not. Let'S, try press and hold and it's lighting up, it's a very soft light, and then it goes out there. It is, I don't think you can see it now. It it's a back luminescent that lights up the entire display, so at night you'll be able to read it. You'Re, not gon na use it as a flashlight it's, not gon na be bright. Like you see on the Android watches, when you light up the screen at night, it's not gon na scare people out of the movie theater, but you will be able to see the screen. Okay we've got a whole variety of functions in here and I got ta. I got ta figure out what those are let's let's take a look at them from here.

I got a sheet that can get us started, it's the first third generation FS TN screen technology. They say: you've got weather icons in here. You got days of the week along the edge you've got a step. Progress bar for your pedometer battery is right. There, yes seconds and more information right here, there's your step, progress bar. We mentioned that. So these are the different icons. You'Ve got bluetooth, onoff that's, an important one does with your gon na tether. You want to make sure you can see that it's lit up your low power alarms your step, calories, burned, kilometers, walk your basic pedometer information, a sedentary reminder on this one it'll vibrate and let you know if you've been sitting too long. You'Ve got alarm settings you're, drinking water of recurring warning for you or announcement stopwatch function, basic step counts. You can use it as a remote camera with your phone with the app you can see. If you have income calls, and basically your information reminders are gon na show up as an envelope for any of these things, that you've got it connected to Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp and so forth, Wow from a bigger perspective in color here's, an overall spec sheet that shows You the things that you can do or will be able to see with this watch, Wow let's get into it. Well, here it is let's turn it on first thing: button on this side, button up side here, press and hold give it a moment.

Give it a moment it says on, and it comes right up into time and notice. The Bluetooth is flashing down here in the corner, that's an indicator that it's attempting to connect with the phone if you've already tethered before it should sync right up if you're within range, if you haven't done that before you're gon na need to through the process to Get it going and if there you see it went solid it's now tethered to the phone which I'm going to show you in a minute if it isn't set up yet and you've got to do that – and this is not blinking you're gon na want to press And hold the upper left button until it starts blinking. If you want to turn bluetooth off, to give you longer power, same thing, press and hold the top left button and that Bluetooth icon will go away but I'm getting technical. I just want to take a step back and look at the aesthetics of this thing. This company they out the word, makes it incredibly sophisticated radio, transmitters, walkie, talkie kind of things that are built rugged like nobody's business and they're. Doing the same thing with this watch. Look at this construction looks like we've got. I don't know the speaker here. You ain't got that vibration, oh by the way, the vibration set of aspect is that high pitched sound like on a Casio watch, beep beep. That kind of thing probably comes out of out of that area.

Right there you got the buttons here: you've got a crown that doesn't turn doesn't push and doesn't pull so it's. Just on there for appearance, sport you've got a bezel with a a sonnet, although there's no compass in the watch, but if you know your orientation using the Sun, you can get your angles from that. So it's nice to have all of that right down to the degrees on here to now check this out. It'S got little movable flaps here. So when you put it on and wrap it around your arm, they will automatically adjust a contour to your arm. So your point of contact is here: okay and not so much the stainless steel back. Although you got this great back on here as well, I still have the coating on it as a matter of fact, but the band itself, the pliable band, is separate from that. Little wing Wow really really something so that's the construction, a nice pliable, TPU, rubberized, silicone, there's, all kind of names for it band and lots of holes very close together. So you can get just the right positioning when you wear it now. Let'S take a moment to walk through the different things that are on the screen we saw in the diagram. You'Ve got whether there's two or three different icons, it's, partly cloudy. I guess outside right now it is tethered so it's getting the weather information coming to it. You got a bunch of icons at the top which, when we go through the buttons will activate to show you which mode you're in on the side.

You'Ve got the day of the week. Illuminated sorry about the reflections it's really tricky. This should be Tuesday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and on this side, you've got a bar chart that goes up as you're. Getting your step count on this thing, there's the date time and date and down at the bottom there's a little envelope for getting your push. Notifications for all your different social media and the phone call icon to let you know you got a call coming in and the time so we cycle through all the things on the display by pushing the lower left button first, one we push should be. I believe my step count followed by distance, traveled or calories, burned, push again that's the distance. I guess there so we had calories and distance if it's under one, which it is because I haven't worn a lot right now. It'S a blank screen and after a few seconds it returns back again, so you've got time. You'Ve got step, count, calories, distance, traveled, and now you saw that icon switched here to alarm time and got to push it good and solid. 1745. Okay, sorry guys I'd have to look at the manual. Oh, oh you know what that is that's a elapsed time I started at a long time ago and just to let it run and it's running, maybe up to 24 hours. I guess let's come back to that. So much to keep in mind alarm there.

We go 17 hours, 46 minutes and so many seconds, and if I reset this, I believe the bottom button stops it and resets it and now I'm gon na start. It again, you notice in the low counts, you're getting hundreds of a seconds seconds and minutes, but once you go past enough minutes in two hours, you're gon na get hours and minutes and seconds so it automatically will adjust for you. You can run it. You can pause it, you can start it, you can stop it, you can reset it and you can come back over to time. That is the operation of the watch. Now, let's look at the connection with the app in the Google Play Store or using the link down below you're gon na hunt down calm fit, and this is like the description that tells you about it. When we read more, this gives you information about the app just let that stay on the screen for a moment, so you could take it all in it's, a basic tethering, app July 7th it was updated, and what is this? The 9th 10th, something like that? It'S only about a hundred downloads, so this is all basically brand new. Just came out June 14, so we really are looking at the beginnings of a flagship product now from outdoor when you actually open it. Oh, you know what I'm gon na go into the screens and just show you their charts, you're gon na get weather, you're gon na see all of this stuff live and there's your sports thing.

You can do and here's some measurements now. This doesn't do blood pressure, but I think it does do no. It doesn't do heart rate, either see there's, no heart rate sensor, so these pieces won't be working, but the app is universal and with the different kind of watches that can tether with it, you'll get that kind of a screen and then here's your connected information, where You can contour it, and this is where I wanted to show you, because we're gon na not we're not going to see this screen. We'Re gon na jump right into it because it's already tethered. But when you first open it, you can create a user, login and register if you want to – or you can log in by any of these third party apps or what I've done is just use visitor login when you click on visitor log in you're gon na, Be taken into the overall app itself, which looks like this and there's my home page for step, and sleep and I've been working with it for a while. Now – and these are the different step counts – that we have over time on the specific 12 hour as its increased. This step count, and I can get in here and show you day or week – summaries there's the daily and the hours of the day that it was the data was accumulated and here's. Your weekly totals total steps calories miles. You can do month in year as well.

That'S all in the parameter section – and this is the breakdown by half hour, of all, of the distance – that you've moved and look at this it's in feet. Folks, calories and the minutes that you were actually walking so don't have a lot yet of my eat. Bouncing gold, but a little bit as started out on here. I slide over here now and I get sleep now. This is really amazing. Remember this is a non rechargeable battery that's gon na tie in with bluetooth to transfer, step count, data and sleep information over to this app it's a lot of energy, but you're getting 33 months of use. Out of this just boggles the mind how they can do that anyway, it tracked four hours of sleep last night I actually had more than that, or at least I was in bed longer than that, and this is the breakdown and you can touch on any of Them and see how it says I was awake from 2 a.m. to 240 had light sleep from 4 a.m. to 430 it's, like every 10 minutes that it it will take a data point and determine if you're in deep light or awake state and 2200 216 10 Was the overall time in bed so that's, just the I guess, the the deep sleep plus the light sleep anyway comes up with four hours again. The weather's up here and you've got the button here, the fishbone that you can send that data out.

If you want to – and those are the two things that you have on the home screen because, like I said, we don't – have blood pressure or heart rate capability with this particular watch, you go into sport and you can set up your own sporting activity. If you want to – and you can set targets so if I wanted walking, I could set a target for walking for a certain time enough to get certain calories or a certain distance and confirm that and then you just hit start. If you don't have anything it'll say no target treadmill, doesn't invoke GPS from the phone running is like walking and then you've got cycling as well and then, finally, here in the mine, this is where you can set everything up. We are the calm fit app and the comfit device connected is the p10 right, and these are all the things you can do. You can have a disconnect reminder. So if you're far enough of that bluetooth drops out, it will notify you to look for your phone with your watch right. You can look for the device I'm going to tap that and it's actually making a little sound, but it's gon na be very, very silent for you to hear there's a remote camera. If I push this, I go into a camera mode and if I press the upper button, it takes a picture of that hair on my table. Where is that get out here get out here? Do it again? I get another picture.

You see it doing that the little moment that it's taking that and it says where it's the word, but you have to go into camera mode here, first for it to activate on here – and this is how you do it – you got, do not disturb capability to Set up time as you don't want the watch to be waking, you up, you have a overall sedentary mantra. Minder and those are the icons up at the top that you see drinking water reminder is also on their notice reminder. You can turn all of these different things on if you want to including other apps, but the primary ones are all listed there. You got to set up your permissions and everything is normal, but you'll get a notice with that flashing envelope about things that are being pushed, and then your overall alarm clock settings that you can set the alarm in here as well and that's another icon. We took a look at you unbind it here, you rebind it by just connecting it, you look for it. On the the listing is a p10 and you hook yourself up. You can set your step goal here, that's all you have access to at that point and this one is non active, so we've looked at the device, the skep goal and then you've got your feedback and abnormal reporting help and settings. Now in settings you can change. British or I love this public that's, a metric I'm, pretty sure, but public or British are your units and you can do Fahrenheit or centigrade for your time.

Your temperature in the weather, that is in the app you're, not seeing the actual temperature number in the watch. Unless I missed it, I did I'm sorry, one of those screens might be temperature and then about us that this is the Edition that we're running and it checks for an update for the watch. All of this stuff is self contained in this comfit app and that it's pretty much everything on the app everything on the watch and all you need now to know is where to get it and because we've got such an extensive reach from outdoor into all of Our different vendors they're all carrying it so I'm, giving the ones that we work with that sponsor us here at SmartWatch, tix the opportunity to have a listing and invite you to use the links that you'll see in the show notes to pop over and pick it Up ignore this price: look in the show, notes for discounted price, flash sales or coupons and do the best buy you want, or if you've got a favorite vendor you can work with them. That'S been good. Your best is also selling it see. Currently, while I'm doing this video it's on flash sale there and Tom top is doing it as well and, of course, the original Aliexpress I outdoor official store is available as well and that's the official retail price so check and see if we've got a discount directly From io outdoor as well, so we got lots and lots of ways.

You could pick this one up and it's a nice swatch, it's, really big. You are going to be known around town as the guy, the gal with the big watch, but it does a lot of fun things.